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№ 1200968

When I Lite This Candle

Thy soul
A temple
An altar
I lite

candle,  lite.

Author: Stu Harley
Date: 29/03/2020

№ 1197497

Star of the moon lite angel /a song 3x sing

Touch upon star tonite
O' little angel of life.
On this christmas day
As tonight tonight.
I wish upon the stars.
To hold my love
In my arms.
On this holy night.
Soft words echo in the wind.
In this moon lite night.
Touch the star in skies
On the moon lite night.
As the angel sing.
On this christmas day.
Touch the stars tonite.
O'little angel of life.
The stars are out to night.
On this christmas day.
So walk with me talk me.
Feel the love an joy.
On this special day.
As the angel sing.
Feel my heart with love
An joy.
On this christmas day.
Touch upon the star to nite.
O"little angel of life.
On this christmas day.
As tonight tonight.
I wish upon the star.
To hold my love in my arms.
As the angels sing on this holy
Feel the love feel the joy
On this christmas day.

Sing three that the song

angel,  lite,  moon,  sing,  song,  star.

Author: dennis gunsteen
Date: 26/03/2020

№ 1150784

Zen Lite

I have decided
To try
Zen Lite
As an answer
To my Zen life,
And it involves
Not going to
The temple,
And not doing
And not being
And only doing
Five minutes
Of meditation practice
A day,
So instead
Of being
A Zen Marine
Like a lot of people,
I will be
A light guy.

lite,  zen.

Author: Kongsaeng Chris Everson
Date: 13/02/2020

№ 1113752

Snow-lite Transparency

A warming breath
Frosts the air
While molasses, or viscous touch,
Coat lids in sluggish resignation.

Orion glares his dominance
Hot and cold--a distant smile.
And shadows cast on icy shawls
Reflect the endless chasm of earth and sky.

I carve out a soft halo
With candle wax and lofty dreams.

Take a window seat, place it behind the eyes, and I'll never leave.

lite,  snow,  transparency.

Author: Tranquil Dawn
Date: 10/01/2020

№ 1087010

"Here's to you" *lite's a cigarette*

I'll keep smoking because it tastes like your lips
Because the way the smoke rolls out of my mouth
Just like the way you rolled the words "goodbye"
Of your tongue.
Because the smoke twirls through my fingers
They way you did.
Because it leaves my hair smelling like the wind
And smoke
And rain.
And you said you always loved the smell
When we came inside
From a smoke break.
And i would lay my head on your shoulder
And you would twirl the golden strands.
Now i need a smoke break
Because my heart aches
With the absence of your hands
With the absence of your smell
With the absence of your comfort.
With the absence of you.
So no i do not smoke to forget,
I smoke to remember.
And the memories are not the only thing that's killing me.
Because my lungs are turning as black as my heart.

cigarette,  lite.

Author: augustine
Date: 17/12/2019

№ 1059942

Winter Lite

Drizzles down
Crackly old leaves
Never raked up
The thirsty ground
Drinks it in
Mushy mud
Not cold
Not warm
Wet air
Hits those Christmas lights
They still manage
To shine
So very bright

lite,  winter.

Author: AprilDawn
Date: 23/11/2019

№ 1021919

Moon-lite or Sun-lite

What do like? she aked
Never really narrowed it down I said.

Legs or Ass or boobs She asked.
I like them all I said. Why limit my options I Said.

You dont Have a preference she asked?...

I guess I am an eye guy I said.
An eye guy? She said.

Yes I said. When I look into yours, everything else fades. I said.

Her eyes dropped for an instant. Her cheeks flushed.

She looked me in the eye and her lashes sent Morse code blinks like
A ship to shore message.

My heart skipped.

lite,  moon,  sun.

Author: Geno Cattouse
Date: 19/10/2019

№ 857869

Morning lite.

These quiet morning moments weaving through
My heart's loom,
Stitching glimmering thread
Softly into my bed sheets.
The look in your eyes as we wake and simultaneously
Spiral back into each other -
Vine wrapped delicately round the tree bark.
Hands holding skin and unspoken words,
Cradling a newborn slurring smiles in return.
Yawning fingers intent on methodically massaging out
Knots and jagged gaps,
Reminded to not mold, reminded to let moments unfold, reminded to not hold on
Too long.
Tranquility in tender lips, airy down the spine,
Reclining a mind bent over fever dreams,
Gently tugging it back to reality.
Grounding toes and cracking bones
And stretching an intimacy in patient growth.
Set the day's metronome to the swsh-swsh of bristles on sleepy teeth,
Swsh-swsh-swsh-swsh trying not to giggle spit sticky wishes,
Tempering my touch with a lagging time piece,
Keeping hasty hankerings in a box at my feet.
Breathing the unmistakable scent of you in deep -
Shanti shanti shanti
Whispered across heavy-lidded eyes.
Let me steep
My longing with tea leaves,
Come drink the morning sky with me.

lite,  morning.

Author: Joanna Oz
Date: 23/05/2019