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Precious Messiah/God/Jesus, whatever you desire

Are you the Lover, the one who will give me a kiss goodnight
The One who lays beside me through a restless night
The One who answers all my questions?

Did you see me fall to my knees, in the gutter?

Where were you when I asked you
'Why is the sky blue? What happens when
We die? '
'What happens when they die? '

Did you answer... ?

I didn't hear your claim to glory
I was lost in all the gore,
And drowned in the story...

I love the way you lied to me
I can't get enough of your bullshit
But that's not it.

I just have to ask
One more thing

Why did you bring unending suffering, to me?
How come I can't see beyond the veil of grief
And why are we just a part of a whole, and
For the record, why did you never give me
The answer?

desire,  god,  jesus,  messiah,  precious.

Author: Helen
Date: 07/04/2020


What Love In Jesus

What love, what power
What goodness and mercy
What hope does this world have
In the love of Jesus
What majesty in the way
Of our Saviour
The glory that reaches out
Throughout this world
With the wonder of Jesus
Forever He is the only
Greatness in love He stands
The love we see, the wonders
The beauty that is in this world
To behold and to claim as a gift
From our Father
What love, what hope in the promise
We have in the name of Jesus
What joy fills the hearts that are broken
In need of redemption and forgiveness
As well
What covers this world with a purity
With power to keep and restore us forever
What love we have in the name of Jesus
He is the only God of our souls

By: Leona Chaput

jesus,  love.

Author: leona chaput
Date: 04/04/2020


Jesus Knows

Looking into the souls of our lives
Holding us gently with love to
What ever there is that is hurting
The storms that are in the places
We don't like
Is a tribute to Jesus
Jesus knows, He knows more
Than we do
Jesus is power to claim the
In majesty and awesome glory
He claims the way of healing
To shine in us
Jesus knows, He knows
He cares to heal us
Being our savior, the
Hopes for all ages
Walking besides us
To be our helper
When we call on His name
Jesus, Jesus knows
He knows the answer
The longing deep inside of us
He is the power to conquer
To bring peace and to love us
For all eternity
Jesus, Jesus knows
More than we know
He's helping us
Through every storm
Through steep and deep valleys
He's with us and He knows
What we need to claim
His victory

By: Leona Chaput


Author: leona chaput
Date: 04/04/2020


All that was essential in Jesus had to die so I might live

Jesus brought himself to the cross, gasping
It had to be this way
This way, the only way
Because Jesus is the Way.
All that was essential in Jesus had to die
So that in death all that is important to God may live.
Everything that mattered to God
Had to go through the cycle of death
For life to be restored.
They put the crown of thorns on him.
Some crown if it was all thorns.
The jewels were pointy.
Not pointing toward God.
But pointing in God.
Piercing him.
Releasing the blood that was ignoring by the whippings.
And the beatings by man's hands.
These rough men called on the sharpness of a tree.
The Word says he was pierced for us
But why God does it have to be so much?

Then he had to shoulder the cross
Up to where he would die.
Like a soldier carries a gun.
Only this weapon would kill the God of War.
Pierced by men who simply do battle.
God was stabbed by nails, thorns, and spears
To win the only conflict that matters.
He arrived and they put him on the cross
With nails
Or more accurately, spikes
The little nails used for housework would not do.
When God was the one about to clean house.
They were spikes that went into his arms.
And in his legs.
No part of his body was left unpierced.
The Word says he was wounded for us
But his body was now all gaping wound.
Why God did it have to be so?

Then the Roman soldier passed by.
The one to make sure the Christ was dead.
He put his spear into his side.
Other stories told of how gods were inflicted pain.
This soldier actually did it
By God's consent
With God's approval
Because God wanted mankind to be free.
It was better for Christ to be pierced and wounded
Than for mankind to be enslaved and tormented.
So when Christ told Thomas to touch his side
And feel the nails in his hands
The Son of Man who was all wound
And the eternal sacrifice
Became my healing salvation
Christ conquered the affliction
That stood in the way between me and my Father.
So as Christ's side was torn
The veil was torn as well
And I am free.

die,  essential,  jesus,  live.

Author: Michael Kusi
Date: 02/04/2020


Jesus freakin'

(gnarly guitar riff)

Here I am again, Jesus freakin'
Are you ready, or still seekin'
Can I talk? Call your bluff?
Do you love the world?
Had enough?

I saw a man on the corner of the street
With a sandwich board
From his head to his feet
REPENT! it said, as he did bray
His face was lined, his hair was grey
People threw eggs into the fray
He continued his say
He began to PRAY

Lord, please forgive them
For what they do...
They don't know Christ
They don't know You
They are blindly going through
They think they're right
But it's not TRUE

I was there waitin' for the bus
There wasn't much for us to discuss
I said that I would pray as well
He'd inspired me to speak my tell
My testimony of Jesus Christ
How He literally saved my life...

So I started Jesus freakin'
As I got on the bus I was speakin'
I went to people who would listen
The people who wouldn't were just missin'
I told of mercy, I told of grace
I guess people saw by the light in my face
I said that what I told was true
As I got off the bus I said,


(gnarly guitar riff)*

(C) 1/15/2016

freakin,  jesus.

Author: SøułSurvivør
Date: 01/04/2020


Jesus hasn't smoked since the 50s

And i guess,
That there is something more to this,
That we are all a cog in this machine,
And I am a good person with good intentions and good breath

And i guess,
That we all have some kind of purpose,
When I die, I will really, really become something,
And I'm a special little snowflake that'll never, ever melt

Forget about global warming, friends, 'cause that's just unpleasant!

Come on, tell me
How's the weather? How's your girlfriend? How many likes did you get?

Oh come on, life's not so bad!
Believe me, you're not alone!
OH! Jesus loves you! OH! Jesus loves you!

I wish you'd stop smoking cigarettes
You know what they can do

Oh come on,
You know how the news upsets me!
Read: Let's just pretend like they aren't real people
Oh come on, that's not fair.

Let's blame the government!
But then again, we are so blessed, we are so-o-o blessed!

All these causes! All these diseases! All these horrible disasters!
Too much to keep track of! I can't be bothered, I simply can't be bothered!
I am a very busy person with a very stressful life, and I can't be bothered!

Did I tell you? My doctor put me on another set of pills last week, but they're making me gain weight. I've gotta change them again. God damn him. Fucking idiot! Doesn't he know? I am a very important person with a very busy life! I can't be bothered!

And I'm a special little snowflake that'll never, ever melt

And i guess,
That I should listen to my mother
And I should stop smoking cigarettes
'cause Jesus loves me
And it makes him oh-so-sad

jesus,  smoked,  t.

Author: Plain Jane Glory
Date: 01/04/2020


What Jesus said about Mary the prostitute.

Jesus was so humble that He befriended some of the worst, most immoral people. He came not to associate with society's highest class, but to heal the most broken, most confused: our outcasts.

What He said about her to a man of high standing, "I am not ashamed of her. She may be filthy, dirt on her hands, but the love she gives is my joy. I've always known her and she is not who you think she is. She is not even who she thinks she is-a hopeless wreck, unfixable mess. She is meant to be so pure it would blind you to see and she is not lost yet. I'm about to buy back all that she has squandered. It doesn't matter to me how great the debt she owes. I forgive it freely because I came to make the sick well again. "

jesus,  mary.

Author: peacepeddler
Date: 01/04/2020


Her Blue Plastic Jesus

Like a young schoolgirl she flirts with the orderlies,
Skid resistant yellow stockings swinging beneath
Her wheelchair. Yellow defines the wackiest of the bunch.

She scooches across the room,
Strapped in like a child in a car seat,
Her socks providing excellent traction
On the shiny grey linoleum.

To see her this way is a bit shocking,
She speaks in a child's voice,
Like a little girl at play,

Its such a strange sensation,
It reminds me of the time in the seventh grade
When Mr. Coster told us about the ghosts
In Sunnybrook's basement,
I find myself questioning reality,
Looking for ways not to believe.

At first she wants to pray,
And while our heads are bowed
She talks directly to Jesus, “there you are! ”
She says, “and what a pretty blue sash you have on! ”,
I steal a peak at the door
To see if Christ is there.

Next she wants to sing, and away she goes
While the girls join in....

The doctors say she'll never again be who she was,
The mini strokes have done away with her.
I quietly concur and tell myself its not so bad
To see her this happy.

But within a week they move her to long term care
And all hell breaks loose.

€I want to divorce your father! ”, she snaps,
€I'm tired of his shit”.
But when he comes to visit she purrs like a kitten
About undying love and how she'll only be happy
When she dies in his arms.

The reality of her dysfunction
Has never been more evident.

My whole life is a byproduct of her chaos.

Her eyes begin to take on
The wild look of a crazed dog,
She slips me notes and whispers strange things,
Like she's being watched and needs to be careful
About speaking too loudly,

I desperately try to make sense
Of what it is she's saying
But I'm completely distracted by
The lady across the table
With the television remote control
In her mouth, clamping down firmly
As if it's a candy bar.

Mother goes on and on about
A job offer she's received,
An offer to teach a sewing class,
She'll need some good quality shoes
If she's to be on her feet all day,
And maybe a few new blouses,
And oh how she's tired of pajamas.
Next she's on to requests for crayons
And batteries, a new mattress, more light...

She mumbles now.
Stream of consciousness shit.
She's crying more as well.
Heaving sobs rack her body
As she bounces up and down,
Hands across her face in an
Over-dramatic display of despair.

Its my last evening with her.
I'll be leaving shortly.
She's not in her chair by the window.
I find her in her room lying in the dark.
I sit on the edge of the bed and touch her forehead.

She opens her eyes but does not see me.
She is still and silent and I notice she is clutching
The blue plastic Jesus I gave her, two inches tall
With arms outstretched and the message “HOPE”
Scripted on the base.

I begin to stroke her hair, long, gentle strokes
And she sighs, A long broken sigh like
One might give after a good cry.
I half expect her to put
Her thumb in her mouth.

Instead she lies silent holding her Jesus
While I wonder if the blue is the same blue as
The sash of the robe he wore the week before
When she was happy.

It's a heavy moment for me because I know
That I am giving her what she could never give,
That nurturing touch that says its gonna be ok,
The reassurance that though afraid, you don't have
To be alone, and the full and complete knowledge
That you are loved.

I wish she would say that she wished
She would have been a better mother,
A loving mother, but she cannot because
She is on a rocket ship to outer space
And I know this,
And its ok.

Though she was incapable of
Loving me as a small boy
She became able in later years
To light a spark in me for Jesus.

A spark that would grow into
A burning flame of comfort in troubling times,
A flame that would do more for me
Than any mother's touch,
At least that's what I'd like to think.

A flame that would ultimately
Teach me how to love
In spite of never being loved.

A flame that is empowering me
To stroke her hair and give comfort to
A mother who never loved me
The way I needed to be loved,

The way Jesus loves me,
With his arms wide open and his light blue sash,
Standing over the letters H O P E...

I get up to go
And see that she is now sleeping.
I watch Jesus slip from her fingers
And fall to the floor,
Watch him bounce a time or two then
Disappear beneath the bed,
Like when you drop a coin from your dresser,
And it ends up out of reach.

I leave her room wondering
If I'll ever see her again.

I step out into the night and go home.

blue,  jesus,  plastic.

Author: v V v
Date: 31/03/2020