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I live in you

I am in crowd or alone,
I always miss you,
I am in hunger or thirst,
I always remember you,
I feel pain or I cry,
I always need you,
I feel happy or I smile,
I want to be with you,
When I loose or I gain,
I want to be with you,
I am awake or I sleep,
I always see you,
When I breath or blink,
It is only for you,
Either I live or die,
I will be in you,
My Honey I love you.


Author: Sheik Hazi
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1210299

How can I live?

You may see a smile,
You might see a grin.
Stay awhile,
Pain is my only kin.

How can I live?
I can't feel anything but hollow?
I'm a puppet—your strings I must follow.

~ You string me up, & string me along
~To dance to your hopeless song.
I trip to feel alive, & die to forget.
I don't want to ever feel again.
Now, lost in your web,
I don't even care for living.

This relationship feels like a race.
Forgot' what it feels like to just be "okay".

I'm alive, but I feel insane.
I'd cry, but I'm constantly replaced,
By other boys' bodies, & their "traits".
Even in being so empty—
You see a heavy weight.

My mind is drained,
I can only see so far away.
My eyes are clouded by shame made by pain.
Pain made tears, & tears became rain.
The seeds you planted in my heart ached', as they began to germinate.
Rain grew heavy,
With the weeds that grew deadly.
Rain became a hurricane.
The wind took a turn, too late.

~I claw my eyes—raw,
At the end of each day.
Who's responsible, who's to blame?
I asked you to stay,
But you wouldn't, & the rain,
WON'T wash away your stain.
I can't erase your name,
& it comes about in all I say.
Probably because it's written across my face...
Where rain streams cover the places,
That your fingertips,

~used to trace.

By: Ashton C. Amstutz


Author: Ashton Conor Amstutz
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1210218

The Moments I Live For

Let me tell you a story, of the time I made her smile
I hope you've some time, because, this might take a while.

It all started on a whim and a dare
That I could make it to her
To her, for her, there!

So as a working adult, so responsible am I,
I got my leave approved, with a twinkle in my eye!
Perhaps that's not the right word, but it sure could have been
Especially now I've a chance, to score another win.

So days flew by and with what little money to be had
I bought for her gifts and things, and boy my heart was glad!
I said to myself Now she isn't one for fancy things, nothing to pricey especially a ring!
Now before you holler at me, and pitch a fit or drone,
Keep in mind, dear friend, that this one I had barely known!

So a few days before the day that she was to graduate from the University of her home,
I set off on the road to a new adventure, my heart so glad to be free to roam.
But along the way I began having doubts, as all strangers do,
What if she doesn't like these gifts?
Even worse, what if she felt uncomfortable, next to a person she barely knew?

See we met overseas, teaching together as it were,
The days were long, but there was still an adventure out there, but now but a blur.
So we've little time to tell each others, our deepest fears and our passions of wants,
But we made time for each other in our smiles and our jaunts.

So back to the road, and it was already too late to turn back now
Through the many hours of driving, the sun had truly beaten my brow.
And as came closer to town where she stay
It dawned upon me, I've yet to come with a plan to approach this play.

So being the improviser that I am, bought some (overpriced) flowers
And delivered it to her house that day.
Unfortunately, it was, cold, raining, and miserable all the more,
What else that was slightly embarrassing was that she did not answer her door.

Of course, I never told her I would be coming down at all,
I simply decided to go to her town, without so much as a call!
So I laid the bouquet of assorted colored flowers down
On a pillow soft and plush on the front porch to the door, and proceeded back to town.


The next day had come, I am slightly concerned if I smell of my night in my car
But waste no time getting properly dressed for the occasion,
I of course triple check myself, because, this was her graduation!

The ceremony had commenced! And I spot her from the far side of the stadium!
My, what a sight she was, if only the others could have seen her then...

She finally stands in line, as the many predecessors has done before
And soon enough, she's walking across the stage floor!

Her family and friends, scream and cry their delight!
And I give a long awaited bellow of satisfaction, much to the crowd's unpleasant fright.
Congratulations are then tossed around, like the caps which were far flung
And off I was in a dash, from the bottom rung.

I could not find her initially,
But never fear, and not to worry.
God and his sense of timing and humor,
Led me right back to her.

I drove back to her house, thinking I'll lay the gift and disappear
But it would not be so, as I pull up and with her back turned
I see her.

I pull up, like it was just another day
And like the dork I am, here is what I say
"Hey little lady, going some where? "

The look on her face was priceless. Beyond all compare!
Moments like those are what I live for, just to be there.

She turned around astounded! Confused but happy all the same
And then I heard it, the one thing that made it worth it
When she cried out my name.

I parked the car, but not fast enough and burst through my door to meet her once more, on the parking lot floor.
A moment seared forever, the back burners of my mind
Of moment to be remembered, because we don't leave friends behind.

So the day went on, and we celebrated together on her victory
And it was all worth it, just to see her happy.

These are the moments I live for.

live,  moments.

Author: Danigan Lee
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1209736

We Live Inside A Prayer

Listen to this prayer
We breathe this
Fragile air
Made of
Care and
If we dare
To reach
The starry night
Then we
Live inside
A prayer

inside,  live,  prayer.

Author: Stu Harley
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208861

Live ...I Give Up

If I allowed you to shoot yourself my heart would forever perish
For there's no way someone
In it can take a bullet and it survives
Allowing you kill yourself
Is suicide to me, you're in my heart...
I leased a big part for you to stay
But you've never even brought a chair
The curtains you left are tattered with grief
I wish I'd known you weren't going to stay
I wish you had a signpost written
"Don't fall, this is an abyss"


Author: Ignatius Hosiana
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208603

Colliding hurricanes // we don't live alone

I want to know if angels cry
When they see what we're doing
Down here from the sky
I wonder if they watch us
As we wreck this world
Wreck all these places and people
Spinning little hurricanes
All caught up in our own eyes
Centred around what we can see
There's little room for any others

Or their own catastrophes
We live and work around ourselves
Self-preservation is what we
Never seemed to manage to lose
We always needed it, didn't we
Because of the dark alleys and back roads
The grimier corners that made us look twice
Over our shoulders and tighten our hands
Around the weight of the world on our shoulders
Because we didn't trust anybody else to hold it up

I used to think it was awful to be
Someone who spun around themselves
But I think I'm starting to find
That maybe, it's better to bind
Yourself to yourself, and keep arms wrapped around
Push up away from the hardened ground
I wonder if the angels see
Every tiny smile shared between the few
Who stopped to try and enjoy the view
Of a broken world full of people who want to fix it.

colliding,  don,  hurricanes,  live,  t.

Author: lena
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207926

What a lovely place to live

Aunties and their daughters
Pay a fortune to see the hills
Burning fuel on roads
Carved out of rock
They talk of the crisp mountain breeze
Plunked down in AC cars
They point at tea gardens green
Through thick sheets of tinted glass
"Look there, a lonely hut
Amidst the greens the only hut,
What a lovely place to live!
Dressed in straw, bathed in sunlight,
Ringed with only rows of tea.
Mother, I want a house like that,
Oh what a lovely place to live! "

Somewhere inside the lonely hut
Sat weeping a young lonely girl
Cussing at the straw, at the
Scathing sunlight and at the
Endless rows of tea.
As she plucked leaves warily that noon,
A snake slithered to her feet
But only the trees heard her wail
Only the breeze cupped her face.

Even at an age of eighteen
She would not admit
What a lovely place to live!
Was her ugly lonely hut.

live,  lovely,  place.

Author: Disha Verma
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207897

I Live With A Lazy Person

She is attached to the couch
Like a swollen tomatoe;
Glued to the TV, supine and subservient.
Texting while while writing a generic fantasy novel, with the
Televison serving as an audio fireplace,
She believes she'll be famous despite
Lacking concentration, respect, and will.

O, call to the daycares; a baby is loose --
Neck fastened by an electronic noose.
America come and receive thy child;
Harbor a body sheltered from the wild;
And how could you expect such
Sofa fungus to survive? Well,
First, to save someone else, they
Must be alive.

lazy,  live,  person.

Author: Joshua Haines
Date: 05/04/2020