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That Hospital in Texas

One doctor with a yellow number
Two pencil, writes notes on a paper clipped in a
Three-ring binder, scribble, scribble, scribble.
Four white walls suffocate me black.

hospital,  texas.

Author: Charles Barnett
Date: 29/03/2020

№ 1198104

The Hospital

I hate that I never said goodbye.

I was only eleven,
And I was a liar,
And I was tired of
Hospital beds and crying people and mysterious smells and sounds
And flowers and hymn-singing and
Useless tacky balloons that only wasted space,
Wilting and deflating after only a few days,
And crumpling to the linoleum into a
Shiny crinkled fifteen-dollar piece of trash.

(I thought it was beautiful,
But it was such a waste because
Of course you never noticed. )

The February outside was damp and indecisive,
Spring one day and winter back the next,
But I would have much rather been out on the freezing cold lawn
Than in that tension-filled room of white.
Finally, I could stand it,
Once you were home (still in that mechanical bed,
But at least you were in a room with a beautiful stained glass window
And forest green carpet dusted with dog hair)
On that last night
- though of course we could not know it was the last
While we stood in that golden room
And sang you to sleep.

It was terrible-awful to see my father cry
In his father's old navy suit
To be sitting, numb and nonchalant in the first pew
Right in the front of the church
Right where your slate grey coffin lay
Draped in the glorious red white and blue.
And to know that
I had lied when I walked out that door
Into the star-sparkled night
Because even while I loved you
And love you still
I didn't say goodbye that night.

- February 18th, 2007 -


Author: Annabel Lee
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1196791

Hospital Song

The opening and closing
Of the would've been casket door
Reminds me of the window screen
Holding on by hope.
The cold skin just underneath my fingertips
Reminds me of the cold breath
Of wind that swirled in behind me.
It was only October.

Our mother yelled.
She scolded you at your one moment.
A pure moment.
A moment to be completely and utterly
Shattered by a concerned chorus
Masked with annoyance.
I picked up the shards and
Dragged them across my hips,
Sharpened them on my bones,
As they dragged you to the car.

There was no time
To break it to me gently.
No warm hugs awaiting at the door
Or tear stains taking pity on a 12 year old.
They took you away.
Your eyes as big and bright
As snow globes.
I watched the glitter pour down your face.

They sat like vultures in their plastic chairs.
We still have no idea
What they were waiting for.
Maybe they were waiting for you to break the silence
Like how you broke their hearts.
You look at me
Like you're not sure why I'm there.
You hold my hand
And I feel the sadness
Leaking out of you in black rivers.
This is the curse we share.
They patched you up well.
You can almost not make out the stitches
The pills forced into the pit
You call a stomach.
You whisper a song so soft
No one but me can hear it,
"Never die, never die. "

hospital,  song.

Author: Samantha
Date: 26/03/2020

№ 1196628

The Hospital Bed Petition

Kiss me.
Kiss me, soft, as I am... passing.
Kiss me while my lips are burning, while I yet believe in romance
With soft blush face,
­ hammer heart,
­ sloppy eyelashes.

Lift me.
Lift me like a child on stilts, elevated above the feeble dreams of adults
With tendons taught,
­ fingers splayed,
­ playing my hair like seaweed

Bless me.
Bless me with your consciousness,
With your most pensive furrowed brows
With your aspirations
Bless me with your future.

Feed me.
Feed me at my bedside—but not just tepid broth.
Feed me the window view
When my eyes forget to flash,

Feed me the sky

Free me.
From the IV,
The monitors,
The smell of chlorine

So that it may be you and the moon
That sing my last lullaby.

bed,  hospital,  petition.

Author: Laurel Elizabeth
Date: 25/03/2020

№ 1196545

My Hospital-like mind

White walls.
Straight jacket.
No windows.
Damn, this place is bland.
Purple liquids.
Veins more blue.
Cuts healed.
Damn, where am I?
Walls still white.
Still in a straight jacket.
Still no windows.
Coughs again
Damn, this place is still bland!
More purple liquids.
More blue viens.
You can barely see my cuts--
Sneezes again
Damn, I'm still here?

More days pass,
It feels like eternity.
I can't even
Eat without them
Thinking I'm going to
Open my cuts with a
Plastic knife.

I look at the salt less corn and
Will I ever leave my

hospital,  mind.

Author: R
Date: 25/03/2020

№ 1193961


The silver doe stays just in sight
Just out of reach

She moves gracefully
As you stumble after
Always thinking this time
This time
This time
You will grab the white tail

That you can reach out and

But just as you make it
She bounds away
And you are bound by a tether
Of plastic and chrome
Blue forest blending into
Blue walls blending into
Blue ceiling blending into

Maybe next time.


Author: Evelyn Culwch
Date: 23/03/2020

№ 1190810

Hate letters in the hospital

Annotated hate letters
Sticky- posted to
Every surface
Until you get the
Forgiveness is no longer an option
And this is not your mess to clean up
It is,
Your mind to make up
Although it would seem
That you already

hate,  hospital,  letters.

Author: alicia
Date: 20/03/2020

№ 1189545

Hospital Visits

Kiss me
On my scars
It's been a long
And cold day
Of war
And all
I want
Is something
Warm and soft
Against my skin
Because healing
Is a slow process.

hospital,  visits.

Author: Jay
Date: 19/03/2020