Poems about leaving


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10 reasons why i feel like leaving

What if who they expect, isn't me?
2. or better yet what if i try to be what they expect,
3. and lose track of who i am?
4. would you still love me if i wasn't me?
5. or better yet
6. would you love me even more?
7. if you answer yes to either of them,
8. forgive me for leaving,
9. but how can i stay
10. when the person you love isn't me anymore.

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Author: Lani Foronda
Date: 05/04/2020

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Leaving what you know

Wearing your heart on your sleeve is a dangerous game
That only the lonely people play
And i have found, when you smoke a pack of desire a day,
You are constantly searching for a flame.

Onlookers examine all the fissures and clefts
Left by yesteryear's guests
The men who treated your heart like a map,
Riddled it with tacks,
Realized it lacked a place to live in, and left.

All the antiquated philanthropists who
Searched for their languages in your pulse,
Strands of hair in your bed,
And you've begun to hold your breath
To prove to them that only you
Can make your heart skip a beat
And you've begun to dry clean your sheets,
Hanging them from the rafters
Of your childhood bedroom.
Pieces of the past here that lingered after,
Their sweaters all hanging from your shoulders like a costume.
And now you wring out the warm bodies
Tucked in your every pleat and crease.
Let the sun bleach away
The pieces of people still surviving in me.

This knife! embedded in your head,
They tell you it's called dread
Twisting in your spine when you
Lay awake at night in your bed,
The skin cells sequestered in this
Bodily shell swiftly dropping dead.
And his knuckles are a bared pair of serrated edges
Striking each nerve with care.
You dream about him painting
In hues of purple and red,
And you find the strength to change, isn't it strange,
How you can simply refuse to keep being misled.

Rewiring and reversing, you have one fucking life,
And it's time to get on with things.
Uproot hunger, accept experience as a lover,
And not just another kiss
Laced with arsenic, that
Sick kind of hint about
How thick your blood really is.
He didn't know you were nitric
Until you dissolved a linguistic string,
And now he's realizing you may
Have a couple of surprises to bring.

Your new hype track for the evening
Is silence not seething
They didn't know; arsenic can only
Dilute a nitrous being
So this time, my knees will not break
Like the fickle figs from their stems,
This time i will not play relationships with you like chess
Will not let you stand by and laugh
With that shit eating grin
Only those who are afraid
Need to lose to win
And you are just the right degree of missing,
Because i won't consider myself anyone's victim.
So if you're going to watch bored and scornful on shore,
Don't expect to meet me there
When you see i'm finally swimming.

And today they brought my bones
To the cellar door in his chest
He swept away the rotting mess and
Did not mistake even an instant of no
For the plump petal of yes
And i will rip the past from every pore,
I abhor those kind of TV audiences,
The ones that are obedient and well fed
Coming back to dine each time,
It's high fructose revenge
The sinister scent of resisting the change
Hangs there in the air
The little lies you tell when insisting you care
About anyone outside of yourself

I know it's probably cliche, but
The stealth of wealth and health is the same.
Deeper you get the more you pay
The easier it is to blame everyone else every day
For what you don't have when in fact,
You're the one dictating your fate
And finally everyone is noticing you've changed
I've changed. and that's okay.
And today he tells me,
"there are people
Who will love even your
Imperfect blisters cracking like transistors,
Because when you're looking electric
Everyone is listening to this frequency within ya
I don't know who could resist
With those insides like tomato
Only a hound could say no to your love. "
And this is no longer a decision;
There are places you belong and places you'll fit in
Where you'll flourish and grow,
And gain a thicker skin
And it's time we both stopped
Chalking up our mistakes to bad habit.
So this time when i see the ticket
I'll grab it
With you i certainly don't know
So i'm going to let it flow
Because see i've been told
Rivers reflect train windows
And on mornings they glow
Gilded and gold
Subtle and slow
A new feeling creeps in
I decide to go.


Author: Claire Waters
Date: 30/03/2020

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Thoughts on Leaving a Pretty Girl

When leaving a pretty girl
You must go in phases
It will hurt too much
If you rip away like a band aid

When leaving a pretty girl
You must go carefully
Because you don't know
When her bare thighs will
Beg your eyes
For another glance
One last lustful dance

When leaving a pretty girl
You must go directly
Before her eyes convince you
Of one more long seductive stare

When leaving a pretty girl
She must know you will return
Her wet lips will long for
Someone elses'

When leaving a pretty girl
You must grab time--
Stop the marathon--watch her walk
Slowly away,
Hoping you don't ever have to leave her again.

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Author: david badgerow
Date: 28/03/2020

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Leaving believing behind

Jehovah the Jesuit said,
I can do it
We talked him out of it and
Now he works in a diner
For minimum wage.

He's nailed it,
The job fits him
Like a wet suit for
A thin man

And he dances on spaghetti
A trick he learned in
He doesn't turn water into

One time before sometime
Before the cross burned
Into his conscience
He was a hitman for the
Somewhere South of the

That was then with the
Quasi holy men
This is now,

I order eggs
Over easy.

believing,  leaving.

Author: John Edward Smallshaw
Date: 27/03/2020

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"Leaving" (Dark Times)

The alarm going off, but only one hour of sleep,
I kissed you on the forehead, the pain already feels deep.
We drive to the airport, the talk is low,
Trying to block out what is happening, knowing I must go.
One last kiss from your lips, one last touch,
The pain increasing in my heart, I love you so much.
We let go of each other and I wish I could stay,
I pretended to walk inside, but had to stop to wipe the tears away.
I checked in, got my coffee just the way you said,
I called you and we talked, your voice is the only thing in my head.
We talked some more then I boarded the plane,
As each minute went by away from you, I felt insane.
Flying halfway around the world, my tears never stop,
The realization of you in my life, my bubble felt like it would pop.
Back in Iraq and my heart hurts all the time,
But whenever I talk to you, everything seems to be just fine.
I've never been through this before, will the pain ever be less?
I can't function properly right now, I am a complete mess.
Stuck in my CHU, I can't make myself leave,
My chest feels like it will explode, my body just heaves.
I want this to stop, I can't take much more,
I feel as if the only thing that will help is to be away from this war.
I'm at war with myself, an emotional strain,
I hate that I lay this on you but its so much pain.
I opened up to you one night, you told me you understand,
I never knew what you went through, did I fail you as your man?
You've been helping me through this, keeping me busy,
I love that you do this, but that math made me dizzy.
I feel so weak, the first time I have no control of this,
My only hope is knowing you love me and I am missed.
I've never been so reliant on someone before, I am scared,
It took a lot to open up to you and I don't think it's fair,
To put you through this, you are having pain too,
I can never express how much this means to me, how much I appreciate you.
Please bare with me as we go through this time,
124 days in this country, once I'm with you, i'll be fine.

dark,  leaving,  times.

Author: Brian Gallagher
Date: 26/03/2020

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You're leaving today and I'm sure gonna miss you.
The sound of your laugh, and the way that I'd kiss you
Goodnight. Farewell my friend, goodnight.

You never once said that I ever leave your mind.
And yet I must doubt, if that's truth or you're just being
Kind. I do hope that you are kind.

You're leaving soon and I'm sure gonna shed tears.
Not quite certain but I think that this may be fear.
Come back, my friend, is that clear?


Author: Seeker
Date: 26/03/2020

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Leaving The Carousel

You started to leave as the cold nose of Winter
Bulldozed through Guy Fawks skies
And Christmas silent nights.

Your nearness was a far plane
Of slumped reflection, deliberation,
Contemplation of your plight, so mine.

Suspicion stirred in morning tea
And pre-work niceties.
You watched me when I turned my back,
Your head buried in the вАШDaily Mail',
Too close to the print.

Denial hugged me a long while, dismissing
The cosseted phone and obsessive hygiene.

Giggling-head days, home-fire Wednesdays,
Pledges in sweat daze
All rolling around
On a distant carousel.
I hoped you could see,
But hope could not override
Your turning tide.

Your eyes begged for the вАШtalk',
So you could bring it up
Like rancid vomit.


You left in a yellow haze with the daffodils,
And I hated you

With all the love anyone could imagine.

carousel,  leaving.

Author: ShirleyB
Date: 26/03/2020

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Leaving 18

I am forever fearful of saying goodbye to my youth.
I am too old to be a child and too
To be an adult.
I lay in my cotton candy bed and look up at my star covered ceiling,
I know I have to leave it behind,
It is my
Destiny to
Abandon all I know and go out into the world on my
I am not ready,
For the city is grey and lifeless and my home
Is forever fruitful and moving.
Most adolescents dream of leaving home,
What they do not realize is once you leave you can never
Come back home once you have left.
The world is your home now,
It is your time to become a citizen of the world and let go of your
Father's hands.
I do not want to shop for dish detergent and worry about tomorrow's budget meeting.
I want to be a child without worries or responsibilities.
I want my soul to remain multicolored,
Not turn muted and
I want to be a mountain not a
I want to see flowers in a field, and not think about where the field
Because to leave home means that I am real,
I cannot hide behind the shield of my mother's hair;
I am now hiding myself.

There is no going back,
I am so young yet so grown at the same time,
The sun will continue to shine in my small hometown,
The stars will continue to glisten over the country fields.
My parents will hold each other's hands and eventually I will barely cross their minds.
We will talk on the phone 20 minutes once a week because
Is keeping me busy,
And I cannot make time for the souls who created me.

I love my youth,
I am not ready to abandon it.


Author: cs
Date: 24/03/2020