Poems about lose


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A Friend I Couldn't Bare To Lose

When I First Met Her,
It Wasn't Even Classified As Meeting,
She Was Rude,
Was Making Statements That I Could Never Say,
Then The Next Time We Met
It Was At A Crowded Table,
I A Somewhat Shy Girl (Not Really),
Was Invited To Sit Down,
I Was Afraid To Sit With All Those,
Tough People Who Barley Accepted Anyone,
But I Sat And Made Friends,
We Really Didnt Talk All That Much,
And I Moved Away To A Different Table,
But In A Few Months,
I Returned,
And We Became Close,
We Exchanged Numbers,
Had A Few Conversations,
But Then She Told Me,
I Was One Of Her Inspirations,
We Became Close As,
Conjoined Twins,
And Now I Know,
We Will Stick Together Through Thick And Thin

bare,  friend,  lose,  t.

Author: Sydney Victoria
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1208468

When You Lose Someone Special You Lose A Part Of Yourself As Well

Today my world fell apart
One of my best friends died
As soon as I heard the news
All I wanted to do was cry
I felt my body go numb
In the person's arms who was holding me
I felt my tears fall to the floor like rain
As I sat there on my knees
As I walked home from school that day
I felt a raindrop on my head
I think about my last moments with my friend
And all of the things he said
He was the first one I went to
Whenever I needed to cry
When I felt stupid about a challenge
He would always encourage me to try
His death was so unexpected
He was just here yesterday
How can someone you hugged twenty four hours ago
Just simply go away
Where do I go from here now
My life was revolved around him
Now I am here to live life alone
And I really, really miss him
As I get home and walk into my room
The rain falls outside in a rush
I sit in the dark and cry into my pillow
Imagining his touch
All that is running through my head right now
Is how life used to be
How I lost my best friend
Who was a special part of me

lose,  special.

Author: Mandie Michelle Sanders
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207083

Party At 10:00 and it'll end when I lose you as a friend. Hopefully never.

You see,
What I hear is loud music
But if you turn it down this house is filled
With conversation and laughter
When you take that away
You can almost feel the good vibes
Weave themselves in-between connecting rooms

I'm coming down from my high
But the drink in my palm will pick me back up
And If that doesn't work
Then I'm just happy to be where I am

Flashes in the corner
People holding on to memories
Still portraits of how they're feeling at this very moment
It'll be something fun to look at in five years

If you carry a party foul attitude when you walk in
Might as well slap and kick yourself out
There's no room for that amongst friends
There are so many people in the world
And if everyone acted as such...
Then we really wouldn't get that far

So come on in
Think of that welcome mat
As a hug
Instead of something you wipe your feet on

The front door
Is a high-five or a handshake
From a good friend you haven't seen in awhile

friend,  hopefully,  lose,  party.

Author: Joey Zimmerman
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206948

Nothing to Lose

Walking on
Shattered dreams like
Broken glass;
Piercing the soles of
My feet like the
Soul of my

Untied my laces and
Slipped off
My shoes;
It's hard to
Let go when you've
Nothing to


Author: Devon Webb
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206618

Where did you lose your keys?

The intelligent green space
Between your mind's eye and I
The longing and pride
Sojourning then away
The lichen parade
The lost holiday behind the lines of
ВЂњthe little guy” grocery aisles
Princess brides and time machines
Take us back to better moments
Spread out like stars floating in a lonely lake
In the midsection of night
Lost lanterns still squeeze light onto darkened corridors
Down below the “real” world
Where they still mine for peace of mind
Always digging
Never ending ...
Compromises lead to unwanted surprises
Disguising true intention
A popular rendition
Of a song once swallowed and digested
Not just a one night investment
The lights are on
And you never actually lost your keys
You've had them all along

keys,  lose.

Author: Liam Lost
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206531

Lose One. Lose All. Lose You.

ЂњLose one friend. Lose all friends. Lose yourself. ”
Three simple sentences said by a favorite TV persona that ring truer and truer by the day
I used to think them hogwash, certainly not right
But now I see the truth in the words and because of that I feel fright

Lose one friend
This is because of some simple riff or fight
You didn't think anything of it
You think that everything would be alright
Little did you know that this one thing would change it all
It would change how you viewed the world;
How you saw through your crystal ball

Lose all friends
Simply because all friends take sides
They may claim they want to be Switzerland
But they can't just run and hide
This causes a division—
A civil war among you all
Those people you used to hold dearest
Now seem like strangers behind a wall

Lose yourself
Because they have become a part of you in their own way
It happens every time someone touches your life
Whether long term or just for a day
You molded them into your life
And made them your comfort zone
You never would have expected
That one day they would be gone
It's sad that they took part of you with them
And this makes you feel so wrong

I guess it comes with the territory
Of making and losing friends
You always hope for the best
But you really don't know until the end


Author: Melissa Vance
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1204770

Lose it

If I feel nothing, is that what I am?
My anger and frustration spilling to the floor
Soaking through my socks and shoes,
Leaving me boiling with distaste for
Whatever it is I've been threatened to lose.

My anger is something.
My fury is rising as my patience takes a knee,
As if this was avoidable by those I love,
As they only expect my loving glee,
As some shove against it telling me, "move. "

I feel it. I feel the press
The selfish desires of those to whom I cater,
My selfish heart only wants more
And yet those who never fought me, but later
I find they care most when I'm sore.

And here I am at the brink of it
As my calm waters are to be infected with red.
My seas imbued with wretched distaste
I'll try to remember all you said
So I don't put your words to waste.


Author: Isabel Levy
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1200504

I win. You lose.

You sound like a crazy pyro-maniac.
That's all too true.
How midnight skies turn blue.
And you're too busy setting this world on fire.
You're inner demons are shining through.
Just grow up.
And be you.
Don't let other people catch you.
*Not someone else.

lose,  win.

Author: Levi Andrew
Date: 29/03/2020