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№ 1205563

Early Morning Bottle Jam

Despite the right to spite the far away
Of only what I know is nothing as a word
Only what I know is everything as a meaning
Hardcore porn in this early morn
Hardcore love of that metal music

ENOUGH OF THIS (will make you crazy)
Heterosinea contractual echinacea of aviary actual sack attack
FLACK BOMbardment of horse willed ensnarement
Wiley wicker writhing in illness

Loose found youtube through fool rude nudes
Useful contraptions trap attraction for creative adoration and many more "things"

bottle,  early,  jam,  morning.

Author: Gabriel Peter Green
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1188881

Cream Tea, Scones & Jam

Typical English poet,
Thats me, sensual,
Sophisticated and skint

© Pagan Paul (2017)

amp,  cream,  jam,  scones,  tea.

Author: Pagan Paul
Date: 18/03/2020

№ 1176530

Jam Packed

My mind is an awfully large place
Though its all crammed up
Sorry, there's no more rental space
You see...
Dreams are so mashed up in the drawers
Stashed in battered stacks beneath the floors
Pouring through wooden slats in the doors
Inspiration never stops pouring in
Even though I keep stuffing it into every jar and tin
On containers I am starting to run quite thin
I could store you away with all the other me's
All of the future people that I might be
But you'll be trampled eventually
I will never store you by the right edge
For that is a very treacherous and sly ledge
And there, darkness does hedge
You see now that there is no more room
But that's just for today
So come back soon

jam,  packed.

Author: Dead Lock
Date: 07/03/2020

№ 1169452

Raspberry jam and buttered toast

Its still too cold around but,
The warmth of buttered toast
Resting between my thenar space
And taste of raspberry jam,
Allow me to forget this.
This wasn't always so.
Butter repulsed my heart and
Raspberries were meant for bleeding over.
Toast would only burn and the trinity would never meet.
Until the day i needed warmth i could hold,
Until the day i needed warmth i could feel,
And have within my opposable apish grasp.

buttered,  jam,  raspberry,  toast.

Author: mehh
Date: 01/03/2020

№ 1150751

If clouds are jam

If clouds are jam
The sky is toast
And I a little breadcrumb lost.
So dry is life on this cold plate,
No richness melting in my fate.
How different for those up on the grill,
I long to feel the heat but still
Have courage, faith and soldier on;
When crunch-time comes, they'll be first gone.

clouds,  jam.

Author: Harry Cantrell
Date: 13/02/2020

№ 1143427

Just another creative traffic jam

Colliding in silence, bending, breaking in the rush
Bumper to bumper, riding, suffocating in the crush

Some lines go on for miles, a highway of broken bits
On the shoulder find the piles, toll, of my fractured wits

Wreckage a dark reminder, of the path from there to here
No fees for the finder, never any words or thoughts that clear

Backed up and out of memory, so easy to discard
Emptying my armory, a muting of, my muse and bard

creative,  jam,  traffic.

Author: Temporal Fugue
Date: 06/02/2020

№ 1142202

Jam oh Jam

Homemade mango jam lies flat and still on the corner of my partially eaten toast,
It lingers on its crumb covered bright white plate,
Lusting to receive, one more bite,
It lies awkwardly there,
Not knowing why he stopped eating it,
Perhaps he got full or it just became too sweet like a honey sweet spread,
Or perhaps he was distracted by something,
Something else sweet, as morning birds hopping daintily on the back porch,
Pecking softly at the soft red wood, beneath their small feet,
Outside the glass door he stares and towards him the toast is staring,
Wondering, lingering, for more.


Author: Tyler James Birabent
Date: 05/02/2020

№ 1129214

DC Traffic Jam

Its 8: 30 in the AM
The Corn Moon
Is being routed by a
Manassas cloud bank

NPR be barking
Irma this, Irma that
My tremblin Rav4
Stuck in the rush
Is idling behind
A pair of gray hairs
Leaded premium
Out the back
Of a big old black Buick
Sportin Florida tags

Inching north up I95
I'm relieved to be
A thousand miles
Ahead of the
Monstrous bitch
Denuding Barbuda
Deflowering the
Virgin Islands
And threatening to topple
The last vestiges of
Castro's Dynasty
By disrupting upscale
Bourgeois markets
For cafe Cubanos,
Cool Cohibas and
Bold Bolivars

She's a CAT 5
Spinning catastrophe
Churning through
The Florida straits
Bending steel framed
Golden Arches
Shaking the tiki shacks
Gobbling lives
Defiling tropical dreams

The best
Meteorological minds
On the Weather Channel
Plug the Euro model
To plot a choreography
Of Irma's cyclonic sashay

They predict she'll
Strut her stuff
Up a runway
That perfectly
Dissects the
Sunshine State
The topography
Venting carnage
Like battalions of
Badly behaved frat boys,
Schools of guys gone wild
Sophomores, wreaking havoc
During a Daytona Beach
Spring break
Droolin over titties
Popping woodies at
Wet tee shirt contests
Urinating on doorstoops
Puking into Igloo Coolers
And breaking their necks
From ill advised
Second floor leaps
Into the shallow end
Of Motel 6 pools

But I'm rolling north
Into the secure
Arms of a benign
Mid Atlantic Summer
Like other refugees,
My trunk is
Filled with baggage
Of fear and worry
If there're be anything
Left to return to
Once Irma
Has spent herself
With one last
Furious hump
Against the
Chattanooga Bluffs of
Lookout Mountain

Morning Edition
Is yodeling a common
Seasonal refrain
The gubmint is
Just about outta cash
Congress needs to
Increase the debt limit

My oh my,
Has the worm turned
During the Obama years
The GOP put us through a
Teabag inspired nightmare
Gubmint shutdowns
And sequestration
Shaved 15 points
Off every war profiteers vig
It gave a well earned
Long overdue
Take the rest of the week off
Unpaid vacation
To non essential
Gubmint workers
While a cadre of
Wheelchair bound
Greatest Generation
Military vets get
Locked out of the
WWII Memorial on the
National Mall

This time around
Its different
We have an Orange Hair
In the office and there's
Some hyper sensitivity
To raise the debt ceiling
Given that Harvey
Has yet to fully
Drain from the
Houston bayous

The colossal cleanup
From that thrice in a
Millennial lifetime storm
Has garnered bipartisan support
To clean up the wreckage
Left behind by a
Badly behaved
One star BnB lodger
Who took a week
Long leak into the
Delicate bayous of
Southeast Texas

Yet we are infused
With optimism that our
Caucasian president
And his GOP grovelers
Now mustered
To the Oval Office
Will slow tango
With the flummoxed
No answer Dems
To get the job done

Pigs do fly in DC
Ryan and McConnell
Double date with
Pelosi and Schumer
Get to heavy pettin
From front row seats
Beholding droll
Celebrity Apprentice

The Donald, Nancy and Chuck
Slip the room for a little
Menage au trois side action
Transforming Mitch and Paul
Into vacillating voyeurs
Who start jerking their dongs
While POTUS, and his
New found friends
Get busy workin
The art of a deal

Rush hour peaks
Static traffic grows
In concert with
A swelling
Frenetic angst
Driving drivers
To madness
They won't
Get paid if
The debt ceiling
Don't rise
They honk horns
Rev engines
Thumb iPhones
And sing out
Primal screams

Unmindful drivers
Piloting Little Hondas
Bump cheap Beamers
Start a game of
Bumper cars
Dartin in and out
Of temporary gaps
Uncovered by the
Spastic fits and starts
Of temporary
Ebbs and flows

A $12 EZ Pass
Gambit is offered
The fast lane
On ramp
Has few takers
Just another
Pick your pocket
Gubmint scheme
Two express lanes
Lie vacant
While three lanes of
Non premium roadway
Boast bumper to bumper
Wasted fuel
Declining productivity
The wisdom of
The invisible hand doesn't
Seem to be working

DOJ bureaucrats
In Camrys and Focuses
Dial the office
To let somebody
Know they'll
Be tardy

Gubmint contractors in
Silver Mercedes begin
Jubilantly honking horns
NPR has just announced that
Pelosi and Schumer
Joined the Orange team
The rise in the debt ceiling
Will nullify their 15%
Sequestration pay cut

NPR reports the
National Cathedral will
Deconsecrate two hallowed
Stained glass windows of
Rebel generals R E Lee
And Stonewall Jackson
It's a terrible shame that
The Episcopal Church
Will turn its back on the
Rich Dixie WASPS
Who commissioned these
Installations to commemorate
The church's complicity
In sanctifying the
Institution of slavery,

As I ponder
This Anglican
Conundrum another
Object arrests my
Streaming consciousness
Upsetting an attention span
Shorter and less deep
Than the patch of oil
Disappearing under the front
Of the RAV as I thunder by
At 5 MPH

To the left I eye a
Funny looking building
Standing at attention
Next to a Bob Evans

I'm convinced
Its gotta be CIA
A 15 story
Gubmint minaret
A listening post
Wired to intercept
Mobile digital
From crawling traffic
Inching along
Beneath its feet

This thinking node
Pulsing with
Reeking with
The tautological
Guarantees the
Stasis of our
National consciousness

Strategically positioned to
Tune into the
Intractable Zeitgeist
Culling meta code
Planting data points
In Big Data
Data farms
Running algos
To discern bits
Of intelligence
Endeavoring to reveal
Future shock trends
Knows nothing
Reveals less

The buildings cover
Is its acute
Gray steel frame
Silver tinted glass
Multiple wireless antennas
Black rimmed windows
Boldly proclaim
Any data entering
This cheerless edifice
Must abandon all hope
Of ever being framed
In a non duplicitous
Non self serving sentence

The gray obelisk a
National security citidel
Refracts the
Fear and loathing
The sprawling
Global anxiety
Our civilization's
Playing out
In the captive
Soft parade
Ambling along
The freeway jam
At its stoop

Moning Edition jingle
Follows urgent report of
FEMA scamblin assets
Arbitraging Harvey and Irma
Triaging two
Tropical storm tragedies
And a third girl
Just named Maria
Pushed off the Canaries
And is on its way to a
Puerto Rico

Gubmint bureaucrats
Anxiously push on
To their soulless offices
The rush hour jam
Has peaked
Is having a
Nervous breakdown

Next lane over
A guy in a gold PT Cruiser
Is banging on his steering wheel
Don't think this unessential worker
Will win September's
Civil servant of the month award

Ex Military
K Street defectors
Slamming big civie
Getting six mpg
Lobby for a larger
Of mercenary dollars
For Blackwater's
Global war on terror

Prius Hybrids
Silently roll on
Politely driven by
EPA Hangers On
Hoping to save
A bit of the planet
From an Agency Director
Intent on the agency's
The third 500 year hurricane
Of the season
Is of no consequence

GMC Jimmy's
Are manned by
Steve Mnunchin
The frugal
Treasury dept
Ledger keepers
Pour good money after bad
To keep the national debt
And there clanking
Jalopies working

Driving Malibus
DOL stalwarts
Stickin with the Union
Give biz to GMC

Nice lookin chicks
Young coed interns
With big daddy doners
Fix their faces and
Come to work
Whenever they want

My ass is killing me
I squirm in my seat
To relieve my aching sacroiliac
And begin to wonder if my name
Will appear on some
Computer printout today?
Can't afford an IRS audit
Maybe my house will
Be claimed by some
Eminent domaine landgrab?
Perhaps NSA
May come calling,
Why did I sign that
Save The Whales
Facebook Petition?

The EZ Pass lane
Is movin real easy
Mocking the gridlock
That goes all the way
To Baltimore
A bifurcated Amerika
Is an exhaust spewing
Standing condemnation
To small “R”

Glint from windshields
Is blinding
My butt is hurtin and
Gettin back to Jersey
Gunna take a while
GPS recalcs arrival time

An intrepid Lyft driver
Feints and dodges
Into the traffic gaps
Drivin the shoulder
Urging his way to the
Ronnie Reagan International
I'm sure
Gettin heat from
A backseat fare
That shoulda pinged
An hour earlier

Irma creeps
Toward the Florida Keys
Faster then the
Glacial jam
Befuddling congress

I think I just spotted
Teabag Patriot
Grover Norquist
Manning a rampart
Bestriding a highway overpass
He's got a clipboard in hand
Checking the boxes
Counting cars
Taking names
Who's late?
Who's unessential?

Whatta jam we're in

Music Selection:
Jeff Beck: Freeway Jam


dc,  jam,  traffic.

Author: James Bradley McCallum
Date: 24/01/2020