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Hit a Wall

Most of what I know is imaginary
I don't listen well when people speak
I've got much too large a head to carry
And my shaky knees are growing weak

I'm so awkward and mean, I'm always alone
I just stop talking to those who truly care
I'm selfish and ornery straight down to the bone
I'll prove it as my thin skin starts to tear

I'm a fucking bitch, asshole, nasty cunt
I don't give a fuck about much here at all
I've tried to find out what in this life that I want
But I've come up empty, and I've hit a wall

hit,  wall.

Author: Arlo Disarray
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1203501

Lets hit

You stand there on your toes waiting and watching for that bright green ball to come across that net. You see it hit fault one. The next comes at you. You step back, drop your shoulder and swing at that ball. You fallow where it hits. The ball does not come back. Today you have won the match. But next you could not.
So swing at the ball and keep it off the ground. Focus on the ball. Focus on your feet. Stay awake. stay safe.


Author: Tavia Robshaw
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1202246

The shit's really gonna' hit the Fan!

The Shit is really Gonna' hit the Fan
In the United States politically
But I can't get involved in Political Polarizations.
I'm already Bipolar!
I'm the Oppressed and the Oppressor.
The Suppressed and the Suppressor.
The Repressed and the Repressor.
The Controlled and the Controller.
The Terrorized and the Terrorizer.
The Victim and the Victimizer.
The Dominated and the Dominator
The Exploited and the Exploiter
Give me a Politics of VISION
And I might become more engaged.

fan,  gonna,  hit.

Author: Daniel Steven Moskowitz
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1200846

Peter Sotos' Number One Hit Machine

"Sit down boy, you're tired and you must sleep"
The voice said to me as I walked the city street
Fuzzy steps taken to a bench I saw over yonder
Sleepily wandering, the streetlights I ponder
Passive disorientation, I'm lost it would seem
Consciousness becomes a trickle, as opposed to a stream
Dragging myself over shards of glass, paralysed and sleeping
A shadow 'neath the moonlight seems to be steadily creeping
Isolated in this park in the darkness on a sigma plateau
Dextromethorphan hallucinations are a spectacular show
I'm indifferent to the stranger, drowsy as he appears
Isolated in the nighttime winds, apathetic to his tears
Uncoordinated my head falling he takes a seat softly
Dissociative disorder makes me seem awfully frosty
Speaking of lands where the populace truly is free
Speaking unintelligible words, indirectly to me
The intrinsic disconnect of this generation scorned
As the sun rises in the sky, glittered clouds adorned
My head lulls lackadaisically, I'm feeling unwell
But my stomach is eased when I think of sweet Maybelle

[Hers is a Nabokovian tale of passion in proto-dystopian wastelands
The first time we kissed, I held her soft head tenderly in my hands
The serenade of rain pitter-patter on the ground, like her feet when she's near
And hearing her name is as cathartic as those old jazz records I hold so dear
But, oh my pretty Belle, your age is a concern to me (and the eyes of the law)
So to forget your sweet face, I pop pills neglectfully, passing out on the floor]

Lifting head slowly from the rough ground dampened
Four years passed and I'm wondering what happened
Fuzzy headed blues, clear my mind with OJ and reefer
Walking fast to her house, cannot wait to see her
A rap-tap on the door with thoughts of romantic enumerations
What she said and what I saw defied every one of my expectations

My innocent Belle, with her cheeks rosy red,
Looks me in the eyes, and wishes I was dead

hit,  machine,  number,  peter.

Author: Reece
Date: 29/03/2020

№ 1198776

Who hit you

I was thrown across the house yesterday
By my father

I had a bump on my head

The next day I showed him

And he asked

*"Who hit you? "


Author: JustChloe
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1196055

I hit a ball through someone's window and I'm sorry, but can't apologize

I've come into this space
A parasite
Feeding off others' light.
Just a taste,
It's all I wanted,
But a life without excess
Is a life of waste.
So I took it all,
Just to see it fall
Before me.
I can't stand my being;
My own face...
My existence.
I hew
Into ellipses
Just because
The trouble
Amuses me-
I have no
Bearing of how it makes
Others feel,
It proves me
A poet.

apologize,  ball,  hit,  t,  window.

Author: Michael Angelo
Date: 25/03/2020

№ 1194637

One hit wonder

We harmonised perfectly
You were my conductor
From our song I learnt
How to fast forward and forget
How to Rewinded and remember
Even as our song fades away and hits its pause
The beats still go on forever more
You were my one hit wonder
What more could I say?

hit,  wonder.

Author: Alice Be Kind
Date: 24/03/2020

№ 1183087

Harmony Hit

Little bit
Large bit
Infinite dip
Colors n' shit

harmony,  hit.

Author: Emanuel
Date: 13/03/2020