Poems about lies


№ 1210416

My lies

I don't love you
I don't care about you
I am fine
I am happy
I am over you
I don't know you
I didn't miss you
I am okay
Your eyes are not sparkling
You are not handsome
You are not smart
Your smile is not cute
I don't love your eyes
My life is complete without you


Author: Forgotten Heart
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1209840

Between us lies

Between us lies,
An endless, boundless night,
With its canopy of
Glittering, shimmering stars,
With a sad waning moon at its heart,
And I with my agonized heart,
Wander around to find you,
Stumbling upon those unsaid words,
Words of love, care and despair,
Stumbling upon those cruel words,
Words of jealousy, mistrust and disgust,
I lean against a parched skeleton tree,
Against the tree under which,
I buried you,
No! Not you,
But your love and my soul,
When i fell in ditch of lust,
Shedding my honesty with clothes first,
Her lips weren't sweet like yours,
Nor were there any tender whispers,
Just enough lust too obscure,
Your love and your trust,
Her hips swayed under her gaudy skirt, sensuously,
Her breast taut under her blouse, lewdly,
And i lost my control, wretchedly,
What shall i do now?
I see your silhouette next to me,
Your face serene and innocent,
Next to my heart,
I can tell you everything
Along with miserable sorry,
But words that never convey the truth,
The feelings loose essence,
In web of words,
Just like our love,
So u lie next to me,
But between us lies,
An endless, hopeless night


Author: Jagdeep
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1209573

Web of Lies

As the darkness fades to glass
We've been victims of the past
The horror brings the shade
And we all begin to fade
As your finger pulls the trigger,
We all began to linger.
On a memory once swayed,
On a cemetery we laid.
Your death comes at will,
Jaded eyes began to swell.
Your mind begins to spill,
As your heart is forced to dwell.
Your web of lies,
Your thorns of cries.
They all are done!

lies,  web.

Author: Megan J Parker
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1207982

Secret and lies

This thoughts in my mind
Repeat over and over
Picturing it like a movie on rewind
I reminisce the past as I close my eyes.

Memories come flooding back
Breaking this this cage of glass
I simply don't think anything through.

Now I'm here, what can I do
My heart is now broken and ripped in two.

The secrets I locked inside my mind
Is best kept tucked away hidden from the light of day.

If my secrets was revealed
I wouldn't have my best friend
Eric Pratt to enjoy in his company anymore.

The truth about myself is smashed into millions of pieces stored in a box labeled top secret,
So my tears and fears won't come true and ruin all the things that reeked havoc in my addicted lifestyle

No one can know...
I now swallow my key
So I can't lose my friendship
And ruin my life from the mistaken
CRYS and immoral lies

lies,  secret.

Author: Anna-Marie Rose
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207965

Secrets and lies

My secrets are spun tight
My lies are deep as mud
You don't want to know
I'm to secretive
To ever let you
Step into my porcelain frame

lies,  secrets.

Author: Murphy Lynne
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1206763

Lies and Make Believe

I let you have him
Frisk him in front of me
I gave up my inhibitions
Set myself free
So shall i tell the truth?
Or help spin the web of lies?
You and him began to create,
While i loved myself
And LIVED my life.

Rather pathetic
A pitiful cry of help
Only thing i do to try

And you make him leave for someone else?
How much more shit can i throw
So that this blood rage
Goes away
Because now do i wonder
"how could you? "

And know this
Im being good.
I havent called
Whilst you have
Yes recieved, and deleted
That WAS the life i had...
I will keep the memories.
The moments shared
But these last two years
A waste
Because now
I am free
I can sing
Having friends who care
Whom honour you tried to tarnish
If they didnt like it
They would have said it to my face!

But i will make you see
Through poet-tree
Little words
Little time
Im living my life
Start living yours
My verbal assault
Ill spin the web of truth
And catch you inside
Devour you with grace and
Clever disquise.
Set your shit ablaze
And have your days...
Bitch, please
Im free
One mans trash
Another treasure
But rotting like compost
Ive recycled
What i lost
What i gained
Knowing that i wont take the name
A cheerful wish
I am over this
Your silly refrain
"We're just Friends"
I'll say it again
With the truth spun in

"We Were Never Really Friends"

Thanks for setting me free
I must thank you
But -- you're
Dust in a swift breeze.


Author: April Hapner
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206619

Broken Lies

Today was the day to start a new life
You got cold feet and didn't want to be his wife
You fucked up and ruined his and our family's ties
Acting so happy in love but it was all lies
You never grieved the loss of dad
Now your left alone unhappy and sad
Maybe you should have thought this all through
The ending you wanted didn't come true
The family is broken and guess what...
It's all because of YOU!

broken,  lies.

Author: Ashly Kocher
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206542

Lies, Liar, Lying, Lied, Lie, Truth

I should have known you would destroy my life
But alas, I didn't
I thought you were my best friend
You told people they couldn't trust me
They believed you
You turned my real best friend against me
I found myself unable
To even talk to someone
Without them mentioning your name
I chose to be snippy
And paint you in a bad light
Because I was moving anyway
I got in trouble for being mean
Someone asked how I could be so crude
It's because I didn't know better
But now that I am gone
It turns out all the mean things I said
Were accurate

liar,  lie,  lied,  lies,  lying,  truth.

Author: Emma Chatonoir
Date: 03/04/2020