Poems about knowing


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Knowing Whats Right

Your kiss tells me to wait,
To never let go,
To hold on to us
To never lose hope.
I feel it in my soul and
Know in my heart,
You're my true love from
*from the beginning of time,
Its been written in the stars


Author: Chailey Bruce
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1203478

Underlying Pain of Knowing

Take away the knowledge of knowing where
Take away the burden of knowing what, how, when
Take me away from here
Away from my own skin
Being the person I have been
Seeing the things i know and despise now
Under a layer of truth lies brutal stain
Turned up, turned down, knowing pain

knowing,  pain,  underlying.

Author: Sebastian Ace Machiavelli
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1201894


Deciding what to do, knowing what do, it is all so complicated, i dont know wehre life is taking me and i dont know wher i want life to take me, i want joy but all i get is deception, how do i decide what path to take, what choices to make when all odds are against, when everyone is against my choices, how do you know right from wrong, blue from purple, life from death, how do you decide what you mean to others, what they mean to you, what anything means, how do you know you love someone or youhate someone, how do you know if you love yourself, or if you should slowly break yourself down, how do you know???


Author: Alex Lopez
Date: 30/03/2020

№ 1199611


Knowing is floating


Author: Mr Ribeiro
Date: 28/03/2020

№ 1192985

The ache of knowing

Look at me –
We are in this room
In this house
On a night where
You are bored and lonely
And want to prove that you can
Have skin on skin,
Lips against your neck,
Her purring your name,
And I know how this works-
You look at me,
Eyes half open,
And I look like the stars
But look at me,
I am no constellation.
I am the OPEN sign
Blinking, half-lit,
On a motel lobby door.

I'm fun for the night.
All quick comebacks
And a fuck-me smirk.
Everything I say sounds
Like a challenge that
I, by the end of the night,
Will have you dying to
Accept – because between
The tequila and the beer
And the fact that at least
I am a body,
Tell me you won't say no.

I am not stupid.
If this is happening
It is because I am letting it.
So go ahead, tell me
That I am beautiful,
That you want me,
Pull me into you
And kiss me on the forehead,
Let me think that you care
And I promise I will let
Myself believe it.

But don't think about,
Do not even think about,
Thinking about me the next day.
Because I am one-time use and
Toss kind of woman. I am not
The kind of girl that guys love.
If I learned anything,
In twenty years,
It's that I am not an investment.
I am a novelty.

I can no longer stand to fight facts.
This is my white flag to the Universe.
Because pretending to be something you
Are not is a pain worse than
The ache of knowing.

I am no a constellation.

ache,  knowing.

Author: Samantha Marie
Date: 22/03/2020

№ 1191946


The eyes snap open,
Like the shutter on a camera,
Pupils fixed and tracking,
Watching every move,
Never blinking,
Pinholes peering into the depths of you,
Below subconscious,
Leering at your mind,
Keeping record of your every move,
Seeing inside,
Knowing your thoughts,
Knowing what it thinks to be 'you'
A total surprise,
'no one can tell, right? '
It's like beauty,
Obvious to some,
Invisible to others,
I know, if you know, and dread these dreams,
Release me.


Author: DM
Date: 21/03/2020

№ 1191037

Genuinely Not Knowing

You told them the other day
That you felt clear-headed, confident, and genuinely happy.
Wonder why you haven't told me yet.
Maybe you thought I wouldn't want to know.
Doesn't matter I guess.
I knew after that bike ride you took to the bay,
The one with all those willow trees,
That you longed for the knife of that butcher.
That butcher guy that you used to hang around with.
What's his name again...
Doesn't matter I guess.
I just wish you would tell me why you are so happy.

genuinely,  knowing.

Author: Eric Guitian
Date: 20/03/2020

№ 1188858


I believe that I am capable of anything.
I believe I am great.
I know that greatness is a part of me.
I'm a goddamn liar, is what I am.
Nearly thirty years I've done nothing
With all I've been given.
I'm overweight, I'm lost, I'm a giant of misplaced ego.
I am so fucking tired of being so fucking poor.
I am sick of living in a rut
And knowing--
In my goddamn bones, knowing--
That I'm the only person who can pull me out.

I remember being young, sitting cross-legged
In your living room as you watched scary movies,
Through your fingers as always.
I remember being brave and strong.
I cannot reconcile the me, sitting beside you,
Trying to lend you my courage,
With me, balding and fat and constantly afraid of failure.

I recall my--
Pathetic! --
Schoolboy flirtations with greatness.
I remember the adulation from my peers.
Liar, I remember the adulation from the peers
I picked.
The ones I decided to be around.

I am poor, and tired. I am beat down by the
Riots and the killings
And the people running my country into the ground,
With my knowing--
In my bones, knowing--

I don't want to be great anymore.
I'd settle for good.
I could be good, I think.
I hope.
They aren't mutually exclusive,
Like I thought they were,
Sitting cross-legged in your living room.

I whisper a truth to myself, now,
Across years, across my lifetime,
"You would trade good, you liar.
You would trade good for remembered.
You would trade good for Great. And you know it. "

And goddamn my lying eyes, I do know it.
In my goddamn bones, I know it.


Author: Paul Glottaman
Date: 18/03/2020