Poems about hold


№ 1210632

For you see I hold the pen

~Destined of the soft parade
Along the dotted line
Whispering amongst the shade
In just the nick of time

Street lights sway upon the wind
A course to find the foe
Shouting but to catch my breath
Of songs now sung below

Call me names now if you like
For sticks and stones don't care
Left becomes the new found right
If you are going there

I will fight until the death
As armies tend their knives
Sorted comes my honored breath
In terms to realize

Spit between your crooked teeth
And laugh a hearty laugh
Practicing what I do preach
Behold the aftermath

When your feet do stand in mud
So filled with blood of red
Falling with a caustic thud
As everyone is dead

Still you question what is this
Your eyes they scan the scene
Through the pages you do flip
Your worthless magazine

I will rise up through the flame
Amidst the trumpets blare
Wearing not an ounce of shame
For eyes that blindly share

For you see I hold the pen
These verses that I write
Flow from deep within my mind
As I can't sleep this night

Always I will wear the grin
Of this melodic time
For my battles I will win
Right here inside my rhyme

So bring your tanks, your weapons too
For I will stand this ground
As my cheers will ring on through
In echoes of my sound

Wave your flags and banners high
Proclaim this holiday
As I sneak this poem by
For you to read today

hold,  pen.

Author: Jack
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1210521

You really got a hold on me

Your pessimism is poisonous
Your apathy a drug
That I inject into my eyeballs
And try to call it love
I hate the way you frown at me
When you smile at your friends
Your curly hair is a bouncing castle
I can't wait for your empire's end
I try to wallow in your silence
Love you in your wall of hate
When you're sad because your boyfriend left
In a tirade of hate
I cry crystals of despondence
As you whistle your world away
I try to love you from the outside
And when I go in, you don't let me stay
I feel you text me just to pacify me
To hold in my cries and ratify the inappropriate banter that I'm scribbling
My fingers in your body as we're both fiddling
Diddling in your causes of danger and your mind is the manger
Where the savior refuses to lay his head
You must not be in the mood for anybody or anything
I'm just a sad little girl, there's only trouble I will bring
The ways in which you want me seem to change like the weather
Something in my head says I want us to be together
But i recall how temporary your intricate happiness is
But it all becomes irrelevant when I'm near your warm skin


Author: Naomi Zabasajja
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1209875

You Have a Hold on Me I Can't Explain

I'm willing to go back in time
To the place where I was hurt
And tell you of the feelings
That you caused inside my heart.

I'm willing to talk to you
Of changes of my life
That made me go from hate
To a person who wants to try.

I'm willing to tell you of the
Memories you don't even know
The ones that are truth to me
And prevented my trust in you.

I'm willing to speak of the hold
You will always have on me
Even after ten years have gone
I see you and wish for the past.

I want to tell you all of this
To try and get away
So I can move and fall in love
Without you in my head.

I wish I could explain it better
These jumbled thoughts in my heart
So you could understand
How much I want to move away.

I wish I could tell you
That moving away from you
Isn't a bad thing
But something we both need.

I know we've never stopped
I know we've always cared
But how are we supposed to find
Another love when our hearts are still intwined?

explain,  hold,  t.

Author: Christina Cox
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1209619

Hold, Kiss, Dream

I will hold your hand like I've never seen a hand before

I will kiss you like it's my first time kissing

I will dream of you like a little girl dreams of being a princess

Because I am your princess and you are my prince.

dream,  hold,  kiss.

Author: Marisa Lu Makil
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1209220

White Ashes Hold No Flame

When tears stain the threads of
Of your childhood blanket
When the promise dies
And withering hyde binds you

When your lifeline snaps
And you run away
When you can't hide the pain

When its flowing through your veins
Like ice melting off an arctic cage
Trapped for ages you lay
In the ditch by the road back
From the inferno

When you resolve to ashes
Then the fates draw your matches
When the wind blows them through
And nothing is left to cradle a flame-

When there isn't a scrap left to mend
And you are buried in your own skin
When all that's left is night

What's been lost cries out of sight.

ashes,  flame,  hold,  white.

Author: Shroombloomer
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208594

The love I hold for you

There is a love that goes beyond passion. Beyond desire.

A love that is felt within the very fiber of the soul.

One with ardent, inexorable devotion.

A love of imperceptible depth, and intense adoration.

There is a love as unyielding in its fervency,

As it is in its sanctity.

A love that is immutable, and enduring.

There is a love that sustains and validates one's existence.

A love that is uncompromising in it's absolutness.

There is a love that leads one to their destiny.

One that is incomprehensible. Without concession.

A love that holds the heart in passionate seduction.

There is a love that is timeless and unending.

A love that is unyielding in it's conviction.

There is a love with irreducible and fierce conviction.

A love with immeasurable compassion.

And that love, is the love I hold for you.

hold,  love.

Author: Graydon Archer
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207389

Hold me up, Marissa

As cliche as it may sound,
You were the other half of me,
The better half of me

I was never able to walk safely without your hand on my shoulder
I was never able to sleep at night without hearing your voice on the phone
I was never able to interact with others at school without your tiny little body standing next to me, projecting all your confidence into my being

You were my one and only best friend with your much too thin, way too short brown hair, California sun-kissed skin, and perfect three pant-sized waist

And I know this sounds as if I were in love with you in such a way that I wanted to kiss your thin lips, but it is not that at all

I wanted you, all of you, to myself and no one else, that is the truth
I was selfish and greedy and I expected all of your time
I hated who I was, I hate who I am, I needed you to make me a better person

I did not feel like a whole being without you
I do not feel like a whole person without you
And I still need you to stand me up and hold me still so that my teeth do not chatter

You bloomed sudden intelligence and drifted away from me, the smartest thing you could've ever done for yourself
You left me all alone
Without you I've fallen over
The ants and flies have scoured my body for every last bit of remaining flesh
I'm decomposing now, I will be worm food
At least I know I was put on this earth for a reason


All I do is want to hate you
But I love you more than I could ever miss him


Author: Sky
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206056

Hold me down for real

Hold me down for real
Catch my eyes the way you
Catched the morning light
Say those three words
And come run forever with me
Let's dance on the white balcony
Or lay down on the sleepless dusty road
And watch as the moon breathe
Let's sing along our favorite song and kiss
Beneath all the city lights at 3 am
Come on
Hold me down for real
And i'll be yours forever.

hold,  real.

Author: Adel
Date: 03/04/2020