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Local muse found at depths of riverbank

Liquid will swirl into the shape of it's cradle as hearts will mold to the minds of their successors. background checks?

Tl; dr.


­brave girls have cranberry vodka running through their veins, isn't that right? drink up, buttercup.
What's it if you and i goes on a ride? i got a paintbrush, you've got what needs to be painted. i'll paint you so good you won't even recognize yourself.
Portraiture is dead and landscape is only dying.
Let me
-make you
-in two
A landscape.
You're gonna be sittin' pretty for the rest of your life, 'cause i'm not giving you any other options. open up those ankles - we're out of paint.
This prototype calls for one cup of honeydew, one cup of darling- stop -.
If it's on the market, how illegal could it be?
Throw 'er in the pot.
The bottom drawer plays labyrinth to movers, shakers, mixers, fixers.
All those faces are too hard to tell apart, if you ask me. ten can-can dancers, please, and make it snappier than jaws on concrete!

No, not like that.
You're spending too much money on lipstick anyways. girls don't need makeup. girls will look pretty no matter what angle i've determined your elbows should be. your short-haired sister doesn't appear to be using this blood.
Lay her on thick; and make sure you write those scars off as business expenses.

depths,  local,  muse,  riverbank.

Author: Jenny
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1179609

Speaking w/ a Local from Dahab

It seems like this place has a certain pull, it's bringing people here. What's attracting so many?

*Because they can hear the silence

local,  speaking.

Author: Brycical
Date: 10/03/2020

№ 1170807

Your Local News

Boy! Do we need some
In this season of

Politicians in my Hair

local,  news.

Author: Nancy E Tracy
Date: 02/03/2020

№ 1166663

The Advantages of Going Local

At the East High School Farmers Market,
The produce was AMAZING
On this beautiful
August day.
I really loaded up!
I got me some turnips,
Some Chinese eggplants,
Some carrots,
Some chard,
Some celery,
And even some apricots from the Western Slope.
There are certainly advantages
To going local!
I noticed a booth where two young ladies
Had a clipboard,
But no veggies or fruit.
What were they doing here?
One was African-American,
And one was Hispanic.
They both had big butts,
Big breasts,
And long,
Shapely legs
And Each wore micro mini skirts
With red pump shoes.
I walked up to the table and asked them,
"Hey, ladies, "
"What's your business here today? "
The African-Lady replied,
"We're campaigning for the decriminalization of prostitution, sir. "
I felt a bit perplexed.
I asked them,
"Why are you campaigning on this issue at a Farmers Market? "
"What does selling sex have to do with selling fruits and vegetables? "
The Lovely Latina responded to my question.
"Isn't it best when you can get you goods locally, sir? " she asked me.
"Why should American Men be sexual tourists abroad, when the sexiest women are right here in Denver? "
I'll admit.
She had a valid point.
Sexual Tourism in Third World Countries
Can be very exploitive/
If prostitution was decriminalized,
More men would be having
Sex locally,
And it would be good for
The Local Economy.
I asked the ladies one more question,
"How do I know that your sex work is as good as the hookers overseas? " I asked them.
In response to that remark,
They each opened their blouses a bit wider
To reveal more a bit more cleavage.
The African-American Lady and made final statement,
"Honey, you just sign that petition, "
"Vote for our Referendum in November! "
"I guarantee that we'll show you a good time"
"Without comparison anywhere on Earth! "

advantages,  going,  local.

Author: Daniel Steven Moskowitz
Date: 27/02/2020

№ 1162049

The Local Used-Book Store

At my local used-book store
There is a small poetry section
Filled with dusty old volumes
Of Whitman, Eliot, and Dickenson.
There are newer poets too,
Regardless, they are barely touched.

Each time I visit
The selection has not changed.
In fact, the spaces from where
I pulled my last purchases,
Nearly a month ago,
Are still there.

So is the hard-covered Frost
And the book of Yeats
I thought was a Pocket-Poets Collection.
Normally, I am searching for new-to-me poetry,
Variety to whet my palate with,
Finding various poets I have not read.

Yet this time I searched the shelves
For my new friend Carl Dennis
Who's poetry has been like Rooibos
On a cold spring day,
Warming my soul
And awakening my senses.

Yet near the spaces I left
Nearly a month ago from today,
Mr. Dennis cannot be found,
And I am faced with the same volumes
I faced a month ago, variety that
I normally look for, just not today.

book,  local,  store.

Author: Austin Bauer
Date: 23/02/2020

№ 1157469

A Doggerel to the Local Dog(s)

You have been barking too much
And you seem to have lost touch
With what is acceptable behavior
Ignoring the example of any Savior.
The community is also sick and tired
Of the noise you make that's inspired
By the standards you wish to impose
On other people to follow your nose.
You think that when barking you don't drivel
Expecting those whom you bark at to shrivel
By the magnitude of the noise that you make
So as to impress all others for your own sake.
You're really nothing but a mongrel after all
And don't give a damn about others who call
Often out to you to shut up and stop barking
But continue with a selfish clamor marking.
Could it be those whom you bark at are being
A threat to your own position you're seeing?
Or is it perhaps due to the diminishing customer base
As the neighborhood is now aware of your sad case?
The time's coming when you'll get a kick up the arse
So the incessant dreary noise you now make will pass.

dog,  local.

Author: George Krokos
Date: 19/02/2020

№ 1148977

Local Bums Living in the Slums

No place is safe.
Your path will be traced.
Your existence hollow.
Not somebody to follow.
If you can't guess.
Your not my mess.
Leave me alone, just go home.
If you don't have cash, you are jobless trash.
Looking lazy & mean has become your daily theme.
No I can't spare some change.
Maybe a job would hire you if you weren't so strange.

© Harmony Sapphire. All rights reserved

bums,  living,  local,  slums.

Author: Harmony Sapphire
Date: 11/02/2020

№ 1145209

The local

The ceiling was smoke stained
Tables all beer stained
And the stains held the memories
Of a century of miners

In the 'Tap Room'
At the
Horse and Groom
Where men were men
And ladies not allowed.

No Tap Rooms now
How times have changed,
It's pretty peculiar and
What are Tequilas?
Tall drinks
All half pints or so me thinks

I need a coffee.


Author: John Edward Smallshaw
Date: 08/02/2020