Poems about inspiration


№ 1209910


Oh boy, you are a poets wet dream.

Do you know how many teary ink cocktails you are going to create? You are going to be an inspiration, admired by many.

You boy, will be the beauty within every heartbreak.


Author: clairevanya
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1207972

The Door of Inspiration

It's cold and dimly lit, this hall of everyday.
My fingers trace atoms, material and unforgiving.
I pause at the door, inconspicuous, but familiar.
Beneath it myth and whim cast shadows on the floor.
I can smell the gardens of wisdom and lore
And almost believe it a memory.
I don't remember when I lost the key.
Good things are never seen going, but gone.

door,  inspiration.

Author: Steven Hutchison
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207579

Tornado inspiration

Nothing scares me more than inspiration stampeding towards me
I can feel her coming on like lightning bolt
As I sit in the distance eyeing her songs and poems and sonnets and anecdotes
Spiraling with great effort towards me
She has given me a net and a silk floral dress
For she has grown weary in the heavens
Living as idea and essence
Preferring a life of the palpable
To walk amongst the lay of men
To sleep within the threads of a woman
And yet I can only feel the chaos of her wash upon me,
As I throw her net into the great gulp of her eye
And I capture nothing but the pure feeling of
Her wrath in between the seams of my silk dress.

inspiration,  tornado.

Author: topacio
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1202168

The Inspiration

When reading my poems, always keep in mind
That I have a gift with words to tell stories & motivate
Those who've lost hope as well as those who drown in self hate
All of my writings aren't about me, some are confessions or stories
From those who can't speak for themselves but want to share their story
The ability to connect with many just with words is beyond amazing
To save someone from their own personal demons that they're facing
My mission isn't to only tell stories but to educate & inspire strength
Just to prevent another young blessing from seeking an early death
For those who cry at night, afraid of life, or even those who feel underappreciated
I create art of perfection & their inspiration of life is my most beautiful dedication
Sometimes I take trips to different minds to get a glimpse from their perspective
Of the pain they're dealing with & creating happiness is my only objective
I'm just a poet & motivator using a gift to bring together the lost ones
Giving up on themselves feeling as though life is over & they've ran outta options
So if you read a few writings & it's based around depression or sadness
I'm only writing from what I see every day in the midst of all the madness
Doing my best to bring peace to such a cold hearted world of savages
And heartless pretenders who bring down the innocent with huge hearts but unable to manage
It. Traveling thru various journeys as I learn about a world that I've been apart of for so long
Being the glue that holds together my fellow torn hearts who lost inspiration to be strong

- Poetic Venom


Author: Poetic Venxm - Pencasso
Date: 30/03/2020

№ 1201787


He cannot fly
He cannot hop
He cannot run at all
But you should see,
The way he goes,
Slowly up the wall.

He cannot skip,
Or race about.
He has one way to go,
And as I watched him,
I must say,
He's good at going slow.


Author: Charlie
Date: 30/03/2020

№ 1197510

Fishing for Inspiration

Poetry is like fishing:
You cast your thoughts,
Onto your inspiration,
And hopefully something,
Will bite.

fishing,  inspiration.

Author: Jack Jenkins
Date: 26/03/2020

№ 1192218

Loss of inspiration

In the act of pushing words from
I've seemed to lose inspiration
I hide my words in
I'll force the readers eyes to run with
Scare them with the
Of my words
Hoping no one notices that (I have nothing to say)
The longest lingering lines
Made merely
To trick
People pleasantly
Into intelligent interactions

inspiration,  loss.

Author: taylor roff
Date: 21/03/2020

№ 1191138

An Inspiration Sunrise

The words float wonderfully across the open meadows of dew,
Transforming after each bounce, every green blade aiding the future tense.

Where is she?
The words sing gleefully as they play in the morning sun greeting the new,
Creating in a birds mind for the angels always have wings, their hearts immense.

We have found her!
How is she?
The words dance around her aura, admiring the warmth of the fog, the breath of two,
Imagining only a walking stick next to foot prints, compassionately using sixth sense.

Well, what do you think?
I quite like the sound of her!
Who is she?
The words visit my throat shakra, my hot blood pumps connecting, trusting in you,
Rebirthing poetic love, Meditating towards the peaceful calming lavender incense.

She reminds of someone I know, or knew...
Wow, does she remind you of tink?
We should all be together!
But will she?
The words kiss me good bye, twinkling in my blue eyes, and I bid them adieu,
Reharnessing my self worth, becoming a readied spirit warrior, taking on the intense.

inspiration,  sunrise.

Author: Harly Coward
Date: 20/03/2020