Poems about hurt


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Hurting inside.
Pain is everywhere.
I feel it in my soul.
Or where it should be.
Try and try but everything is already set.
We have no choice.
Its time to leave.


Author: Gunnyr Johnson
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1209793

Make It Hurt

My walls have nicotine tears
And my eyes have had bags for years
I want to start a folk punk band
I can't sing so I'll scream
Do something productive in a long time
Only felt freedom when crossing state lines
Going down streets and avenues
With the thought of you

My father has died but isn't dead yet
Feed me half truths and hard times
I'll let them digest
I've been moving on in my own way
Seems no progress but I digress
All these visions of you
Make me wish I had seen you less
I still pace like it keeps me calm
Counting steps, holding you till you slept counting breaths
Counting steps
Down the stairs, up the driveway and out my life

Bukoswki had roses in a closet, I've got pictures and notes in a shoebox
I think no closure even if we had talked.
I would still self destruct if you hadn't walked
I still can't face my refection in the mirror
I still can't stand to alone, never in public
I still shake like a leaf on a tree, I'm not holding you and December is getting nearer

Do you ever think of me?
As a bad decision, a waste of time, the wrong boy at the wrong time.
You probably don't and that's for the best.
I hate myself just so we can have something in common
I don't want to but I have to be honest.


Author: Brandon Reid Swaim
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1209742


I scream for someone to come, not sure if they can,
I'm hurt and I'm lonely where I am.
No more crying and no more fear,
I just want to get out of here.

I'm hurting.

The dark it's not as harsh as the light,
I wonder if I've given up the fight.
Trapped where I'm wandering on and on,
I wonder what I'm searching for, maybe someone.

I'm lonely.

The thump of my heart, twist of my gut,
Always surprised at how fast my eyes shut.
The sweat and the horror so unrefined,
I'm hunched in the corner wishing to be blind.

I'm scared.

It starts at the top and works to my feet,
The sharp prickling feeling is so complete.
It makes me cry out and fall to the floor,
It makes me wish to not live any more.

I'm in pain.

It's all in my head I know it to be so,
The fear and the torment the pain I don't show.
In my mind trapped and growing,
Rapidly approaching, never slowing...

... depression... defeat... time to fall... end it all...

I'm hurting.


Author: Kimberley Fritz
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1209050


Excuse me,
But could you just leave?
Quit haunting my eyes
When they close.
I'm sick of dreaming
Of you in colour,
When you should be stored away in monochrome.
Excuse me,
But could you just leave?
I may have wiped away
Any traces,
But it still wouldn't erase you,
Especially when my words
Are still dripping with your remains.
Excuse me,
But could you just leave?
There is far more than what your eyes perceive.
Your assumptions devour
Any piece of my show,
They turn into thieves,
Hungry teeth eating away understanding,
Licking up any scene.
Excuse me,
But could you just leave?
I can no longer taste love letters
And believe.

- Crimsyy

A/N: Thankyou so much for reading!!! What are your thoughts on this one?


Author: Crimsyy
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208008

If You Wanted to Hurt Me

You could have sliced my skin.
Peeled it back and eaten my heart.
You could have shattered my bones.
Until each one cracked in half.
You could have voiced your distaste.
Called me every name in the book.

But even worse,
You didn't do anything.

hurt,  wanted.

Author: Kaila Wenker
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1206957


I always
Tried my
Best to embody
You want
Me to be
You don't
Seem to see.

{E. I}


Author: Little Azaleah
Date: 04/04/2020

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Cuts, burns, bruises. yet none hurt as much as heartache

10 words

bruises,  burns,  cuts,  heartache,  hurt.

Author: maybella snow
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1204860

Sometimes It Hurt

Some times it hurts
The pain is inside
Where my demons hide

My Id is in a constant struggle with my ego
To be the super hero
My super ego
Tries to suppress my Id
But if my Id emerges
From my deepest thoughts
I'm lost without...
To describe the carnage that would ensue
I'm talking slit wrist
To the random-est,
Of people only to fulfill my inconspicuous bliss
I'm talking shooting nukes just for fun
Armageddon... Wouldn't that be fun
I'm talking gun towards brother
Knife against mother
And you dread your sleep
Cause that's when the snakes come to eat
And this all happened inside my head

Sometimes it hurt
The pain is inside
Where my demons hide

Also There I hide my soul
In a empty hole
All by it lonesome
No visitors allowed
But somehow she kidnapped my soul
And she wanted my heart for the ransom
She was bad too... And than some
Angel in my eyes
But a demon in disguise
Tempted me to do all the wrong things
Telling me it would be alright
See I was struggling through the days
Barely making it through the nights
She promised to show me the light
So as I see the gold flicker
She said this can be your life
And I told her I'll take it
Because the money and the fame
Seems to make everything alright
But wait can you also promise Love
Can you promise me a girl that's
Going to be there just because
She down for me
One that if I ever leave
Will hold it down for me
I'm talking one that will
Go to town for me
Cause that's all I really need
Can you promised me a good seed
To provide my wants and needs
So now I'm contemplating the price for my soul
All in my head

Some times it hurt
The pain is inside
Where my demons hide


Author: Michael A Bauseman
Date: 02/04/2020