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High school was

Bloody noses in bathroom stalls
Barefoot running frantically under street lights
Best friends becoming lovers
Boyfriends becoming worst nightmares
Belonging to something but not somebody
Barely lit and claustrophobic
Bodies in a smoke filled room
Breathing in but not exhaling
Back row of the auditorium

high,  school.

Author: Vivian g
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1208349

High Water

My dreams have become waterlogged: floods
And unstable bridges, broken levies and
Water leaking into our house
From the crack beneath the screen door.
I see you from the streetcar window,

As the flood climbs the sides of our
City's monuments; its storm-darkened cathedral.
At the far side of the bridge, in your rain jacket
And arrows of wet hair, against the swollen sky,
You stand holding a sign to your chest.

Your eyes like lost pebbles in a stream bed.
I walk to you over the rails, the deluge raging
Under my feet, purple storm clouds tinged
With sick yellows raging overhead.
The sign says the end.

And perhaps it is, perhaps it was.

high,  water.

Author: Jane Doe
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207442

High Mass

I was wrong about the rain
Robins are calling for it
Fragrance of honeysuckle and pine
Have joined the ozone--
Priest in swirling raiments
Dangling sensor on a chain
Waving it in air before the altar

Clink clink clink

Releasing smoke that bends the mind
Before the monstrance of the sun
With storm surrounding
Clouds sift through the rays and rain
Bowing thrice--

Clink clink clink

He waves it in the air before the altar
Releasing smoke
Into the high and holy
Inchoate murmurs
Incense hands
Into the nave

high,  mass.

Author: Liz Balise
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206189


I used to be afraid to inhale
But I've been to hell and back
I still don't think I've sinned enough
But I understand, now, why people smoke their lungs black.

Everyone's got their poison,
And we each have to choose
Based on what has shaped us
Whether it's sex, cigarettes, drugs, or booze.

It's not up to me to judge you
We're all just doing our best to get by
At the end of the day, whatever the vice
We're all just wandering through life high.


Author: Brittani
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1205034

Erotisplasmia and other high hopes

Heart beats flicker in and out of time at the mention of your name and modify the energy equation to leap mountains in your presence
The peace and clam tangled with a rushing river of emotions
Defying the well accustomed laws of time nature and space

I glow
You beam
The closer we get the more harmonized our rhythms of life
One beats in the others silence

Eyes locked in some strange ethereal fequence transmit confessions that won't dare slip from trembling lips
Suspended in space and time the moment seeps into forever endless revolutions of highs and lows all this missing and longing translated into a mass relief

Shedding our skins melding into one beautiful energy crested by a haloed aura a molten wave of dexterity with delicate flourishes and playful and graceful splashes of color mass and light moving through moods and finally settling to coalesce in the tranquil of home

Suddenly ripped apart by those who insist on living in the finite realms of life

You were once again so beautiful, and once again feel emptier than the last time the void took over
At least If we can't have now
We will always have forever

Ever waiting
Yours sincerely love.

high,  hopes.

Author: Sylkie Smoothie
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1204304

8 Singaporean designers who are also flying the flag high overseas

Andrew Gn

Probably the most prolific Singaporean designer, Gn graduated from the renowned Saint Martins School of Art and Design in London and the Domus Academy in Milan before joining Emanuel Ungaro in 1992. He launched his namesake label in 1996, establishing a fan base among the Parisian high society and A-list celebrities such as Jessica de Rothschild and Sarah Jessica Parker for his luxurious fabrics and exquisite embellishments. Gn was awarded the President's Design Award in 2007 and is stocked in all the major continents, with his atelier based in the Le Marais district in Paris.

Ashley Isham

The other Singaporean high fashion designer to hit big time in the international circuit, Isham established his namesake label in London in 2000, and is a show fixture at London Fashion Week. The label is known for its sharp, contemporary tailoring and high-octane glamour, and is a hit among film, TV and music stars as well as British royalty.


Self-taught designer Danelle Woo creates easy-breezy, ultra-feminine pieces in sustainable fabrics. Aijek is stocked at multi-label boutiques in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Latin America, the Middle East and the United States.


The neo-Gothic ready-to-wear label's stark, minimalist designs are stocked in Hong Kong, Belgium, Japan and the U. S. , and counts celebrities like Adam Lambert and The Black-Eyed Peas as fans.

Sabrina Goh

The feted Singaporean designer stocks her easy-to-wear pieces from her namesake label at multi-label boutiques in the United States, the Fred Segal store in Japan and a London-based online store Not Just A Label.

Max Tan

The avant-garde label features experimental silhouettes and a contemporary artistic flair, and is stocked in Europe, the Middle East, San Francisco and Taiwan.

Benjamin Barker

This stylish menswear brand founded by designer Nelson Yap in 2009 now has two stores in Melbourne and offers custom tailoring as well. It also offers shipping to Australia and New Zealand via its website BenjaminBarker. co. .

In Good Company

The well-loved minimalist label with unusual silhouettes fronted by designers Sven Tan and Kane Tan is stocked in Hong Kong at Kapok, at various departmental stores in Jakarta, Indonesia, including Sogo, Seibu and Galleries Lafayette Jakarta and in New York's Saks Fifth Avenue. Read more at: http: //www. marieaustralia. com/formal-dresses-sydney | www. marieaustralia. com/formal-dresses-brisbane

designers,  flag,  flying,  high,  overseas.

Author: judy smith
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1203949

About high school

It is all over.
We are no longer kids but we still are and we are begging for someone to understand that, or at least to pretend they do. High school is done and so is my bottle of anxiety pills so that must mean something, it has given so much to me and also taken away so much from me I think we're even. High school was hard. I had problems, everyone did. But I guess that at the end what we're all going to remember the most is the amount of hours we couldn't get to sleep before finals. In high school I learnt that it does not matter if you are suffocating and you want someone to notice and help you and be your saviour, it only matters if you want it to matter. I also learnt not everyone is worth looking at, with eyes that could have spared looking or glancing at books I already returned to the book bank and I will never see again. High school is not about how many times you go to parties or you get asked out because, if you have a different perspective of it all, the movie dates do not drive you to graduation and the smiles for the pictures you take in parties are not the same smiles in the pictures at your graduation day.

I have not cried one day yet over my already done childhood and half-way done teenager-hood, because I already cried enough with a few things I'm quite ashamed to write about now. Perhaps the day it all sinks in and I see my friends not here with me but there with somebody else I'll cry. Or maybe not, or maybe a lot, or maybe my eyes could fill the rivers I didn't cried in all this period were people cried like maniacs while seeing pictures of them with weird haircuts and faces full of acne.

To sum this up, high school was crap. But we all love crap.

high,  school.

Author: Nicole
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1203644

High on Fire

Seething teeth
Gather bullets
For a feast of
Blathering on about this
Commenting on that
There is always someone
I never want to talk to

fire,  high.

Author: Nick Hall
Date: 01/04/2020