Poems about lost


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She was standing there
In the middle of nowhere
Searching for herself


Author: Tainara
Date: 07/04/2020

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I looked down at my hand,

Thought of
And waves
And sand.

Then my brain
And my eyes
And I lost sight of my hand.

I lost sight of my plan.
I lost sight of the sand.
I lost sight and I ran.

My brain didn't control my eyes any longer.


I'm spiraling,
My eyes and fingers crossed.

With the wind,
I'm tossed.


Author: chickn
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1209687

On Love Lost -

You see, the hardest thing to endure when you lose someone is not the part where you see him walking away or running even; it's not her shutting the door closed or shouting at you begging to let her go. If anything else, I think that's the end of it.

For the longest time, I thought one only loses someone when they finally got away from each other. Who could've thought that even if we're centimeters apart, and even if my arms are wrapped around you... I still lost you.

I still recall the first time I lost you.

I lost you the moment I looked into your eyes expecting them to shine but all I got were empty glances. The reflection I saw was not at all about me, it's you I see, and I see you're not happy. I lost you the moment I asked about your plans and you kept talking about how you wanted to see the world and make a difference and not even once did you use the word "we". I lost you the moment I tried to write you letters only to find them underneath your pillowcase, sealed, unopened, unread.

I lose you every time I try to gain you back and the hardest thing about losing someone who forced themselves to stay... *is continuously losing them every day.

lost,  love.

Author: -
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1209606

Lost Love

Come back to me, my love.
You've been gone far too long,
And it's half-past time
For your return.
Bring back your beauty,
Your inspiration, your passion.
The tides coming in fast tonight,
I'll stay by the lighthouse,
In case you get lost.
You can find your way back to me, love.
I'll light up the night sky
With all the embers burning in my heart.
There must be a way,
You can return to me.

lost,  love.

Author: A Allen
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1209575

Lost in the search

I sought true love
From a man,
Who didn't even know
Who love is!
For that reason
He is not at fault
For not giving me the
Love I once knew.

lost,  search.

Author: Deep Ponderer
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1209367

Lost Lonely Loser

Never could small talk
Clumsy awkward and disheveled
Fitted in by fitting out

This is no perfect other for me I'm convinced
I'm to old
Weird and can't carry a thought to fruition

All of my life I have been looking
Hoping to find a lover
She must have not been born

Scary thought dying without next of kin
Then again there will be no sorry and pain
No grieving
Which is good

lonely,  loser,  lost.

Author: George E McLaughlin Jr
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208508

Lost In Oblivion

I fall to the ground
And i want to die,
I painfully scream,
I painfully cry,
I hate this world,
I just dont understand,

I just want to know,
To feel, to see,
What to do,
Who to be,

I wanna know how to live,
How to go on,
As if everythings right,
And nothing is wrong,
Oh its been so long,
Since my sadness was gone,
And my heart wants to live,
But this pressure wont give,

And no matter how much i resist,
No matter how much i fight,
The sadness takes control,
It holds me so tight,

And then i cant breathe,
My body gets weak,
My eyes cant see,
My lips cant speak,

And then i fall to the ground,
And i just want to die,
In agony i scream,
In despair i cry,
And i dont know why
This is happening to me,
Why the darkness comes so suddenly,

And so...
I am lost
In the emptiness of space,
A cold, dark, forgotten place,
I am
Lost in oblivion

lost,  oblivion.

Author: Marco Jimenez
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1208404


I'm really starting lose love for this nigga undercover
Its fucked up that I gotta say that about my little brother
But every since this boy gotten older it's more drama
He care about a girl way more than his own momma
And plus this nigga rolling with niggas who be banging
I even tried to talk to this nigga about choices he making
All this nigga said its my life and my choice
This nigga be acting so tuff
He just a bluff
Can't even fuck with him
I d beat him if I could
But I keep own keeping it good
LORD I'm really tryna hold a lot of anger its getting harder
Cause the things this boy been doing ain't bringing this family farther
Maybe it would be better if he started living with our father
A Bad Big brother is how this boy rates me
What's the since of shedding a tear
Towards a brother that prolly hates me
He say them niggas out in dem streets his real fam
At first I felt bad now ion really give a damn
He da type nigga that want everything handed to him
And when he can't get what he wants he'd steal
But I ll give him a bit credit if I see him tryna change
But if it doesn't work
It is what it is
I'm done talking about this nigga

lost,  pt.

Author: YoungGentleman17
Date: 05/04/2020