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Hide and seek

If you're looking for me
I'm not here anymore
Go back to the place
You found me before

It's all in the details
I heard somebody lied
All I heard was a hiss
Now I'm dead inside

Can you find me
Can you find me
Can you find me
I'm hiding here

Now it's been so long
Waiting to be found
I might as well be buried
6 feet under ground

I am feeling you digging
You better be find me soon
Cause my death is growing
And it will soon bloom

Can't you find me
Can't you find me
Can't you find me
I'm dying here

If I ran to the ends of the morning
You would surely be there
But I'm covered in the black of the night
And it feels like you disappear

Where can I run from your presence?
Where can a mere mortal hide?
When you took all my sinfulness
And laid it bear on the cross crucified

There you'll find me
There you'll find me
There you'll find me
I was forgiven here

If you're looking for me
I'm not here anymore
Go back to the place
You found me before

hide,  seek.

Author: Nilan Gerald Handunge
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207516

To hide from the people

She used to say,
I want to go to a small school
Where no one locks their doors
And everyone knows each

She came from a big high school
So many kids in the hallways
And naturally she got used to
Being able to slip though the cracks

Of the system and avoid the world,
To use the people to hide from the
People. oh, how she hated the people.
And now suddenly she is seeing

That in order to blend in and be quietly,
In order to hide from the people, you
Need to be where there are lots of people.
Humans are paradoxes in everything else

They do. why not this too.

hide,  people.

Author: Amelia Glass
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206175

Hide and Mr Jerking off

Hide your scars
Away from my lips
And maybe
Illness will save us from past

Hide your lips
From my fire mouth
And maybe
We'll meet in the entrance of love

Hide your legs
From my one-thousand-eyes
And maybe
The end will take us
To the awakeness
Or the misery
Of being

Hide your shame
Into my chest
And i promise my love
I'll keep it safe
And clear
And pure

Hide anything

hide,  jerking.

Author: RayГ©nari Das
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1202087

Hide Me Quickly, Please

Forget, forget
My memory you will regret

Don't look, don't look
Under the cover of this book

Just sleep, just sleep
Deep enough to miss me weep


Author: WistfulHope
Date: 30/03/2020

№ 1196102


It's like I'm in a constant game of hide and seek-
Some days whenever I'm not looking
I end up losing myself
And can't seem to find where I hid-
I've always been really good at hiding.
Some days I'll be able to find myself
In the dark corners or under bedsheets
From when I was a child.
Other days no matter how much I try
And work towards finding who I was
Or where I've been
Or how the fuck I got this way
I'm clueless.
Lost myself again
And not sure where to find me.
I sent out a search party for my happiness
But it's really fucking good at this game
I sometimes wish it wasn't.
You would think I would get tired of hiding
But it seems I like a challenge
And this hiding from myself thing
Has been something i've done all along
A trade I seemed to master at a young age
And it only gets better with time.
I found you one day-
And you took my hand and helped try to find me
On the days I missed myself and needed it back.
You always knew just where to look
You always somehow found
What I would spend most of my days in search of
And now it is your turn to hide.
I can't find the same person who helped
Find me
You've gone missing.
You must've been practicing for a while
Because it seems like I really can't find you anywhere
Not even in the same places I once did.
You've become an expert at hiding away parts of yourself-
This game is one I don't want to play
I'm done looking for you in the same places
That I lost myself.
I just want to find me without your help-
And I want you to be able to do the same.
I don't know where you are anymore.
Maybe I'm the one who's been hiding all along.


Author: Amanda Stoddard
Date: 25/03/2020

№ 1194360

Hide Not In Shame!

Hide not in shame from me
The darker sides of you.
They are merely shadows
Of your imagination, not real!
The more you hide them,
The darker they will look.
They are only the parts of you
Yet to be exposed
To the illuminating light
Of Love.

Trust me, Darling,
You are beautiful to me!
Your dark sides
Are no darker than mine,
No darker than anyone elses.
Once they are brought
Into the light of my accepting,
Unconditionally loving gaze,
Your shadows will recede
Into your imagination,
From where they were born.

Standing naked before me,
You will finally discover
All the beauty that is contained
In the lights and darks
Within yourself.

hide,  shame.

Author: Stefan Valicia
Date: 23/03/2020

№ 1194273

Hide and Seek

Like a song that never sings,
The music I once heard from your lips,
Are to never return,
Is it?

Like the colors you used to make up,
No one else could see them,
But oh,
You see them all too clearly now.

And the noises, the smells, the feelings,
They all rush back to you don't they?
But oh,
You aren't to say one word of these things.

Besides you promised yourself,
One poem,
Wouldn't bring you back to him,
Begging on you knees!

Your pride,
Oh how your pride stings me,
But soon,
You die like the bees at the unkown spots,

Hiding from me,
And the rest of the world,
And how you put on your show,
Pretending your fine.

hide,  seek.

Author: poetrygod
Date: 23/03/2020

№ 1193297

Hide From The Night

The night appeared in my imagination. He counted the time.
Then smiled, he wanted me to hide.
I saw him, clearly, put on his hands upon his straight face.
He took a rest in the shoulder of the tree. But, I puzzled like a flea.

When I caught my own breath, I could see the shadows of someone's death.
I got tremble things on me. Suddenly, the place was so balmy.
ВЂњAre you ready, buddy? ” the night shouted on me from distant.
I lost my answer, my soul, and even my own role.
ВЂњI will hit your back with a full sack of pretty facts”
The night said again, again. That made me eerie, then.
I've added so many eyes on my body.
Just in case, whenever he came and raped my despicable memories.

Finally, I moved my body gently, cleaned every dirty.
I planted myself behind the barrels, so faulty.
I composed myself and whispered like I was ready.
There would be no reality, maybe.

hide,  night.

Author: Hastami Cintya Luthfi
Date: 22/03/2020