Poems about hour


№ 1209984


Candles burn brightly guiding the sight cruising from midnight unto daylight... aforesight dreams of daily scenes, images in magazines, all at the turn of the hands of the clock.
And so the cock crows.
He gets up your nose, he begs you awake.
Strangle the noisy beast... the tone on the cell phone that steals your sleep.
Where cobwebs hide behind the eyes of the sticky sleeper, tear filled weeper. starlight sweeper, secret keeper, chaste with tight, secrets hid in the night.
Locked inside here where shadows hid, where love's denied and shall all shall hide, for never ever rest in peace, of raging dreams and stolen sleep.
Of parapets and parakeets that keep you away from rest, the
Noisy birds they are the best.
Locked inside there was two of us now there's only one.
He melted in the heat of a vibrant summer sun... a puddle on the pavement, a melted mess of sticky stuff, missing sleep, mourning love.
Vodka tonic and all that stuff.
(C) Livvi


Author: Olivia Kent
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1209332

The final hour of the willow

The cold.
My cheeks flushed pink as I inhaled the remnants of the frail air
Surrounding me - clouded tufts occur
They dissipate as I breathe
I whisper.

The prevalence of rosebuds, nature's pride
Flourish amongst the beaks of the emperor.

Strands of scarlet, stains of blood
They all entail the unrequited sentiment of the weak
The frail entrails dwindling downwards on the empty patches,
Barren warfields where I exhaled.

The enticing floral rain, the vermilion of the soul
The pale old man with the raincoat is watching me
I turn.

Bring me deliverance, old man
The joy of my ultima, the climax of my being
For you watched me ultimately,
For death cheers for me from the sidelines.

Bring me deliverance, for the caress of the end
Is my valentine.

final,  hour,  willow.

Author: Vyiirt'aan
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208141

Rush Hour

Have to run hurriedly,
It's 6 o'clock already.
Have to catch my train,
It's rush hour again.

It's crowded Inside
The Yamanote train,
There was no available seat,
Stood straight,
In order to support my gait,
I almost cried,
'Cause my legs were tired,
Someone saw me,
Offered her seat to me,
Felt glad,
But the girl beside me
Had drifted to sleep,
She leaned on me,
And when she was awake,
She thanked me.

hour,  rush.

Author: Jennifer L Luna
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207743

One Hour

Before the week is out, World War Three could come and go
It will only last one hour, an hour of Death and Woe
Revelation chapter eighteen, “one hour” thrice is said
In just one hour just one hour, fifty million could be dead
It wouldn't be just in Kiev, “Babylon” will burn
The land of Greed and Lust, the Prophets they did spurn
Not the Babylon of old, the Babylon today
Did you ever think ever think...it is the USA


Author: Elihu Barachel
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207457

Broken Hour Glass

My reflection is here
But my thoughts
Are dissipating...

Like an hourglass broken
My conceptions
Are dust...

And yet I still try to
Every grain that fell...

broken,  glass,  hour.

Author: Poetic T
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206129

Hour by hour

Give me death for an hour
To slumber in peace
And dream of eternity
Locked in autumns embrace
Gold to orange to red leaves
Still clinging to trees
Watching death dream
Unable to sleep
Hour by hour


Author: Akira Chinen
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1203867

Waking Hour

I can feel the fire in my heart
My tongue is what sets us apart
I see your insides I know your flaws
You've felt the fury of these claws
And while I watch down from my perch
You will be prey on my predator search

The eyes that you once knew so well
Have seen too much that I can't tell
With burning tears I whisper softly
"I will make your life a fucking hell"

The knife you left inside my chest
Has yet to lay me down to rest
I am the reason you can't sleep
I pity you for counting sheep
I wish you weren't such a coward
This is the dawn of your waking hour

For all the times you made me cry
For the silence when I would ask why
It looks as though the tables have turned
I am watching your insides slowly die

All this time you thought you could see
But the blind one wasn't really me
So enjoy this one last final breath
As I introduce you to my old friend death

hour,  waking.

Author: Jacqueline OConnor
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1202690

Edmonton Commercial Hotel/11th Hour Blues

Turning Forty Two
Feeling Like You Can't Poo

Your Feeling Like You Want To Party
But At 10 p. m.

Your Feeling Kinda Blue
On The Avenue

Yegamiester's Are Sweet
Although It Make's Us Light On Our Feet

With Lime In My Corona
Feeling Mighty Fine

Long Island Ice Tea
Makes Me Feel Free

Denten & Mike With All Their Charm
Could Set Off Any Alarm

Parting With Aunt Kate
We're Beginning To See Our Fate

The Blues On White
Feels Just Right

blues,  commercial,  hotel,  hour.

Author: Billie-Su Wright
Date: 31/03/2020