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№ 1209066

I argue with myself a lot it's the only way i can try to get a word in

Free me.
Teach me how to be grand and pure.
No more will I be an expectation unfit for the queen.
I may have potentioal, but in my capabilities,
It is nonesistant.
Bring me to the sun and let me burn
The cigarettes match my memories, but
They don't add up.
Electrical wires are down.
No one seems to see farther than glass. \
If I were any more translucent I would be a ghost - i was always quite spiritual
I am trying so hard to listen to the secrets but
I am enslaved by souls that are far from sane

argue,  lot,  word.

Author: emma joy
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1207017

A Lot to Learn

You were always shocked
When I would ask questions
That to you were seemingly
By your harsh definition.

Like you favourite colour.
Orange, you said.
When I wanted to know if your preference
Leaned more towards sunsets
Or fire
Or tamer things,
You told me to stop asking so many questions.

It was orange, that was all.

When you bought flowers
I was surprised to see that they were pink.
It might not have mattered, but it got me thinking
About how much you don't care to know.
Little things speak volumes,
But you disregard them.
Because it is easier to fall in love
On a superficial level,
But I crave depth.
So here I am in small pieces:

I take my coffee black.
I like to do crosswords in the paper like an old person,
And I can't finish most of them.
I have terrible vision but refuse to wear glasses.
In quiet moments, I talk with myself like an old friend
And it is a strange illusion.
I collect business cards,
And strangers.
I like fridge magnets
And no sound can seduce me
Quite like a good song can.
I cry when I'm angry.
I write bad poetry.
I love to laugh.
I'm a terrible swimmer.

I hate the colour pink.

You should have known that much.
At the very least, you should have wanted to.
When it comes to love my dear,
You have a lot to learn.

-Emma Cooper

learn,  lot.

Author: Emma Cooper
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1205640

Mr. Tweet-a-lot

Give a man a Twitter account
And watch him tweet to his heart's content--
A dangerous thing for a gullible audience
And a misinformed president.

Passing on intelligence briefings
And getting his info from "Morning Joe"
And conspiracy theory websites is how
Trump shows that he's in the know.

Will we see obnoxious tweets
Day after day from him?
Will somebody please take that man's
Twitter account away from him?

- by Bob B (11-28-16)

lot,  tweet.

Author: Bob B
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1204013

Mean a lot

All my feelings deeply rooted in your arms
Teach me how to dance
In the world when i hear cries of drums
When i look into your eyes i see something invisible to human
You have transformed my world despite all my errors

Your sweet smiles light my ways to another planet
I will never break your heart I will always share with you how i feel
And i will treat u just right
Now i trust my feelings
Your everything to me despite all my failings
You put a smile on my poor face

You make me strong
Because your always there for me when am in vain.
So i will be in your world for ages & ages
Generations to generations
Only if u let me to b in forever
You are the one i cant live without
This fact is true
U mean a lot to me


Author: Lanno chiipira
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1195978

I work a lot. Sometimes.

'Fish door, ' chants Cochrane. 'Fish door, fish door, yea. '
Most jobs don't come with a box of surreal. Or allow you a bowl of cereal.
This job is different.

lot,  work.

Author: tread
Date: 25/03/2020

№ 1194721

Love can mean a lot

There are those in my life that i want to tell that i love them,
But i'm not in love with them.
There's a love i have for them, a love towards them,
But not a love i want to be consumed in
Not a love i want to drown in
Not a love that sinks deeply into my bones.
It's a love i feel true in my heart and want them to know,
But not be in it with them.

One day i'll find a love
So blindingly strong
That i must be enveloped in it

And that will be nice too

lot,  love.

Author: ZoГ« Bestel
Date: 24/03/2020

№ 1193485

It takes a lot of courage to admit that maybe you do lack control

I have always been one
To take one too many
Just to see what would happen,
Just to watch the flames grow,
And warm the abyss i felt.

To wake me up.

But maybe i was diving into a deeper sleep;
A subconscious indefinite slumber;
A mad, pointless cycle of irresponsible affairs
I gave myself excuse after excuse for.

Because it was easier
To pick up a bottle,
To swallow a pill,
To rip petals off a flower,

Than to admit defeat.

-e. s

admit,  control,  courage,  lack,  lot,  takes.

Author: Erika Michelle Spedding
Date: 23/03/2020

№ 1189789

Parking Lot

Running through the parking lot
I keep racing.
I can't stop.

Slowly I'm collapsing.
The blood runs down my arm.
I scream. I laugh.
My spirit isn't alarmed.

My hair is askew
My laughter fills the air.
After all I've been through,
I'm glad that he's not there.

But soon a shadow approaches.
I glance down at my stained hand.
I try to run, but he grabs my shoulders, I am not strong enough to stand.

He holds my arm and looks at me
As tears run down his face.
"What the hell were you thinking?
You could never be replaced. "

My laughter was gone
As soon as his tears escaped.
And so, as he holds me tightly,
I stare down at my knife
Now a foreign shape.

I pull free and throw it
As far as I can manage.
I take a deep breath in
As we go to repair the damage.

lot,  parking.

Author: Mary Alexander
Date: 19/03/2020