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My Train (long)

I never did fall in Love with the train so much after I moved into this house just three long months ago. I have spent many short nights near it, allowing its strong and heavy heart beat to pound heavily throughout my dreams, along with its striking whistles and screams, disrupting, even awakening me at some moments. I use to envy the train, and dance near it within the darkest moments of the night. It used to read me stories in the sheer warmth and brightness of a day next to my dear oceans and stones. Its powerful vibrations would sweep through me; a calm disruption yet shattering danger; as if I would be so high that I would forget to move out of the way! Or strong arms wrapped around, as if to protect me from my own danger. This was my train.

And when I would first come to visit this house, it was the train that brought my heart pleasure. I would run up to its rusty frame, and speak of old technology and street art and sing along with all those noises that would penetrate the air!

ВЂњIt is my culture! It was my home! ” I would say.

All its great horns and moving. It rumbles on through, with no warning or consequence, shifting our city and angering young men in cars.

(And I think some men need to be angry. )

And Today I fell back in Love. My cigarette on porch step, she came through like an old friend. Although today my train looked sad. She was not moving so quickly, and struggled to cross. But I know why she slowed. Exposing bare metal and paints, we all needed this reminder, so we watched her strut slowly. Have I forgotten of good art? This old grandmother of oil. Rattling my City; sweeping, grinding through. Economists and Street Kids alike! We all know of this train. Now lets watch it apart:

The old man near the tree does not have a home, though we watched it together. If he could, he would smile and kiss me on the cheek, though we both know I could never accept such kindness. You see, this neighborhood is the sort where kind neighbors come door-to-door asking for spare cigarettes rather than sugar, and where beer and cocaine could be considered a better party. So I shook her hand once, and exchanged good smiles and smokes, spoke shortly on the porch of our hobos and trains, and agreed in mutuality that we Loved our strange home.

ВЂњThis is such a great neighborhood with such character and jazz! ”

Its roaming ground people, empty pockets and buildings, seeming so goddamn ugly thus enchanting us all! That building like a tree lit up by the night, it was my great shining beacon directing me to light.

My rock.
My Land.

My rattling, tattered home, where I so nestle with Mine, my music, your screens. Our Moon and your Sun. And it blows...

long,  train.

Author: Lucy
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1209661

Too long.

When i am alone, two days seem eternal.
I close my eyes and think,
And because i think i feel,
And because i feel i yearn.
Two days seem forever.
I remember the hours we spent together,
How fast they came and went;
I remember
And i want them back.
Two days seem too long
To go without your betraying touch,
To go without tasting your sin,
Or feeling your manliness
Take over.
I close my eyes and think,
Think about that moment
As i become your woman
And the pain becomes my pleasure.
Two days is too long,
To suffer the burning
Of not having you remember me;
Of not knowing whether you want me too,
Of imagining you elsewhere.


Author: Fa Be O
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1209382

A very long yawn

A tiredness overcomes me that is deeper than love
And duller than feeling
I am not sleeping
I have not slept
And yet I do not think of sleep
So what do I think of?
I think of love and warmth but my veins are cold and
Sticking out of my hands in a disgusting way that bothers me
Quite extensively.
I want to get a surgery to get rid of all the veins in my
Body, can I do that?
If you know a doctor please refer me.

long,  yawn.

Author: Annalise Berkeley
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208894

Just Expressing (As long as you're happy)

It doesn't matter
If you don't respond to my messages

It doesn't matter
If you don't appreciate my efforts

It doesn't matter
If you don't have time to look my way

It doesn't matter
If you can't return my feelings

It doesn't matter
If you only see me as colleague

It doesn't matter
If you only see me as a friend

It doesn't matter
As long as you're happy...

expressing,  happy,  long.

Author: Hi De
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208689

Mile Long Texting

Welcome to the fast lane of...
Hold on I'm vibrating.
Cell phone flips open
Thumbs move like clockwork
Even when inattentive eyes start dead
At the chalkboard.
1st period notes
To last period quizzes,
The mind makes no error between the difference where letters A
And S go.
The world is filled tweets on Twitter
And texts to Timmy's tiny little brother.
Excuse me please,
I'll take a super-sized Facebook
But please
Leave out homework
Because I'd like a tall glass of procrastination.
I'll take a ride on the super highway that is a cell phone.
Mile long texting to the person right next to me.
Hey generation X take a seat
And have a laugh at generation TEXT.
I'd like to be the first to say welcome to end of conversation.
Please take a look around
But you might miss the latest drama
If you happen to glance down.
Life is quick
, easy
And painless
But didn't momma always teach us that that shit was dangerous?
But, hey,
What can I say to change the minds of those who have change their ideas on life about a hundred million times.
I'm just another face in the crowd that has a phone out and my face down.
Whatever happened to actually speaking words that could open doors and let loose a sense of humanity?
Would you like to know answer?
Well here it is...
I have check Facebook.

long,  mile,  texting.

Author: Joey Austin
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207333

"Long time, no see!"

Our feet tread the same ground,
Our lungs breathe the same air.
Yet, my suspicions are mounting
Of a disparity between our realities.

To you I'm barely here,
To me you're barely there.
If we should chance to meet
"Long time, no see! "

Then lean in to embrace
And solidify our greeting,
We'd pass straight through
With barely a feeling.

"Well, take care! "
Then it's over,
And so fleeting.

"Goodbye. "
"I'll see you again. "
On the other side,
My dear friend.

long,  time.

Author: Neil Brooks
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1207152

Takin' The Long Way Around

She likes to go out of her way now
But her heart is still a back-seat driver
She keeps saying I'm the one driving here
You be quiet, I'm the one who'll steer

I can't get her to take a rose from my hand
She used to love someone else without any flowers
Now I have to make a promise before a kiss
She's afraid of the feeling she's gonna' miss

Takin' the long way around love
Takin' the long way around love
She'd rather climb a tree and pretend
Than stand on the ground and love again

I want to sit by a river with a friend
Forgetting about hard times
Thinking about what's to come
We used to be excited about a mystery
Now we want to know how the story will end

Takin' the long way around love
Takin' the long way around love
She'd rather close the curtains at night
Than let me love her under the moonlight

long,  takin.

Author: Mark Lecuona
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1207128

Long days

I'm laying in my bed
Surrounded by darkness
Listening to the footsteps above me
It's easy to tell who's walking.

I turn over and sigh,
Still in a mood from last night
I just want to go back to sleep
So another day can pass me by,

But I have to get up and fight.

days,  long.

Author: Jaycee
Date: 04/04/2020