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No longer a peach

I fell into your hand,
A pit
Stripped of its sweet flesh
Torn to nothing
By enamel claws.

longer,  peach.

Author: Samantha
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1205709

No Longer Summer

Wind whips through my hair
Sending it like a cat of nine tails
Across my face

I smile on

A foam of gray spreads its wings above me
So different from the blue of yesterday

Bleak brown figures reach
Their bare arms towards me
Begging for the coverings they have shed

I glance down, and rise up
A shiny black surface smiles at me
How odd that the chariots that ride it
Are so rusty
And unadorned
Unlike the solid ground
I once rode on
Gray and ugly, but ridden by shiny, beautiful things
Almost as if to say that the most beautiful
Things are found at the lowest point

Sky above me
Trees around me
Ground beneath me
Blood inside

Take me to a summer where
Glory will in my eyes shine

longer,  summer.

Author: Marisa Lu Makil
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1204977

No Longer Made of Flesh

No longer
Made of flesh
A temple
The soul to rest
Layers of spirituality

flesh,  longer.

Author: Stu Harley
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1203933

No longer an Angel

We are all born angels
Everyone at every single place
I was one such angel
But I've fallen from my grace...

Dear God forgive me
I do not wish to cause you shame
But a sin I have committed
And I'm the only one to blame...

Your virtue of love and innocence
I seem to have given away
I didn't mean to cause you trouble
So please hear me while I pray...

Dear God, I am a broken angel
My wings will no longer spread
Please forgive me and all my sins
Because disappointing you is what I dread...

I'm sorry for giving up my virtue
I'm sorry for throwing it away
Please forgive me and my sins
And please hear me while I pray...

angel,  longer.

Author: BertJane Perez
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1203065

They said, "We no longer Love You.."...

How Can I Love Thee?
Let Me count the Ways...


So Gorgeous! Whenever we think Love is over or past, it's clear we didn't see the New away which it became.

longer,  love.

Author: KathleenAMaloney
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1198312

Longer the short

Everynight they grow longer,
This is nothing to do with my tolerance being stronger,
It's not the high that I chase,
It's death I want to face,
Nearly dying my true desire,
If you repeat this I will call you a liar.
How close can I get to the fire?

Without being burnt.
Touching the flame,
Everything unlearnt.
Yourself to blame.

If you die, comeback,
Self inflicted heart attack.
Can't tell a soul,
Your secret goal.

Wishing there was another side,
That there is another place,
When this goes wrong a place to hide,
Where no recognises your face.

You love the high more that you should,
Blinded by trees not the wood.
The way great pines reach the sky,
Make you think of only one thing and sigh.
Lost in the forest without an escape,
Your body becoming an ugly shape.
No direction for you to run,
Only to repeat what you have done.
When it started it was only for fun,
Now it's burden weighs more than a ton.

Everytime you think your on the right path,
The voice inside you has a laugh.
If your heart did pop,
The laughter would not stop.
It would never end,
Continued by my demonic friend.

The other place, beyond the cloud,
Where anythings aloud,
Laughter's even more loud.
It made me question what I am hearing,
My ignorance in what I'm fearing.
The voice is my own, and I should be laughing.
My own life I should be choreographing.

When I sit back and hear my own joke,
It's not that i want to choke,
Nor smell the coke
Or have a massive toke.

It's not the afterlife that I seek,
Death is for the meek.
Its the realisation that I am alive,
I want to survive.
It took me an experience,
To understand obedience,
In will to live,
Not just to seem tomorrow,
But to be alive and there's more time to borrow

longer,  short.

Author: Billy 13
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1196668

I can't fight this any longer (I don't want to)

My body tingles after sipping down that first long pull
My lips dripping with the sweet fire of my greatest desire
The wave of relief washes over my entire being
I shudder because the world is finally right again
I have spent 15 long years battling these demons
I was never really expecting to win
And now I'm just so damned tired
That I've decided to finally give in

don,  fight,  longer,  t.

Author: Randy Lee
Date: 25/03/2020

№ 1193893

The full title to this poem is longer than the poem itself

Lies, disappointment
The poem is exactly
Same syllable count

full,  longer,  poem,  title.

Author: S D S
Date: 23/03/2020