Poems about knees


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Hell bent on our knees

Hell bent


On my knees

It adds up

Do the math,

You had me at


You know

And quoting

Sylvia Plath.

You had me

Up against

The brick

You had me

In the snow,

You had me

Long before we met

That night

Ten years ago.

Abandon ship

Quite recklessly

Abort me

Mission miss,

Falling down



We've fallen

Since that kiss.


The winds have been

But silent was

The storm,

Your eyes

Not arms

Would comfort me

Would keep

My heartstrings


Hell bent

Was i

When wounds were


And hearts

Still young and sore,

Down on

Our knees

With stifled pleas

We don't need


bent,  hell,  knees.

Author: Jo
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1197434

On My Knees, Where The Sparrows Nova

On my knees
Where the sparrows
Nova... and the long, thin
Whiskers of Time
Thumb the fob
Of our dissident
The schoolgirl in your mind
Knitting halos with amethyst
A poor cloud on the veranda
Of our unhappy Manse,
And a quarter moon
To lie

knees,  nova,  sparrows.

Author: Third Eye Candy
Date: 26/03/2020

№ 1193360

Get Off Your Knees

They use your fears
Like I used
The Heroin, the Whisky
And the times alone.

The less you care the
Less there is to fear.

The more I used
The less I thought,
The better I slept,
The more I lost.

I was too far gone to
Properly mourn

And I was too angry and
Aware to fall for
That foolish promise
Of change and hope.

They took the S away
From the
Gods and left you
With only
One alternative.

They pray to Serpents
And you call them saviors.
I wear tattooed images
That prove my awareness.

Add an S to your
Laughter and I'll present
You with the Slaughter.

I'm free of the Dragon
And more aware
Than ever.

It's the arrangement we
Are all apart of but so few
Really know.

The pillars need to
Crumble for us
To start anew.

I'll be the first to light
The fire take my
Place within
The flames.

Whisper sincere goodbyes
To cherished friends
And vengeful enemies.

Then curse the
Wicked Watchers
As they stare and
Watch us burn.


Author: A B Perales
Date: 22/03/2020

№ 1187021

Read the New Poets: Bringing Souls to their Knees to Best See, a sky full of stars

A gift for the poet
A sky full of stars,
Whose poetry, when well read,
Brings, leads,
Souls to their knees
Satisfying with quiet desperation,
Satisfying with noisy aspiration,
Unto the best places poetry,
Can airlift the human soul,
To a sky full of stars

~so many pleasures to pick from:

The summer's first awakening taste of
Comforting cold vanilla in sugar cone
Upon the lips,
Reading Whitman and Poe,
In my sheltered poet's nookery,
Watching my woman chop
Summer fruits, cranberries, berries, mango,
Into the salad of our lives

But one pleasure olden,
Yet evergreen new,
But never aged,
Like the occasional
Pink potpourri sunset of gold bluesy hues,
This ancien accidental tourist stumbling
Smack dab
Into a new poet whose excellence
Force~asks you to say,
While he breathes intake/expels
Noisy airy,

I don't read the words of
This solitary kayaker,
No, I drink till drunk
On mine own tears,
Angry that I'm late to the party,
Once again

Nine poems glorious,
This poets meagerly provides,
Reminding me,
A few master treasures,
Oft outweigh the many

Me, a thousand and more,
Yet struggling to hone
My dulled verbal skills
To take true flight,
Most o'mine, suffocate stillborn
In the torrential waterfalls of
Never ending misleading
Gold plated

Nine (! )
Poems only,
Bring this old soul
To his worn out knees,
In humbling fresh-face humility,
He thanks the muses for
Gift-granting knowledge of a
Blackened velveteen night sky new poet star,
To his eyesight keening,
Sad in the knowing that so many more,
But remain undiscovered

This new poet

"writes a little,
Just soul scribbles mostly
Not wanting to be anybody special,
An evanescent dark star; season's change"

Give me more,
This old man demands,
For each of the nine is a

"single delicate petal cast off,
Like a party dress fallen
In a beautiful mess
Upon the puddled wooden floor"

Her invitation, I accept, I accept
On bent knee eagerly to

"Come swim within this restless silence
The raging river inside beckons

The cadences we hear
Are the heart's untamed waters overflowing,
Eroding this heart's shorelines,
Leaving the thrummed edges wild
Swim within this restless silence
The raging river inside beckons

The cadences we hear
Are the heart's untamed waters overflowing,
Eroding this heart's shorelines,
Leaving the thrummed edges wild"

As always,
I wax too simp,
Too long,
While the new poet waxes
Simply eloquent,
Hard knocking down his old soul
To the ground
With memories
Of days when with first morn blush,
Two three poems,
He provided
To greet the honorable dawn,
After searching the night skies,
For new and
Undiscovered Poems

(for must be a woman, I just know)

"colours this heart's blank pages
Rapt in the poesy a joyous ecstasy... ,
Enrapture with rainbow's candy taste"

best,  bringing,  full,  knees,  poets,  read.

Author: Nat Lipstadt
Date: 17/03/2020

№ 1184828

Fishing the Tree's Knees

Cypress branches hang solemnly
In the early morning stillness,
I feel the polar opposite,
I know the knees of the trees
Hold bass and crappie
Which I am here to catch.

With Texas rigged worms
And with feather-tipped jigs,
I grin with glee at the still water
And make my first cast,
Waiting and salivating
With excited anticipation.

The boat glides silently,
Trolling motor directed,
Ultralight rod, orange and white bobber,
Red and chartreuse jig ready,
Wrist flick sends a ballistic arcing bait.

Landing 4 inches from the cypress knee
The bobber never stops at the surface,
Sinking quickly, I lift the rod, and line runs,
Reeling quickly, to prevent tangling,
I boat a sixteen-inch white crappie,
Hopefully one of many.

fishing,  knees,  tree.

Author: The Fire Burns
Date: 15/03/2020

№ 1181907

On my knees

Push up through me,
Landscape. escape
Inside my body brain. get warm. i am
Warm sometimes.
Warm enough for two or
Ten or eighty one.
Warm enough for one.

Begging does not become me.

Does it become any body?

I love your laugh i love your laugh
Loved to get down and
Crawl into your
Laugh. being blind
By the
Light. breathing
In jazz
Fragments, breathing in fragrance:
Of you, of doorways, of
Columns so big they
Take me to
Mind life.
Daffodil graveyard.
Freedom in essence.

Fuck me, earth.
Fuck me, brick wall and buildings
That are bigger than
My ego
Could ever be.
Fuck me, memory. baby, memory: you fuck me
Hard and hurting.
My hips inner skins be bleeding.
I am bruised beyond reason.
Shadow creature
For a week.
King of ache of
Shaky brains and river eye.

Maybe if you do me again you can send yourself home
And forget about me, memory.

Leave me lone.

I wanna learn new things.

Like land and hooves and my own
Speech patterns. like water.
Upside down under.
Dirt beneath my nails, packed into my toes.
Brown sound peeled back
And there is

There is green.


Author: Erin Finn
Date: 12/03/2020

№ 1173545

Strangers and Their Knees

You live in the wrists of a boy with wings
As I continue to buy pretty things

I'm occasionally halted by eye contact
And the brush of skin
Between strangers' knees
Two round bones
Clinking together
Like drinking mugs
In silent celebration

The Peroxide Obituary lives on
But our stereo knobs have rusted

Now it's all about two boys
Growing ivy vines from their skulls
Trying so hard to deny that
The body is just a vehicle for guilt

knees,  strangers.

Author: Delilah
Date: 04/03/2020

№ 1171402

Freckled knees/easy sunburns

Oh if only you knew
I would give anything
Anything to be
Anything other than me

Freckled knees
Freckled shoulders
Freckled arms

"why are you so pale?
You look like you're dead
Have you tried getting a tan? "

The irony stings my burned shoulders,

Yes i have tried.

Yellowed bruises remain on my thighs,
The thighs that got me called fat
In the seventh grade

"have you ever noticed
She's kinda fat? i mean
Her thighs are so big,
They're like thunder thighs"

And from that statement a nickname was coined
That caused me to desperately,
Need to be skinnier
And i'll never be enough

"darling, are you okay?
Please take this
Go home and eat a big dinner
The wind is going to blow you away! "

I don't think i can ever win

easy,  freckled,  knees.

Author: Aoife Teese
Date: 03/03/2020