Poems about jeans



Blue Jeans

You remind me of my favorite pair of old blue jeans.

I wanted to wear them every single second, just like I wanted to be with you.

But one day...

One day, they stopped firing me
I had to say goodbye.

blue,  jeans.

Author: blklvndr
Date: 04/04/2020


Jeans and genes

She talks like ‘finally got up to 103' and
I'm like, c'mon, girl, keep eating, you aren't as healthy as you should be, and
He talks like ‘back 60
Pounds ago' and
I'm like, dude, rad, just keep eating healthy.
But like,
There's this sick sort of jealousy.
I mean, she's guilty when she's too small for her jeans while
I'm guilty when I wish it was me
See, sometimes I try starving,
Just to see...

I don't have an eating disorder:
Ask my mother,
I just have a small appetite.
And I don't need therapy,
Because it's scratches not scars that cover me.
I'm not a cutter but pass me a lighter—
I don't like razors but I do play with fire,
And I'd like to burn these thoughts and watch the smoke drift
Until the sky opens up and swallows me,
Like I swallow more pills than necessary.
The painkillers keep my nerves numb and dead,
But do nothing for the bundles of nerves in my head.
I want to be empty.
I want to be emptier physically
Than the emptiness of my mentality.
I'm starving
In my head,
Because physically I'm doing just fine.
I'm walking the line
Between average
And a little less
And a little less
And a little less.
I'm misery at its best because
Its best is nothing, and I
Am nothing.
(Or at least,
I wish to be. )

genes,  jeans.

Author: jack of spades
Date: 31/03/2020


Blue Jeans

I dropped my pocket four days ago
I hardly noticed at the time
But when I went to find your note
I found it had been left behind

Along with every untossed penny
And clumps of tissue and twine
Although in truth it was no great pocket
Somehow I'd lost all that was mine

blue,  jeans.

Author: Black Cat Shining
Date: 31/03/2020


Wet Jeans

You're like a necessary drug
Repeatedly pumping in my veins
Occupying your borrowed space
I embrace, I cage myself within
Vowing never to drift out & in
After the moment with you
Stepping on your toes
My feet are dizzily heaving
Squeaky clean denim jeans
Become filthy wet strings
Even though I aim to please
I just mess up these things

jeans,  wet.

Author: K G
Date: 19/03/2020


Blue jeans

Got addiction and crazy from ma side of kin

Pa didn't offer much

Except a bad temper and bad skin

blue,  jeans.

Author: ZinaLisha
Date: 13/03/2020


Patchwork Jeans in Dirty Water

When you patch up my jeans
You forget the holes
Complete me.
I need the quality of experience;
Forgetting those rips, and tears,
And holes
In their
Is forgetting me.

When you wash through the denim,
You cause friction.
When you remove loose threads like stitches,
It hurts.
The truth is—
I need the grime,
I really need the grime.
When you take it away
You take away the chance for me
To grieve
As life topples over
Overwhelmingly like
A full sink of dirty
Water without a

I snatch those jeans from the dirt-stained sink,
While they're damp and not yet soaked,
For I need to feel
Every acidic drop
Of disappointment, of courage,
Of catastrophe.
I need to hurt sometimes,
So don't forget me
Don't forget me as I've remembered myself.

jeans,  patchwork,  water.

Author: Bri Neves
Date: 07/03/2020


White Jeans And A Smile

White Jeans And A Smile

White jeans and a smile
Slowly walked my way
And from that moment
My life began to change

We sat and talked awhile
Of the lives that we both lived
I hoped that I had passed her test
And her heart to me she'd give

I asked if she would take a ride
To let me lead the way
Wanted her to trust me
And never be afraid

She wrapped her arms around me
I made sure to take things slow
Put my hand on top of hers
Felt a love I've never known

She is the girl of my dreams
I hope inside she knows
The love I feel deep within
And how each day it grows

White Jeans and a smile
Slowly walked my way
And from that moment
My life began to change

For Haedy

Poem by:
Carl Joseph Roberts

jeans,  smile,  white.

Author: Carl Joseph Roberts
Date: 05/03/2020


Old Jeans

I envy her.
I'd write that
She changes lovers
As often as her clothes,
But I've seen her
Hold on to clothes
Much longer.

I envy her.
She knows love
Straight out of
A Vogue editorial.
The kind where models
Wear only jeans
And seduce each other
With their polished,
Photoshopped beauty
And heroin eyes.

Then you see
The same models
Somewhere else,
Seducing some other model,
And wonder
How their brains
Can keep up
The oxytocin

I envy her.

My lover and I,
We're full of holes,
Like my father's
Light blue Levi's
From the eighties.

I don't envy her.
We're full of holes,
My love and I,
But full of patches
Because a good pair of jeans
Are worth mending
When they fit you
Like a glove.


Author: Beau Grey
Date: 09/02/2020