Poems about letters


№ 1209962


You wrote me
78 letters in the months of
October and november;
I didnt realize just how
Your hand could become
When it was faced with
Unimaginable distance
And a lack of
Touches like strawberries and bananas

You wrote me
A single letter
In the month of december;
I didnt realize just how
You could become
When you were faced with
A cold right side
Of a queen sized bed
And a mind
That said you werent enough
Without me by your side

You wrote me
A single note
In the month of april;
I didnt realize just how
I could become
When i was faced with
The decision to either
Write you back
Or toss the letters,
The latter of which i did without consideration

You wrote me
No letters
After those months;
I didnt realize just how
Those letters could become
Until after you
Took up your wrists
And slit them end to end
So you could no longer be tempted
To write to a girl who seemed to no longer care for you


Author: poeticalamity
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1207991

Letters in a heart

I trace my fingers cross the carving on the tree
Letters in a heart mean you for me
I still remember clearly that day
And the love we have that never went away.

Was the perfect summer day fifty years back
You and me and a picnic in a pack
Sandwiches and cake and lemonade
Two grown up little kids in 7th grade

I remember we went swimming in the creek
Something we looked forward to all week
Then we took a walk together holding hands
And told stories bout the folk in far off lands

We talked about our families and our folk
Told more stories, now and then a little joke.
And then we talked about the ones we miss
And I wiped away your tears with a kiss

Right there and then we knew we were in love
And swore we be together fore him above
I told you I would marry you one day
You said if they wouldn't let us we'd run away

It was then I carved our names into this tree
Those letters in a heart mean you for me.

heart,  letters.

Author: A Thomas Hawkins
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1205231

Cave Letters

Jazz echoes about the rondures of the cavern
The surface air pulses past cool, as my blood warms
I'm being led by a curious young man I've been writing
The bevy of picture-postcards enchanting my whims

I pad barefoot into a waterfall basin
Lit only by the muted tangerine rind of gas lamp,
Shedding garment and silhouette to wet rock,
His breath amplifies across my form, as wet ink soaking into page
Swimming in a restless descent, and forgotten edges

His fingers sprawl as ferns about my form in a glen,
Tucking about my frame, and
Dipping me comfortably further into the mud
He's pressing my form into the pulp of the cave
Scrawling ephemeral post-cards with my frame

cave,  letters.

Author: Meagan Moore
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1204836

Your 10 Love Letters

My love,
My first letter is to simply say
I love you.

My love,
You could change someones mind with your mouth
Taped shut.

My love,
You are music.
No words could compare to you
Language does you no justice.

My love,
Your voice is a pool of water,
Lets float.

My love,
You are the sun and I am the Earth.
I live because of you and you live for me.

My love,
You are my oxygen,
Let me breathe you in.

My love,
You are definition.
How can I tell you what perfection is
If you invented it?

My love,
You are scared.
But I will be here forever.

My love,
You are walking away.
I will be here waiting

My love,
My last letter is to simply say
I love you.

letters,  love.

Author: Taylor Naomie Bass
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1203391

4 letters

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­ love

Good Girl


Author: AXplorer
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1202275

Burning Letters I Never Wrote

Keeping please and thank you
Within the answers held far
From talking eyes.
Is a burst of air splashing casually
From the pages of a book,
Waltzing into sighs.

I just saw indignation
Standing out in a thin smile again.
Emotionless laughter is at my door
With another sign, still and pausing
When night has entered
Silently my friend.

On one side little boxes full of hope
Grow bigger as they sit.
Yet, misting gently in the distance
Comes the morning
Instinctively they grow smaller
Then they quit.

I do not know where I should be walking
Or if I should mention what I see.
When uncertainty brings a little chill
Hardens this soft heart
I carry
Here inside of me.

You may hear stones from the ground
Drinking the truth from my hands.
But not, if you still have
An axe to grind
Stupidities pipe to smoke
At your command.

Listen to the cries of no, no, no
Breathing inside all human souls.
Close your eyes and pretend
You are in Disneyland
Burning every letter I sent you
But never wrote.

Your breath will come in a whispered kiss,
Running through your head.
The poison from your mouth
Will empty out into all the goodbyes
You meant, but never
Quite said.

burning,  letters,  wrote.

Author: Neva Flores Varga
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1198535

Lowercase letters

One day my teacher asked me
Why I always wrote in lowercase letters
Her glasses perched on the top of her beak
She squawked,
"you were not taught that in school, young lady.
It is not proper, young lady. "

And I gripped my pen tighter
Or maybe a little looser
It's hard to tell lately.

But I looked in to her black beady eyes
And disapproving frowny face
And whispered "see how I am whispering
Do you see how you are leaning closer
Like I have a secret
More intimate, correct?
That is my writing:
An intimate secret.
For you"


Author: nichole r
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1196412

Writing Letters of Apology (W)

Writing letters of apology,
We utter words like,
'weakness in man. the curse!
Women, the abominable sin'.

Writing letters of apology
We first deny the obvious
Welding lies with truth
Wrecking trust with words

Writing letters of apology,
We quite recall others
Who stepped in these traps
Wearing shields and helmets

Writing letters of apology,
Wriggling in pain and depression
We gnash our teeth
Words admitting that man is weak.

apology,  letters,  writing.

Author: Seye Kuyinu
Date: 25/03/2020