Poems about hole


№ 1208679

Hole In My Heart

There is a hole in my heart, what can I do?
Please someone help me, I'm in pain too.
I'm hurting so bad, can't shake this pain.
I have this hole in my heart, my love was in vain.
Countless nights I spent in tears.
Sleepless nights, can't get rid of my fears.
I'm afraid I can't love with this hole in my heart.
I'm afraid I can't love; it's tearing me apart.
I'm afraid I'll never, never feel love so pure.
This hole in my heart, will it ever be cured?
Please someone help me to heal this pain.
I have this hole in my heart, so hard to sustain.
What can I do? I ask once more.
With this hole in my heart, not there before.

heart,  hole.

Author: Big Man on campus
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1208443

That Little Hole

You've always been that little voice
That lives inside my head
That helps me to make every choice
You're every word I've said

You've always been that little hole
That lives inside my heart
You're all the secrets that I've told
You're in a piece of all my parts

You've always been that little touch
That's there when I'm in pain
I'm going to miss you so damn much
Nothing will ever be the same


Author: Arlo Disarray
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1208303


Walk along the sunlit street, and listen to the birds.
Listen to the angels and their softly spoken words.
Listen to the sound of wind across a grassy knoll,
But don't listen to the hole.
It's time to smell the roses, and the little daffodils,
It's time to smell the smell of your dad's burger on the grill.
Why don't you go outside and enjoy a pleasant stroll?
Just don't listen to the hole.
Because the closer that you get, to this hole inside the ground,
The more that you will hear the most horrific of all sound,
It's the sound of every evil thing that lives inside your soul,
So don't listen to the hole, please don't listen to the hole.


Author: The Dybbuk
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207511


I want to be your angel
You bring out the sin in me
I'm stuck in a k-hole when i'm with you
Right where i want to be

Lines that blur and lines that burn,
Dark liquors make your stomach churn,
His tongue has never felt more right,
Falling down the k-hole tonight.


Author: XX
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206255

Rabbit hole

It's been a long time since I've looked at myself in the mirror and asked who I am
Prodding a reflection to see how long it takes to change

That kind of thinking follows you- it preempts every step-
I'm swallowing confusion whole. In a daily pill. A color for every feeling.

I was thinking about my circular habits when I caught myself there, again,
A black hole in the glass fragmented like...
Children, transposed against war
Myself, the child and the war-maker begging for peace
The harsh lines cut across valleys of wheat

Cut me down, I'm begging the blackness, make fault lines out of my hate
Across my body, slash my body, curl up and disappear into my body
Take my body and teach me to float
I'll volunteer my soul in the name of love, lovers, loved, loving... forgiveness.
And float there in a dream that a human doesn't stand to realize any time soon, I'm sobbing for my lost dreams and stuck in my own memories, I mean --
I fool myself sometimes. Because things are harsh and harshness is perception. And connectedness comes from letting go. And dammit, I've been stubborn since birth and I was stubborn when I knew God and I'm stubborn now I don't
I don't
I don't. Tell me what to do, because I'm tired of beating myself down

I once tried starving myself raw
And realized the hard way it was never an option
I miss that kind of numbness. I want to believe that the ones I want to see know how to look past skin. I'm - wanting - to float. I'm... wanting. I'm wanting in components of human nature lack lacking lacking love

Never ever would have ever admitted
Self in grounds of coffee. down the hatch, down the drain, downing levels of consciousness as days homogenize and fears are realized and
Slowly drowning time
Body is mine
Body is dying, legs are dying, eyes are dying, drooping, dropping like flies fl-fl-fl-flying
To fly
Dreams of flying
I had dreams of flying
I have dreams of flying and every day I'm dying

This is blackness reflected back. apathy.
Warped cognition slides through me cold
I don't know how I got so old

hole,  rabbit.

Author: Emma
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1198592

Dig a Hole

Dig a hole
Deep in the ground
Fill it with your blood

Dig a hole
Deep in the ground
Now you know your grave

Dig a hole
Deep in the ground
Put your weapons in it

Dig a hole
Deep in the ground
Climb down into your grave

Dig a hole
Deep in the ground
Cover up yourself

Dig a hole
Deep in the ground
Now you have your home

dig,  hole.

Author: Why
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1194269

Take me to the hole

People left without hesitation,
Reason, saying goodbye.
Am i easy to be replaced?
Couldn't they take me to
Where they are going?
Will there be a time somebody takes me
To the hole in his heart?
Let me in, not allowed to escape
Because he needs me, wants me
To be with him for the rest of his life.


Author: Rea Mae Y Calingo
Date: 23/03/2020

№ 1194223

A (w)hole

I had bulimia for breakfast.
It tasted like
And something I'd had before.

It tasted like
The broken mirrors in my room,
And something I'd had before
The hate made me like this

The broken mirrors in my room
Tell me lies that take
The hate, make me like this.
These reflections make me

Tell myself lies that take
The hurt, that make me whole.
This reflection makes me
An explosion, pushing all the bad, all the good,
All the all out of my body.

An explosion, pushing all the bad, all the good,
All the all out of my body.
I had bulimia for breakfast.
The hurt that makes me a hole.


Author: Jenna Gibson
Date: 23/03/2020