Poems about ice


№ 1208133

Stranded in Ice


What did they see?
They felt disbelief.
What didn't they know?
My clearness was shown.

What didn't they see?
A world beyond their peaks.
What I could have owned,
That struck them unknown?

What I've failed to see;
What they've failed to believe.
They brought forth their ignorance,
Bestowed upon me.

Motionless, I lay.
Surrounded by ghosts of ice.
Spiritless, I venture.
And cleverness,
I display.

ice,  stranded.

Author: Beleif
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207794


Like falling into a pool of ice
The sudden shock is overwhelming
The sharp needle like stinging
Constantly getting tighter
Closing tight like locked jaw
Clenched fist, gripping air
You are my winter water
You make me go so still
I almost don't exist
*I almost do not even exist


Author: authentic
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207565


"Are you sure you should be eating that ice-cream? You did have a big dinner, didn't you? ”

You say this and suddenly I am a child again,
Buck naked in my front yard running from the sprinkler systems
Depending on others to put my clothes on for me, to plan my meals for me, to decide who I am for me

You say this and suddenly I am woman,
Buck naked in my bath room pinching at my love handles and wondering where it came from and giggling because I know
(it was the ice-cream, wasn't it? )
Giggling because I know
I am beautiful

My ice-cream is melting and you sit there staring at me and I sit here wondering how the hell you got in my house, how the hell you got in my head, how the hell you got in my heart when you have no business

Anywhere near me

You leave
Sticky and sweet
With chocolate running down your cheek

You were right,
I didn't need that ice-cream anyways

cream,  ice.

Author: Amanda Helm
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1204180

The Ice Opera

The noise murmurs
Like an opera singer
Throat spiraling into
Symphonies piercingly raw and loud
Captured by her grief
This opera singer strums
The strings of her vocal chords
Into the ferocious howl of the wind
Encased from the glance of heavens
As the tears weep from her opaque eyes
Far away, her fingers may never scrape
The last little bit of what belonged to her
She screams and wails
Beating her pale knuckles
Into the dimples of her shrunken breasts
They once were elements of life and beauty
Of fertility sprung forth within the intimacy of dawn
Yet the years have droned on
And have shaven the marble clarity
Of her beautiful, beautiful skin

Now, now this opera singer
She forever sits idle from the lime light
And watch sorrowfully as the whiteness
Eradicate from her very existence
The marvelous glaciers which rose
With guild and pride
Virgin from the spoils of greed
Her skin was once a city of ice towers
So sublime in its own untouched beauty

Now, now she crumbles under her own weight
Her shriveling curves of earthly beauty
Her exposed sheets of molten dribbles
Of melted starry light
The glimmering pebbles of her youth
Now eroded into writhed swarms
Cracking into a million shattered pieces
Like chipped pieces of priceless china
Or glossy surfaces of ancient porcelain
Never to carry the fruits of tomorrow

The opera singer dutifully lays on her back
The stage have surfaced and drowned her skin
And as she sinks under the wretched toxins
Her eyes will forever remain open
Underneath the surface of extinction
And it swarms into her lungs
And scathe the dutiful orchestra
Of her beautiful, beautiful voice
The remnants of her purity
Bubbles upwards,
Floating, far away,
As she dies, slowly
And echoes

ice,  opera.

Author: Eriko
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1201679


Things of ice that only appear in winter.
That is what I am.
Yet, only a splinter.

Never once do I get to see my killer.
The sun, as it penetrates my life.
Others of my kind find this a thriller.

Stuck gazing at the ground.
Though the snow sure is beautiful.
Snow gets to gaze at the sky day to night around.

The best murder weapon, I am called.
My sharp tip ideal.
To melt away after I fall.

It's not my fault.
After winter,
I'm put into that summer vault.

Only to return,
After snow.

Always to follow.
Never to lead.


Author: Sydney Adams Phillips
Date: 30/03/2020

№ 1201424

A Day With The Ice Castles

Fresh was the morning atop the snowcaps lain,
Like crystal specks shimmering in the golden sun,
And tethered within the thick rocky-terrain,
It bounced its rays off of the peaks one-by-one,
These fragile ice-castles in their powdery-vale,
-Cradled the impact of the fallen hail.
The sun rippled sparks off the archaic Gneiss,
-Antiquating the gilded pool of beams,
The blooms were encased in a fortress of ice,
Sound asleep in their seasonal dreams,
The land embraced in the arms of father frost,
-Was buried deep and the ivory fields were lost! ©

castles,  day,  ice.

Author: Audrey Bautz
Date: 30/03/2020

№ 1201000

Fire and Ice

Frost spoke,
Of ice, and fire
In apocalyptic prose
Proffering different opinions
Of the earth's demise
If it be fire,
He surmised it was because of the ire
Of raging hearts and unfulfilled desire
Not of splitting atoms and infinite fire
If it be ice
He said that too would suffice
For frozen hearts do not feel the pain
Of millions starving on the blighted plain
Funny, ice has shrunk since Frost's time
But few would argue we are more sublime
For denial and avarice are alive and well
And whether fire or ice, it can still be hell

fire,  ice.

Author: spysgrandson
Date: 29/03/2020

№ 1196038

Ice and Fire

Frozen snowflakes burning my soul
I'm not afraid of cold anymore
You taught me how to be a snow queen
Not a fire girl that I had been
Please don't worry that I'm walking
Barefoot in the snow
Follow me slow
And I'll show
The burning footprints over the ice
I'll keep setting fires in your cold heart
Although it is falling apart
I'm both ice and fire
Freezing the snow to your desire...

fire,  ice.

Author: ef
Date: 25/03/2020