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I learned from You.

Aprendi a ser valiente,
Mirandome en tus ojos.
En tu bosque de suenos.

Aprendi a tocarte,
Mirandote lejano,
Como en el fondo del mar.

Aprendi esa noche,
Esa unica noche,
Que te desnudaron mis manos,
Con tus manos suaves.

Aprendi a encontrarte
Cuando estas y no estas,
Cuando somos solitarios,
Y me olvidas,
Y regresas.
Con amor o sin el,
Porque no hay fin,
Nunca lo habra.


Author: oscarlevi
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1205803

Lesson Learned #17

When one lets worries rule their life,
They are bound to suffer twice.

learned,  lesson.

Author: Lyn-Purcell
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1204544

7 Things I Wish I Never Learned

Ninety-Three percent of the mass in our bodies is made of stardust.
The day i learned about this in third period science class, I texted you and relayed what I had understood. You replied four hours later with "that's still just dust".
2. The "Cold War" wasn't actually a physical war
We get in arguments because some days I'm cold and distant, and can't get off the bathroom floor. You tell me it's all in my head.
3. 'I am. ' is the shortest complete sentence in the English language.
When I told you my favorite quote was "I think, therefore I am. " by Descartes, you looked at me like I a leper, said I shouldn't try to be so poetic.
4. A snail can sleep for more than three years at a time.
I can't take naps anymore because when I lay my head down all I can hear is your voice saying "you sleep so much you might as well be dead".
5. The brain can't create a new face. It only remembers faces you've seen somewhere before. This includes in your dreams.
Since I met you, I stopped dreaming in color. All of my fantasies are black and white. You say it's probably because I have "issues".
6. Two days after they die, ants give off an odor which other ants pick up on. They come pick up the ant and carry it to an ant graveyard.
I used to talk to you about my funeral plans, how I wanted to be made into a cherry blossom. You said you'd have me cremated.
7. The human body is made up of 70% water.
Jesus Christ, I am drowning.

learned,  things.

Author: Chloe Beth Wray
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1204399

Lesson Learned

Life as we know it is what we make of it
We don't just hang around and just sit
You must rely on yourself
Don't put your life on the shelf
If life gets you down
Turn that frown upside down
Get back up on your feet
As the stars shoot down from the sky
You scratch your head and you wonder why
There are only a few things in life that really matter to me
It is my sweet love and that's plain to see
Its been so hard because of the damage I have made
You live and learn and not spend your time in the shade
All that happened in this time
It felt like I had committed a crime
All in all I have learned lifes lesson
And this I tell her as I am confessen
My love is True
No need to be blue
I am stepping up to be
To show you the love you wanted from me
You are my only love
The one truly sent from above

learned,  lesson.

Author: T
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1197761

What i learned in history

Deleting all evidence of your claim
­ tnarraw
Tuarrem ­ Reflecting...
Like we learned in history class, but our history is-what history?
And I never knew that people could be so life changing cruel.

history,  learned.

Author: Michelle Clarkson
Date: 26/03/2020

№ 1196953

I Learned It In A Dream

... open your eyes...
A whisper
Grasping at grains of sand
You hear me...
You feel me...


Prowling the Earth,
Guarding our land
Do you know me,
Have you begun
To try and truly

Silent. Observant. Tactful. Smart.
I tackle my problems, yours, the world's
It is my true

I live dreams.
I breathe love.
I am harmony.
On fire

You might not feel
It is real,
*but I am proof
You can live

dream,  learned.

Author: Jennifer Weiss
Date: 26/03/2020

№ 1194949

Things I've learned from the Moon:

Ђў reflect any light that shines upon you
ВЂў chase after only the brightest star
ВЂў always keep the best parts of you hidden
ВЂў play with the ocean
ВЂў don't respond to hoots or wolf-whistles
ВЂў disappear completely at least once a month

learned,  moon,  things.

Author: Jene'e Patitucci
Date: 24/03/2020

№ 1188633

Lesson Learned #4.2

Perfection isn't just about
Being in control.

learned,  lesson.

Author: Lyn-Purcell
Date: 18/03/2020