Poems about hunger


№ 1207801

Feed My Hunger

I possess this hunger for harming the temple I proclaim as myself.
Even knowing that I am harming my physical wealth.
This hunger starts as small as mustard seeds.
But can grow to an enormous monster when it feeds.
And what feeds this beast you wish to know?
Is when feelings that are meant to be don't show.
Sadness, Anger, and even depression.
Lay nice and tight under a strong compression.
It feeds off the Anger from others as well
Like when it does wrong and there's a scream or a yell.
Or a word like "whore" or "slut" or "skank"
Can be transformed into a weapon even if it's only a prank.
But what it really feeds off the most and is full when eaten
Is when it's broken heart is even more beaten...

feed,  hunger.

Author: Akira Bonner
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1206964

Unsatisfied Hunger

They want more.
Even after you gave them your best.
But you do not refuse.
Feeding their hunger with pieces of yourself
Until their is nothing left of you.
They leave unsatisfied,
Hunting for their next prey.

hunger,  unsatisfied.

Author: Pardeep
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1205210


An inner emptiness is apparent
On the face of a waif vending
NEWS on the pavement.
The stack at his feet
Is in a language
Which will remain
Alien to his comprehension.
Still to earn to live
He has to sell this
Mute writing on newsprint.
His desolation is deadlier
Thank an organic breakdown.
The message
Waxes eloquent in his eyes.
His hunger is for
Speech and not for food.


Author: Rajinder Pal Chaddah
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1199892

Mockingjay (The Hunger Games)

Sitting in the darkness,
Waiting for my kill,
An animal passes by,
My stomach will soon fill.

I can almost hear the crowd cheering
As I catch my evening snack,
I am alone out here-
I've lost contact with my pack.

I hear a familiar cry in the distance,
The sound soon starts to fade,
It isn't what I thought it would be-
Above flies a mockingjay.

It's wide wings cover up above,
For a moment I have no light,
The cry of the bird hurts me,
I try to put up a fight.

My sister, it makes me feel she's hurt,
I lower my bow down,
She has to be home, I know she is,
But they've got her sound somehow.

I tell myself not to worry,
As the bird starts to fly and sing,
A beautiful song I recognize,
Like the silver in the mockingjay's wings.

games,  hunger.

Author: Emily Huang
Date: 28/03/2020

№ 1198022


I eat, at the altar, with a hunger stronger than I remember,
I eat, from soup to nuts, pig bones and guts are grinded to dust,
I eat, a pound of flesh, char up my lungs to catch my breath,
I eat, lamb and wolf, sheer them up I'll wear them both,
I eat, golden eggs and apples, the first fool to fry the samples,
I eat, hot tomales like bread and butter, the spiciness should make me better,
I eat, the blacker berries, the blue berries and dark ripe wild cherries,
I eat, the crackers and wine, out of the palms of your hands,
I eat, with my family and friends, and I hope to eat with you again,


Author: Shawn
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1191447


If you are never hungry, you will never want to eat.


Author: Dutch
Date: 21/03/2020

№ 1189975

Hunger Games

His screams of pain
Bounced off
The caved walls.

The many its tore through his flesh,
Howling through the process,
Grabbing at what they can.

I could not see them from above,
But it was too loud
For me to shut them out.

My ears were covered,
Yet sound leaked from the holes
Where dark seeped past my fingers.

I could not breath;
The fear was closing in on me
Stealing my air.

I inhaled,
But it was foul
Causing me to choke.

Seconds, minutes, hours
Ticked by.
Finally, they had left him.
However, their cries of victory
Did not reach over the sound of

I knew it was my cue,
But my angst was too much to bear.
What was waiting for me,
Was too explicit for my innocent eyes.

These eyes were innocent,
But what lied behind them wasn't.
To survive I had to kill
What was left of a being.

Reluctantly I jumped off
The ground having another human upon it's surface,
I stumbled towards his figure.

My eyes tore away,
From the bloody mess I once called human.

His moans were all could hear
In the cave,
In the arena,
In the whole world.
Why was I left to do the job
That I had cleverly tried to avoid?
Why couldn't they rid me
Of this suffering?
Why couldn't they rid us
Of this suffering?

My choices were blunt and clear;
I either pierce the dagger to end his distress,
Or walk away to end mine.

Knowing the consequences,
Either would leave me wounded from this graphic image.
But, I wasn't sure which one was what he wished.
I wasn't good with the death thing.

Then, with a groan,
His mouth formed a shape I couldn't communicate with.
The blood was dripping everywhere,
I couldn't recognize him any more.

Finally, I could see his lips
Forming the word


Everything cleared up for me.
I was sure what to do.

I walked shakily towards his deformed body
Until I cowered above him.
My grip tightened around the knife in my hand
As I pulled it towards him.
My body shook,
My hand daring to loosen.

I gulped, not sure of what I was doing,
The body lying there in pain.
I sighed, closing my eyes.

I let the dagger fall,
Walking backwards as fast I could
And as far as I possibly could.

The loud sound echoed the arena
Scaring a few birds,
As realization dawned upon me.

I did it.

games,  hunger.

Author: Bipolar Hypocrite
Date: 19/03/2020

№ 1180275


People say I've lost weight
But it's just that
I'm only hungry for


Author: Nicolette Avery Pizzigoni
Date: 11/03/2020