Poems about kind


№ 1209493

My Kind of Control

I am the dominatrix who doesn't want to have to tell you what to do
I expect you to already know what I want

control,  kind.

Author: Krista DelleFemine
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1207311

It Kind Of Snuck Up On Me

I was sitting in my pyjamas staring at the wall behind the television,
The cars were whooshing by on the boulevard,
The dog was on the corner of the couch snoring like a sailor,
A bird was singing,
The sun came out,
I thought to myself that I had to clean the house before the kids came over,
That I should go upstairs, get washed and dressed,
I thought of you then for the hundredth time this morning,
Glanced over at the mail unopened on the counter,
And as I leaned forward to stand I realized quite suddenly,
With all my heart,
I love you.

kind,  snuck.

Author: joeblow
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1207270

A Different Kind of Boy

I am not the kind of boy who fits the mould of it's social stereotype:
Does sport
Perving on girls
Has the tendency to treat girls like a piece of meat

No, that isn't me.
I never liked sport.
I was a boy who didn't like to watch or play with Action man or Power Rangers,
Instead I was the kind of boy who would tell his friends that he was going to football club,
When in fact I was going to dance club.
At school I studied dance.
"What lesson do you have next, Lew? "

As the school year rolled on it was revealed,
When I had to perform in front of the whole school,

After that I rolled with the punches:

It angered me that because I didn't stick with the 'traditional' ideology of a boy I was an outcast,
Labelled with a stereotype that also didn't fit me.

I like Lady Gaga
In fact, I adore her.
Because I support the LGBT community I am misunderstood as a person.

To this day I struggle to overcome constant attack of prejudice and disrespect that people show me,
I struggle to hold on to that last thread of self confidence.
I don't dance any more. I am too scared to try it again
I don't tell people that I listen to Gaga and Lana Del Rey. They'll laugh at me
Whenever I say I like a girl people think it's a lie

**All of this because I am a different kind of boy.

boy,  kind.

Author: LJ Chaplin
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1204842

My Kind Of Summer

Singing with the windows down,
Hair getting whipped around by the breeze swirling around me,
Engulfing me,
Taking me in as its own.

The bright blue green water of the ocean,
Crashing into white surf on the shoreline,
Daring me to fall in time with the waves,
To explore what lies beneath its glassy shell.

Bonfire at night,
Just being with everyone around me,
Sneaking off,
Secret kisses,
Hoping and praying that we'd always feel this way.

Summer changes people,
Makes them better,
Makes life better.

As my hair gets lighter,
Skin gets darker,
Days get longer,
And life gets better...

That's my kind of summer.

kind,  summer.

Author: Raven Black
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1203608

It just kind of happened

My legs they hurt.
The pain's in my knees.
Could you bring me a scotch
And my cigarettes please.

Now tell me a story.
One I've not heard.
Perhaps your life.
Spare not a word.

Tell me your sorrow.
Speak of your dreams.
Of soft Sunday mornings.
Or crystal clear streams.

I'm here for you now.
Not always I'll be.
So tell us a secret.
It'll die with me.

happened,  kind.

Author: Jamison Bell
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1203386

Two of a Kind

With a baby giggle
And a shaky dawdle
The toddler advances
As with a dry cackle
And senile posture
A senior citizen true
Stretches an arm out
To meet his soul mate
The two are helpless
Against technology


Author: david mungoshi
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1203353

The kind heart that the world hates

I am the kind heart,
The one who hurts if anyone else is in pain.
The one who hardly gets anything in return,
For the entirety of her heart and soul she gave.

The one who, people seem to pass over.
Yet is always there for everyone else.
The one who has chosen to just let it all go.
Who lost her reason to fight.

Who lost her reason to live.
Lost everything inside of her heart. \
And her mind goes to quickly that it stalls
And the pain floods through her body.
Its paralyzing and unforgiving.

Its too fuckin much to even begin to think about
When you dont wanna go forward.
When you want to close your eyes and never wake up again

When you're not you
When your worst nightmares come true
Then, even worse when the nightmares of your children are a reality
When the only reason you ever kept going
Is gone

What is there to live for
What is there to believe in

It's all gone.
Andrew hung himself in his closet

Brenton 3 am, may 24

The fuckin train killed my best friend.

Dad tried to light a smoke

He burned his face bad

Mom called me to help

I called 911

Dad died.

Friends left.

Husband cheated.

Lost your job on stress leave.

Took him back.

Got beat up

He cheated again

You lost another home

Your sister calls the cops... lies about you

They want jail time.

Your mother hates you

Your family doesn't give a flying fuck

Not even a distant cousin

Your a useless joke

Cause you just cared

You dont have much at all

And you seem to fuck that up pretty good too

You left him to be happy?

We took your children

Gave them to mom that hates you

Who lets them near the sister who is ruining you

And ignores you.

We took your reason to live

So please just go die in a hole somewhere

And never harass the liars

What do you have

What does it matter

I am nothing

I am no one

I lost my everything

Cause he was too angry

The one time i quit being able to forgive

hates,  heart,  kind.

Author: Ingrid Ohls
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1202244

The Kind That Makes Your Throat Close Up

I want to scream out poetry
That feels like swallowing rocks
When you hear it

close,  kind,  throat.

Author: LittleFreeBird
Date: 31/03/2020