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Inner thoughts

In moments like this my ears burn
I want you to hear this but need you to learn
And If i say it too soon you will reject
But if i subtly drop a hint, you may deflect.

Being true to our humanity and the truth with in
Has proven difficult but well worth it in the end.

I have watched as those around me become more aware
And I have watched my self grow as well.

When you speak of the things which are never let out
They begin to show you a different way.

inner,  thoughts.

Author: Mary Magdalene Queen of Queens
Date: 07/04/2020

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Inner Strength

A flower bending
In the wind doesn't actually
Yield, though it seems so

inner,  strength.

Author: Sarah Michelle
Date: 06/04/2020

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My Inner Kitty

My inner self
Is a small black kitty
With eyes so blue they sparkle
She is energetic and playful
A cute little thing you see

She will pounce on anything she sees
And playfully bite your hands
Mewing loudly
Pretending she is big
And scarry

But don't mess with her
Or she sharp little claws will come out
And MAN oh MAN
Are those things sharp
Her little teeth will feel like needles
If you mess with her

So just remember
Small adorable things
They can pact a punch
They can be deadly

> : -)


inner,  kitty.

Author: Fenix Flight
Date: 06/04/2020

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Inner space

I am thinking that maybe there is no such thing
As outer space,
There are even planets inside our
Made of minerals and
Water. I want to believe that nothing can be empty вАУ
That inner space exists instead,
Gravity exhales
So that the sun and stars will sag above us.

inner,  space.

Author: Sarina
Date: 04/04/2020

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The Inner Black Diamond Slope

The corporate sports shop has erased the swim section with snow sports
And I can't find those jagged ear plugs I like there
Must go back local to where I got half a wet suit
Made by O'Niel, the inventor from my home town
And I remember a friend who was a great skier and even
Better ski bum, and he hung out with Tommy Moe in Wyoming and
He almost put his eye out going down a Black Diamond slope stoned
And maybe that's brave, but I don't think so really because true bravery in
My mind is rarely physical, and most commonly, but perhaps rarely mental
As I see the Christmas shoppers like every year doing the same things and dysfunctional
Families everywhere pretending to get along when they'd rather kill each other
Understanding why, like Freud first tried to show us, in his strange 19th century way
Has led to a situation where everyone could understand why, what really drives them
And so few do, because it is scary and expensive and long term and frustrating and you have to go back
Over and over and realize you are doing the same damn thing over and over and it's worse than
School when you were a kid, when it was just over and over and a teacher blaring at you until
You finally got it and moved on, because that can really happen. You can get it and move
On and you won't need the salve of the alcohol or the forty big screen TVs or endless ballgames
Watched as if they held some kind of key to a special universe and if just one more game, like one more quarter in that slot machine, and what you are really running away from is yourself and your pain.
And I am different, it is true, because that inner journey to understanding is essential to me and
Psychology is amazing, how the mind tries to protect us from ourselves by creating more distraction
When we all have that Black Diamond Slope to go down and it is scary and frustrating
And we may fall but in the end we will understand. And that is the most important thing.

black,  diamond,  inner.

Author: Zulu Samperfas
Date: 03/04/2020

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Orange brick
In evening sun
Dull and warm
And I felt with my fingers
As I passed,

Il silenzio permette
Lo spazio per Dio parli
The Italian monk said
Placing two fingers
To his lips,

I hoed between the plants
In the abbey garden
Sunlight upon me
Like God's blessing,

Smelt incense
With body sweat
And baked loaves
As I stood
In the choir stalls
Before Vespers,

La oracion es
Un acto de amor
Lasalabras no son
St Teresa said
So I read,

I picked up
A handful of earth
And held it
In my palm
And crumbled it
Between finger and thumb
Like some
Ancient conqueror
After battle,

The tall thin monk
Tolled the big bell
Pulling on the rope
With ease
Then releasing it
And grabbing again

Silenzio e spazio
Letting God in
Where once
Was noise and muddle,

Prayer is love
No words needed
A saint said,

Amour et prière
Dom Placid said to me
As we walked
In the cloister
Before Terce,

Interno la pace
As well as outer peace
The monk told me
Harder to obtain
Too much going on

Interius silentium
I stood on the seashore
And watched
The waves come in
Trying to empty of self
But the sea could not
Drive me from me.

inner,  silence.

Author: Terry Collett
Date: 31/03/2020

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The Inner Child (Monotetra)

The inner child has ambitions
To portray those many renditions*
These dreams are as propositions
Lifelong missions, lifelong missions

Reaching beyond the realms of space
Discovering new grounds to trace
All found in a romancer's place
Adult this race, adult this race

Youthful reverie taking flight
Seizing the huge visions of night
An objective that brings such light
*brilliant insight, brilliant insight

child,  inner.

Author: Elizabeth Squires
Date: 29/03/2020

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Finding my inner rapper

Ranked out thug
On drugs
Lovin lady hugs hatin bugs
I smash em
Like a hammer nailin
Combine bailin
Fire line trailin cuz I be sailin
Distant shores
Sunblocked pores
Drinkin Coors
Rollin with the movers
Do her
Then leave in the compost
Heave her on the fence post
Go coast to coast
Roast that ass
Like the muthafukkin
Pot roast
Almost coasted into the trap line
Caught my behind
Shot em from the tree line
Try to unwind
Blowin my mind
Try to find
Some kind
Buds on the street
Beatin calloused feet
Greetin hip grannies
With my fly ass beats
Eatin meat
Shooting to killa
Thrilla the hunt
Act like Ted Nugent
¬АШcept I still be shootin drunk
Listenin to funk
Junky trunk honey smells bunk
And I roll out --

finding,  inner,  rapper.

Author: Sam Temple
Date: 28/03/2020