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Letter to myself

I am good, I am wise, I am bright, I am kind, I am empathetic, I am funny
If I am not kind or empathetic once,
That doesn't exterminate how kind and empathetic I am.
Doing something that isn't right for myself hurts my soul but it doesn't make me a bad person.
I am allowed to make mistakes.
I am a good.


Author: Anna McElroy
Date: 07/04/2020

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You don't see me coming yet,
But I have already cleared a drawer for you in my heart.

Our first argument will be about how I hog all the covers in my sleep,
Or maybe about how I can never shake away the feeling that I am left
With after a bad dream.

I want you to know that I am other worldly.
Which of course means that I am not from this Earth.
My mind travels to and from other universes and galaxies,
Other realms of thought.
But I will try to leave a note reminding you I will return.

For future emergencies-
I keep a bottle of Zoloft in my panty drawer
And a bottle of wine under the sink.
I am not allowed to take them together.
I hope my episodes won't make you think less of me.

I hope you won't forget the way gravity shifted when we first met.
Tape that memory to the forefront of your mind.
So when I am sobbing uncontrollably about the ending of a movie,
Or the last line of a haiku
You will remember why you love me.
And I will do the same for you.

You see, I am not that great at endings.
I am not a person with promising follow through.
I get caught up in the beginning of things,
The middle of things,
The twist and turn
Thrashing momentum
Of things.

I just can't bare to see it all end.

So when or if it does end,
I ask that you lay me gently down and make your exit swift.
Do not linger by the door frame,
Because when you tell me it's over,
That is it.

You don't see me coming yet,
But I want you to know I have had day dreams about our first kiss.
I imagine it like an orchestra inside your chest
And angels begin to sing when you part your lips.
The symphony hits its crescendo when we finally get to the kiss.

You don't see me coming yet,
But soon we will be in love.

future,  letter,  lover.

Author: melina padron
Date: 07/04/2020

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Letter Haiku

A Q is a line.
A U is a dumb person.
Letters are funny.

haiku,  letter.

Author: Ethan Waranch
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1209839

A Letter To a Friend

Why did you have to pierce your vein,
Only for a momentary high?
Why did poison become the only thing you cared about-
The one thing you let consume you?
And then that day.
That day you drank that pill
That made you blue, made you still.
After all the times we've told you to stop,
Like a record played on endless repeat,
You continued to wear your frail body out.
Maybe it was to escape reality.
Or maybe it was to forget all the bad memories floating in your head,
So you took whatever you could find and laid down on your bed.
Or maybe it was to fill the empty holes in your heart,
But little did you know, it created new ones right from the start.
Little did you know,
We were here to help you.
We were here to hold you.
We were here to listen.
We were here, we were.
Little did you know, your mother was sitting on the porch the day you left,
With an old picture of the better days, wondering how it got this way.
Tears fell down her face as she clenched onto the hat you always wore.
Little did you know, your sister was laying on your bed,
Listening to the breeze out the window,
And remembering your loudest laugh while catching tears in her mouth.
Little did you know, your dog was sitting on the kitchen floor,
Looking out the back door with the leash in his mouth,
Waiting for you to take him out.
Little did you know, your father was working on his car in the garage,
Trying to cope with a beer and a cigar.
But out peaked the old baseball and your old
Worn mitt from a box on the shelf.
He started to cry because he remembered of the times you played catch With him on the front lawn.
Little did you know, we were all sitting in a circle
On the grass of your favorite place,
Blasting your favorite songs.
I know this isn't the end.
I know wherever we go when we die,
You'll be there to welcome us and say hi,
With that beautiful smile on your face,
Where we'll be young forever
Just like the old times.
Until then,
"See you in another life, brother. "

-quote from the show, Lost. Said by the character, Desmond

friend,  letter.

Author: Jenn Schwartz
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1209827

A Letter to An Old Friend

I once wished every bad to come your way,
After those lies and untruths you said about me.
Then I learned that the sky's deaf for bad prayers,
And after all these years, I think about forgiveness.

I thought you deserved to sink into the deepest hell
For your betrayal; your heart alone was one sickly well.
Yet as I looked at these tired wrinkled hands, I knew,
This hatred wouldn't last if I had my trust renewed.

How the pain repeatedly told me to avenge you,
After one and another shame you put me through.
But my son's laughter turned this thought to me;
ВЂњWill this bitter enmity become my sole legacy? ”

I may not be ready to invite you for a tea,
Or to drive you to your daughter's wedding.
I'd rather say, I don't hate you as much as I did,
So don't be a stranger the next time we meet.

I wish you well with whatever good you do.
With a lighter heart, my life will be fine too.

friend,  letter.

Author: Kalyana
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208549

An Open Letter to my Abuser's Mother

Dear you,
I miss you.
The name of a spice that smells so sweetly in the spring
Your name was so fitting.

Dear you,
How are you?
I live in my own pain that smells like a sewage plant
You have nothing do with it
You were always kind.

Dear you,
How dare you be so kind?
How dare you believe me
The person who accused your son of being a child molester?
Although, I never spoke poison
Everything I said was true
Why did you believe me?

Dear you,
I had trouble believing myself.
Knowing this happened
I detached so eloquently from the event
For seven years
I formed an alter ego
In which I could live comfortably

Dear you,
Are you comfortable?
I really do hope I didn't tear your family apart
As I seem to be so privy at
Why, just look at mine.
I played a heavy hand in the way
It's pretty fucked up

Dear you,
You are the only person who didn't treat me like a fuck up
When you had every reason to
You never blamed me
You apologized for him
So why am I still holding onto this guilt?
Why am I so ashamed to see you?
Why am I so fearful?
Because, even though you never blamed me
I have always blamed myself.

abuser,  letter,  mother,  open.

Author: Sarah Frances
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207550

Open Letter To God

Although I don't know you
The way that you know me
Your book says that you know
Every little thing
And if this is true
I find this hard to believe
Because of the way humans are
And the things in the book seem so bizarre
And so hard to believe
It makes me really confused
And sort of baffles me
I am a sinner there is no doubt
Everyone seems to be
But if you're truly there
Then you know exactly why
Your the one who created me
In your very own liking
Which only confuses me more
And seems somewhat frightening
All I know is although I sin
It seems to be part of life
Love is the only reason I live
To give with such delight
I'm sure you know what I mean
If this is all so real
And if I end up in the other place
It will be unjustly I feel

god,  letter,  open.

Author: Pure LOVE
Date: 04/04/2020

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About the letter

Many papers that i wrote
Sometimes about feelings, sometimes about the cloud
I send it from my heart to the dessert
Let sand choose the ways
Will it passed or be erased
But the ocean understand
When the letter comes away
It's never be bored nor be late


Author: Karina Putri
Date: 04/04/2020