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I Never Listen

I beg myself everyday

To not allow myself to be this way

To shake my sorrows

To be happy

Just for the sake of time
But time hasn't been in my favor
How do I listen to myself?


Author: Agnis Lynota
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1209586


You refuse to sing
"Sing for me, please? "

I thought you'd grown comfortable enough with me
To let me in
Let me help

Who could have hurt you so badly
To make you so quiet

I hear you
You sing strong and beautiful

The shower cannot hide the tears or your voice
Let me in
Let me hear you

I know you like to sing
I can hear that smile on your lips
Where is should always sit

Let me hold you when you cry
Let me hear you when you sing
Don't run away and hide

I wish you could see
Just for a day
Come please

Sing for me


Author: K603
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1207359

Stop and Listen

Gasping for air
All I receive are thousands of particulates of sweat
Exiting my body through deep pores
Opening like potholes
In the road to my dreams.

With nothing but the force of my own sheer will
I drag the thin
Beads of pain
Fear, and loss
Deep into my lungs...

Is this not the determination
The commitment, you've been looking for?

If not
Then that for which you look
Truly does not exist.

You call this a phase
A stage
You say “Gage, I know you”
You tell me that next week
It'll be something new
That if I don't follow through
That if I can't STICK to one thing
I'll always be shifty
That you have no faith in me

Truth is
Next week you could find me here,
But you wouldn't know
Because you've never bothered to hear me
Because to you
My voice is nothing more than elevator music.
My voice is nothing more to you
Than the tick of a clock
The buzz of a fly

You have no choice but to listen to it---
It stops... Eventually.


This is yet another
Unperceived misconception
Of your invention
Leading you in the wrong direction---
Traced back to a lack of attention
From when I would go against convention
Trapping us in this contention---


Truth is
I am different

This is a symphony
Of beautiful rage
Breaking the cage
Of my destiny
But you still

Oh how you perplex me
With your dry mouth
Cracked, and swollen
From scolding
You have no faith in me-

Unable to taste the sweet
Golden juice
Dripping from the fruits
Of my labor...
You have no faith...

But if you just stop and listen
Turn around and see

The click of a key
Your son's typing stories

The throw of a ball
These normal sports bore me

I'm walking a path
You can't walk it for me

It's not that I'm carefree
You fail to see
That commitment for which you look
Is inside of me


Author: Gage Klein
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1207279


To print these thoughts in black and white only poses an oversight. Screaming in red, yellow, and blue will you know I'm thinking of you? Words alone only travel through air, not heavy enough to feel the care. Continue to whisper in broken prose, it is only the poet whom no one knows. Knee sinks into solid ground, remind what it is I found. Are you there? Are you still around? Elbow bent towards waste L shaped, always extra room on this plate.


Author: Believe in Wings
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206868

Just listen

Go out side and sit down,
Leave everything inside,
Your phone,
Your laptop,
Just sit outside and listen,

Listen to the world,
Just listen.

And maybe just maybe you see peace.


Author: pookie
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206553

To find a way to make you listen

All the people i've been
Across landscapes we painted
And banged late at night against
Museum walls

One with
Very small and dark green trees
The darkest green you've ever seen
Pointing against the sky, the tips of them
(angels, invisible and leaning, and in love
Impossibly, the human part of themselves, screaming: )
As sharp as the stars that
Wind around my irises
The shape that curls my waist

When we think of each other
I'd give you all of them,
She crouched in poppy petals and
Bright green grass
The brightest green you've ever seen
Gossamer wound around her little finger:
Playing fairy dust under a texas sun and
Wishing her silver hair across the highway at night,
Speeding her future into the veins in her arms;

She never did form a drug habit, she swam it,; tripped like all the music missed, gliding over the flat of her head; (notes in brackets hopping on shoulders
Insisting just only too quietly that i listen; )
Shattered curtains spouting grey morning light on the warehouse beams we splinter our kind and freezing feet on top of, tiptoes to kiss you

My hand printing the dancing ink i bl*ew across your stomach
Never sure he existed
But you'll taste the sweat of him
I'll lay it on your elbow as you lie beside me

Just for the sake
Some history given

find,  listen.

Author: ElГ©a
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1205528

Listen up

You and I
It felt right
At a point
But really
It could not work
We are the same
We are very much alike
You just can't see it
Can you?
Not at all
We are both contorted
I have a twisted mind
I am twisted in every way
Too twisted for you to handle it
I understand that
At least you could give me a shot
Just one
And I will show you
Show you how I can be
Show you the real me


Author: Navarana
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1205163

Don't Listen to the Poet

A little nod to
Edgar Guest

When you're up against a bully
Meet them face to face
Lift your chin and set your shoulders,
Plant your feet and give them a taste

Never panic or hesitated: aim toward the lower waist
If you fall to the ground, don't be discourage
It's just a stumble, its just the adrenaline rush
But never let it weaken you

See it through!
Forget all those stars that circle around you

The Bigger the Ego, the Stronger the Anger
Kick his ass until he/she does the tango
If the worst is going to happened
Let it be Lose or win:
See it through! My friend
It's birthing time again

Lift your chin and set your shoulder
Get up and plant your feet and make a fist
Kick that bully ass, Feel your inner strength.

Think of Joe Frasier, Ali and Foreman impeccable timing and their knock outs drops:
Only a wise poet like me can only wish you the best of luck

don,  listen,  poet,  t.

Author: Dark n Beautiful
Date: 02/04/2020