Poems about horizon


№ 1202963

Just Beyond the Horizon

One day I was happy,

Before I knew it, life was a mess
And all of a sudden
I felt a noose around my neck.

My Lord thy God,
He lifted me up,
And now I look down,
Down upon you, my love.

You look so beautiful,
Living your life,
Living in peace,
Finally out of strife.

From above, I watch you smile,
From above, I watch you cry,
I know that life is hard,
But darling, you always shine.

I know you miss me,
I know you think of what we shared,
If only when I was living,
You had shown how much you cared.

Maybe if I had known,
I wouldn't of done what I did,
Maybe you could've saved me,
You could've kissed my lips.

And that's how we'd stay,
Together at last,
You belonged with me,
My future, present, and past.

But there is nothing I can do,
Nothing to do but wait,
Until the day you come to join me,
Babe please! Don't be late!

You can see me in the sun,
You can hear me in the rain,
ВЂњDarling, come to me,
I want to touch your face. ”

There's only one thing to do,
The only thing you can think of,
So you take the tie of a shoe,
You make a loop,
You tie a noose...

You can hear me calling,
ВЂњCome, baby,
I'm just beyond the horizon. ”
You can feel the falling,
You can almost feel me there...
ВЂњDon't look down baby,
Don't be scared. ”

(a. f. c)


Author: Angela Campbell
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1200932

That horizon is endless

To our eyes, That is, What we are able to see Is called that endless horizon... One's horizon is what one is Able to see or to think... Everyone and everything have Their own horizons, so What's your horizon's limit in life?

endless,  horizon.

Author: Mohammad Skati
Date: 29/03/2020

№ 1200163

Storm on the horizon colors..

The air was warm and cool all at once...
The oncoming storm was a beautiful chaos among the ambient ocean...
The sky was full of colors. The colors made love to my eyes and soul...
There was enough sunlight to form a double rainbow... Arcs of rain colors showed all of the storms emotions...
Soon I will be the lightning...
When I finally leave for the stars again...
Only there are no stars in this beautiful view...
Only memories of colors that I swear I hear music in...
The stars are beyond...
And this storm is here...
And I for now would much rather be here...

colors,  horizon,  storm.

Author: Solaces
Date: 29/03/2020

№ 1199087

Your view across the horizon

Formed and moulded
Informed decision
Your very own view

horizon,  view.

Author: nivek
Date: 28/03/2020

№ 1198285

Pause Along the Horizon

Variegated dreams
Overturning the ashened night
Wake, wake
Branch and twist
To the music
Of the tide
Escapism of this world engulfed
With itineraries and haste
Leaving fragments of vivacity in its wake
Like riding a comet through life
Stop, stop
Smell the roses
Make shapes out of clouds
Within the starry night
Rest, rest
Blooming minds
Drudging through the snow
Whilst in drought
Turning page after page
Within this infancy
Of human kind
And read but a line

horizon,  pause.

Author: Joan Karcher
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1196054

At the Edge of the Horizon

Gun in hand,
Blinded by the sun,
Shining it's light on my flaws,
Exposing the hate I hold for myself.
Mere inches from the edge,
The edge of the horizon.
To step off into nothingness,
To feel the cold,
Grip of depression slip from my throat.
Fall into the sweet comfortable feeling of nothing.
Destruction is mere beauty,
What more beautiful to destroy than yourself?
To take every single thing,
Every second you fought,
Every dream you've ever conceived,
Every single fucking memory you have,
From yourself.
Some things you just can't come back from,
You know...

edge,  horizon.

Author: Anonymous
Date: 25/03/2020

№ 1195218

Each step is swift, each step on a horizon

To set out on your journey of love
Having set aside your chains
(those imposed and those you fashioned for yourself)
Each step is swift, each step on a horizon
Where you meet such interesting fellow travellers.

horizon,  step,  swift.

Author: nivek
Date: 24/03/2020

№ 1185525


Travelling across
The vast blue ocean
Feeling the wind on you
Trying to blow you away
Nothing to be seen
Except the faint line
Where the sky dips into the sea
And the few islands
Scattered across it


Author: Ijla
Date: 15/03/2020