Poems about hidden


№ 1209721


I am suppressed by my own thoughts,
And depressed by your actions,
You never practiced what you taught,
Only using small fractions.

I think too much,
And sleep too little,
I am cold to touch,
And my words are a riddle.

I drink black coffee,
And smoke like a chimney,
No one will stop me,
You'll never pin me.

There's a place in my mind,
It's dark and deprived,
I've buried it down inside,
It hates to see me alive.

I struggle to live without fear,
It's so cold it's severe.
Time isn't on my side,
I'll run,! hide.
And you won't find.


Author: Eloi
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208595

Hidden masks

I'll wear my good face if you wear yours,
We'll smile the night away.
You might not care for me anymore
But I'll wear it anyway.

What happened to us being thick as thieves?
Where did the good times go?
It isn't my fault that they up and left,
I swear... I guess we'll never know.

Now it's a polite hello in the midst of silence.
No more passion, flare - Our eternal spark -
Which shone bright amongst the shadows,
Is nothing to the overwhelming dark.

This isn't a sonnet that gives new breath,
The only cure for our sickness is death.

hidden,  masks.

Author: Justin
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207708

Hidden In Love

Sunbeams sneek through open cracks
My window greets them graciously
Dust particles dancing upwardly
Your breath a slow and steady hum
Getting lost in its eternal drone
The light kisses the freckles on your shoulders
Guitar strings strum on repeat such a gentle melody
I am there the moment you wake and every moment after
Green eyes greet the world
And close again for awhile
I am lost in this moment
Lost in you
And never want to be found
Hidden in love

hidden,  love.

Author: Leah Barton
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207193

Hidden Battles

I have to lie.
Keep it inside.
This is my life,
I refuse to die.

The pain I feel,
It isn't real.
Learn to heal,
Skip a meal.

Hide my demon,
Fight for freedom,
My own Eden,
Refuse to weaken.

Hold it in,
Force a grin.
Raise my chin,
Fight to win.

Resist the screams.
Believe in dreams.
Rip the seam,
My own team.

battles,  hidden.

Author: Shae Jean
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206895

Hidden (she)

Life had stained her
A reflection upon,
A broken glass mirror
Naked, only butterflies
Cover my breasts
Love hearts & roses,
Form tattoos across,
Around, my spine
Decorating this bare
Form, one alive, one a ghost
She's my best friend,
Writing poetry together
She teaches me Spanish,
The work of Pablo Neruda
On the kitchen sideboards,
Shed of our black leather
Pencil skirts,
You played, so seductively
With the long waves
In my blonde sun tinted hair,
Painting nails, spring baby blu
You rip pages of books, black & white
Newspaper prints of unicorns,
They are playing with a younger self,
Moi, je fais de la bicyclette,
Les fleurs, a milliners gift box
Baskets filled with,
Shells from the sea shore
To which we always travel
La lune et le soleil,
Knowing three things can
Never remain hidden; the sun, the moon,
& my truth (not yours)
For that should be me,
Not you.

© Sia Jane


Author: Sia Jane
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1205259

Hidden Tears

Don't look at my smiles and cheerful face
Because I have hidden tears underneath
The hypocrisy of world made a base
To dip down in the ocean and to see beneath

Wonderful people are from wonderful race
My enemies are carrying their sword in sheath
They have hidden their cases in my case
Apparently are bringing flowers' wreath

What a displacement is from the real place
High up from paradise down to the seethe
What a vengeance one takes from mass
Every one wants to bring others under teeth

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2015 Golden Glow

hidden,  tears.

Author: Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1205220


I hide my emotions because you wouldn't understand
If you knew I had nightmares
You wouldn't believe me
You would talk about how carefree I am.
If you heard that I am weak
You wouldn't listen
You would say something about my muscles
If you saw how scared I am
You wouldn't think it was me
Saying to yourself how fearless I act

But I stay up at night because of memories of my brother
I bring myself down and rip myself apart for my inabilities and faults
I am afraid of being vulnerable, and opening up because I've been hurt by those who love me

I hide among my new personality of strength fun freedom and bravery.


Author: soaringllama
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1203458

Hidden Treasures

With sexual lust in the atmosphere,
And with my fingers rolling down her spine,
I want her to know this is sincere,
That I've never met a goddess as divine,
As I'm lost of words,
With beauty that she has redefined,
I touch every inch of her curves,
With words that I still can't find,
Where my hands continue to search,
For the words within my mind,
I find a treasure of hers,
With my fingers that climb inside,
As everything from there becomes a blur,
And I touch her like what no words could ever define

hidden,  treasures.

Author: Bryan Lunsford
Date: 01/04/2020