Poems about lights


№ 1208970

City Lights

I just want to hide away
To crawl under a rock
Pretend the world was slipping
Through my fingers
Fists and jaw
From the shock
Of living as us puppets do
From our stings and strands
Our tufts of hair getting in the way
Blocking the Puppet master from the stand
So instead we tune our notes and look
To the hiding space we might crawl
Away from harm
And cold, frozen snow
In hibernation, we turn a cold cheek
To destruction, flame and sorrow
Curl up into safety pins
And prick those who come too close
Hidey holes are not for sharing
Or so the story goes
But the truth is we're needles too,
Wrapped up in our thread
We look to mend
Tie knots
And break off loose ends.

city,  lights.

Author: Sahar Aghlara
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1207514

Lights Out (Senyru)

Eyes cold & open
Spark extinguished beating no more
Still rigor mortis


Author: Poetic T
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1204856

The Lights are Blinding

Sometimes you just have to take off in the night
Move quickly with aggression

You have to open your mouth
Gasp for air like it's your last breath

Driven by sexual frustration
Intent on mind fucking you

blinding,  lights.

Author: Cordelia Rilo
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1203422

Lights Out

They lay
On their

Roaches and mice
Have the run
Of the floor.

Stale vented
Air fills the small
Concrete inclosure.

The smells
And the time
They've learned
To ignore.

Some think
About what
Lead them
To this and
How they can

Some curse
For getting
Caught and
Can't wait to
Try and
Pull it off


Author: A B Perales
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1202704

Blinding Lights

Sweet melons squashed under summer sun,
Dances to tunes forgotten over laughs of liquor,
Few dirty dances too; in mind; undone,
Sweet emotions migrated towards distant poles,
Laughs, messy kisses, angels and demons too
Spilling over stepped greens,
Fun is this, life is now, today I've lived!!!
Tonight wonder why in gloom I stare
At a starless blue sky
Who refuses to sleep somehow,
Remember how the ecstatic pill faded to silent silence?
I ask, if tomorrow will remain this tranquil;
Or will these creeping pictures of lonesome duets
Form a collage; a horrendous one,
Random it is very;
But randomness owns me this now,
Like how I've left many a starlight abrupt,
I'll leave this note too... undone!!!

blinding,  lights.

Author: Vivek
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1200008

Wall Lights

There's spotlights
And track lights
And ambient
Wall lights.

And my feet always feel
Closer to the ground in here.

Chairs and floors and
I am not getting anywhere.

Throbbing, my head, make
It stop, plug my
Ears and hide my face
In darkness.

Drumbeats, reverberating
Through the furniture, make it
Stop, just

I swear, I will keep
My back against this wall
Until something happens, and I
Swear, something will happen.

There's spotlights
And track lights
And ambivalent
Wall lights.

lights,  wall.

Author: b e mccomb
Date: 29/03/2020

№ 1198762

A Good Set of Bicycle Lights

A Good Set of Bicycle Lights

Strap white to the handle bar
Red to the seat post

Of your worrisome bicycle
A fixed gear nightmare, these nighttime

Streets lay in wait while I lay waiting to be pierced
By the call that never comes
With a bit of luck.

Old light from distant stars
At the edge of my
Galaxy of fear

Arrives as pinpricks a reminder
Your new orbit free
Of my nettlesome gravity.

bicycle,  good,  lights,  set.

Author: Dave Hardin
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1197760

With all the lights off I can see hope for once

It's too hot to sleep
The night air is not cool for once
And all day I felt tired,
Dead at times,
And when I got home
All the lights were
Off in the house

Sometimes that's how life is
Crappy, shitty, fucked up,
And today was one of those days
That proved it to me once again

But above all else
There was a deep
Confusion in this


Of her

Looking at her
Talking to her
Even thinking

Lifted me

Above all this shit,
Above sickness,
Above doubt,
Above everything
I think is wrong
And dark with the

She brings me up
And leaves me there;
Only letting me come
Back down when
The walls and the
World comes

No, I don't speak
Of just one girl

She's been many different ones
With many different names
And many different forms

So don't go looking
For meaning in this
I'm simply saying
That I know what love

Thank god,
For that.

hope,  lights.

Author: Overwhelmed
Date: 26/03/2020