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№ 1209736

We Live Inside A Prayer

Listen to this prayer
We breathe this
Fragile air
Made of
Care and
If we dare
To reach
The starry night
Then we
Live inside
A prayer

inside,  live,  prayer.

Author: Stu Harley
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1209664

Me inside you

You're here when I wake up
But that's never enough.
I'll never need you
Just listen
There is nothing left to do

I don't have enough heart
Every things great
I'm better with us apart
I think you should leave
It's getting late

When I go to that night
Me alone with all those pills
What I couldn't do you will
You're addicted to the white light

Please let me live
We have nothing left to give
I'm here too
Let us live
I'm inside of you

When I go to that night
You alone with all those pills
What you couldn't do we will
Our addiction to the white light

We kill you
We kill me too
I am you
Who are you
I was never alone with all those pills.
What I couldn't do... we will


Author: kirt
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1209607

Dying Inside

I'm fresh out of emotions; I'm dying inside
Like something crawled through by pores, through my veins, and it died
I'm weak and I'm withering; I'm dead and I'm cold
I'm falling apart, rusting, growing mold
I'm sick and pathetic and bitter and detached
There's an itch inside of me that can never be scratched
I'm broken and hurting-- Far beyond repair
I'm dying inside
*But I really don't care

dying,  inside.

Author: Cameron Godfrey
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208680

The Inside

I talk to you,
This silent conversation,
Talking about loves,
And all the likeings

I listen to you,
Enjoying our conversation,
Laughing when needed,
Smile on my face

You look and see nothing,
Just another friend,
Just another person,
You see nothing in me,
But my story is different,
Hiding in my inner skin

I scream to you,
Explaining everything,
All my feelings,
All my love,
Telling you the truth
Poured out to your knowledge,
Never will you seem to know,
My real wants,
They stay in one place,
Only on the inside.


Author: Max O
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1208213

Ageing from the inside out

I have seen the whites of my eyes turn yellow
The hue of my skin turn grey
The beat of my heart slow,

I have the shakes
And with all my might
I clutch on to the banister
Left foot
Right foot
- watch that hip!

I lose the tug of war with my energy every day
As it gets sucked out of me
By the hoover of life
- its the next generation dyson
Something bloody strong
That never stops
And I don't understand...

I notice the young people
Running and smiling
And not caring
For the future

I look in the mirror
At my teeth
And my bones
My wrinkles
And crinkles
What a crooked, crooked smile

How did I get this old?

ageing,  inside.

Author: Eno
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1208188

Figure Skating: The Truth From Inside

What does figure skating feel like?
Many different things.

You could be flying.
Or swimming.
Or nearly dying.

It's scary.

People watch you and gawk.
The pressure is high.
But so is the reward.

It requires tolerance of pain.
Mental strength.
A lack of sanity.
And a bizarre sense of humor.

You've got to be serious.
But know when to laugh.

You've got to be strong.
And powerful.

But light.
And soft.

You've got to jump high.
But spin low

You've got to be fearless.
But know how to be nervous.

And still get up.

Get hurt.
But never cry.

Be nice.
But get dirty.

Smile and laugh.
But be mature.

Be positive.
And accept criticism.

Take abuse.
But never give it.

All these things are true.

But the one thing people tend to forget about skating:

Amongst the physical pain and mental pressure.
Behind the bruises and broken ankles.
Under the glares and competition.

People always forget to have fun. Skating is supposed to be fun. But despite the unbelievably hard work it requires to have success, without fun, nothing matters.

People try every day.

But all of them will fail.

figure,  inside,  skating,  truth.

Author: Olivebird
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207622

Broken n dead inside

Without U my world is blue
My heart is restricted
My eyes are damp
My joy is gone
I'm a broken disgrace.

You were the light in life
The smile on my face the
Beat of my heart
Now all I hAve is this

Pain to get up and live another day
Sad and depressed in every single way.
Nothing is ever going to be the same
I gave up on life in a way.

My purpose in life is gone
My energy to try isn't there
I don't seem to even remotely care
I haven't even brushed my hair.

I miss you smell
I miss watching you sleep
I miss your laugh
And your cute tiny feet.

Why did I lose control
Why do people offer to help
When the truth is their robbing the innocence of our souls
Signing away their life

I wish I could rewind time
Go back and be more wise
To open my fucking eyes
Only that can't happen
I'm empty inside

I would rather be dead than alive
Being a mommy was the only thing I ever wanted
Now I'm a worthless piece of garbage
Take me out when u take out the trash
I might as well be thrown out on my ass.

I want to
Curl up into a ball
I want to give up on life
And cry... even bawl
Throw everything I own at a wall
Disappear and all.

broken,  dead,  inside.

Author: Anna-Marie Rose
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206993

191: Inside

On the outside I appear with a smile
I will share a joke or two
Never show anger on this face
Carry on with the normal routine

Inside I hide the tears I cry
Never letting out the pain
Keeping all the agony locked away
Afraid to be forgotten once again

On the outside I always carry on
Give friends a shoulder that they need
Try to help others the best that I can
Always ready to give out a helping hand

Inside I keep building this damned wall
If I let you in, I am afraid what you will see
I keep hiding away and carry the weight
I can help you but no one can help me

On the outside I can cover up the scars
Inside they will always still be there
On the outside there is a brave look on my face
Inside it is only another of the masks I wear


Author: Chris Smith Dark Poet Soul
Date: 04/04/2020