Poems about hyacinth


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A kind heart is
Like a hyacinth
That pours an endless


Author: Ramin Ara
Date: 16/10/2019

№ 1006787

The Hyacinth Heart

In the height of summer
The pond shrunk to a hyacinth heart.

The kingfishers left for crystal streams
Village belles no more washed their hidden shames
Kids broke their frolics on her kissing splashes
And men dipped not in her to whisper secrets.

She prayed to hold through all the pains.

The sky heard her and sent her rains.

heart,  hyacinth.

Author: Pradip Chattopadhyay
Date: 05/10/2019

№ 804986

Blue Hyacinth

As the emanations
Of a saint, in
Eternal spring... the
Blue Hyacinth sat.
A fragrance more
Home than home.

blue,  hyacinth.

Author: Onoma
Date: 05/04/2019

№ 738049


I slipped away the other day and strolled towards the limelight.
To much dismay and most out of the way, this light it shined too bright.
If I could just get closer, by whatever means how,
I could achieve the spoils of success, and revel in the now.

Advance after advance, success after success,
One would think, naturally, to progress was the key to this mess.
Slowly but surely, my goals marked complete,
Yet these checks on a sheet kept bringing me to my knees.

What lay behind the light - a driving attraction,
Kept me bound and confused, a terrifying reaction.
The struggle to succeed, at least in my mind,
Was a self-perpetuating frenzy of competition against a future place in time.

To fail in a contest against another is but a minor setback.
But to lose the race against oneself is a tragic putrid poison, uneasy to extract.

However, by seeing the nature of this self race, and to resolve to love oneself in hate,
Is to admit defeat of one's own fate and accept a self deprecating loss.
Yet as one succeeds in short, they see the nature of their quest.
These goals I take and win today, I strive without a rest.
To reorient with happiness as the goal, is to accept the love within us all.

In constantly improving, your life stays moving,
But beware this pace, as to much disgrace,
This ambitious race may make you lose face.

To seek and to find is to reap and rewind;
When I succeed in my mind, my dreams they do not subside.
Something is burning, deep down inside,
Quietly yearning for a love lost in time.

As Hyacinth passed up on the one he loved, Rosebud cried in toil and crud.
Caught up in the nature of the game, eluded by fame - yet to oneself, he fell insane.


Author: Kurt Miller
Date: 04/02/2019

№ 710375


Uncounted words on the page, attempting to mimic brilliance
Predictable as playing Russian roulette with an automatic
Forced sterility, impossible as drawing a straight line
The wrist won't comply, simply cannot, no reason to attempt it
We fool ourselves with second hand ambition, discard our
Own greatness
Quiet and sublime, carelessly letting our spark burn out
Do you remember what it was to be a child?
Nothing but used up memories with no sound
Black and white like some old movie, lips moving, no voice
Barefoot dreams are all that remain for me
Empty promises made to one's self, surrendered so
Nights of Bach on the radio, hiding behind closed doors and
Cheap wine
Days of endless monotony, dark stairs and the smell of
Scrubbed mildew
An afternoon spent in your arms, making love under the
Pecan trees
I almost saw your yesterdays, beautiful creature, when I met your
Eyes, laying there
A little girl, running with a sparkler in each hand, screaming her
Defiance to the world
Holding onto what's left of each other, two halves, trying to make a


Author: Patrick Kennon
Date: 10/01/2019

№ 634029

Hyacinth Blues

I can smell
The soft floral remanence
Of blue hyacinths in bloom.
The smell lingers everywhere.
It reminds me of you.
How you always smelled
So sweet,
Like you'd just had a bath
With fresh lavender,
And rose petals swimming
All around you,
Gathering at your feet.
I miss that smell,
Almost as much as I miss you.
It's been a long time
Since I've thought about you.
I've pushed you from my mind,
From my scarred up heart.
It's better that way,
Keeping those memories
Locked up inside me.
It took a long time
To stitch together
The pieces,
After you so carelessly
Ripped my heart apart.
I'll always resent you for that.
I'll always love you for it too,
And whenever those hyacinths
Are in full bloom
Outside my window
I'll think of you,
Of how much I loved you,
And for just a moment
I'll feel a touch
Of the hyacinth blues.

blues,  hyacinth.

Author: Hannah
Date: 01/11/2018

№ 528338

Haiku/Pink Hyacinth

Pink hyacinth girl
Throwing flowers in the air
A garden dreamer

haiku,  hyacinth,  pink.

Author: Matthew Goff
Date: 28/07/2018

№ 463988

A handful of hyacinth

A handful of hyacinth from an ocean
Which just you know from where you collected
When you put it into the pockets of my trouser
Blue sky chose to blossom into white flowers

Look at the pink bottle in the red shelf
I have preserved them for my poetry
The key to the bottle is inaccessible to others
As it is protected in my scarlet box of waves
Those pleasure and pains in a tiny bouquet
This morning only I opened the bottle
And to my blue shiver found this line
Poetry is two handfuls of grapevine

handful,  hyacinth.

Author: Probir Gupta
Date: 31/05/2018