Poems about housewives

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The story surrounds Paula, Sharon and Alice
They are all housewives living in the community of Rochdale
Rochdale is a striving robust high rise that enhances the community
It has been said there is some unity
But as our page opens, we find Paula and Sharon conversing in the lobby
The discussion is about Alice's husband Rick is having an affair
However, if the community knows, Rick better beware
But Alice doesn't know
You can bet someone is going to show
Yet Paula and Sharon continue to talk
But they better be careful, as you never know who Rick will have stalk
Gossip always turn wild at Rochdale when there is talk

However this talk was for real
It was turning into a big deal
Paula and Sharon saw Rick holding hands with another woman around Rochdale
Because of so much talk and speculations, Alice now has to confront him
It will either be a lie or straight out confession
But to Alice, this could be a watch your man lesson
Well Alice steps up to her husband Rick and asks, are you cheating on me?
Rick didn't answer straight out, but remember he is on the spot
He was thinking that this might be a plot
The question was asked over and over
The truth of yes came from his lips, but Alice was devastated
Alice doesn't know whether to leave him or kill him?
What will she decide?


Author: preservationman
Date: 14/02/2020

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"The Real Housewives Of..."

They preen, they brag, they cluck like hens
Favorite pastime? Schmoozing with friends

They lunch, they party, they go to the races
Wearing Versace and botoxed faces

They worship the sun, the moon, and the stars
And fill up their lives with mansions and cars

They spray tan each day to enhance their appeal
These housewives are everything... except real

housewives,  real.

Author: Vernon Waring
Date: 20/07/2018