Poems about love


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I Don't Love You

She looked bewildered and baffled
When I told her, I don't love you

Do you understand
Do you see the picture
Do I need to spell it

Watch my lips

don,  love,  t.

Author: DC raw love
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1210630

"love" reborn (rebirth of venus)

Below the eyelid-waves,
Another iridescence grows.
Currents blur the view in pentacles of light
To rhythms of the waning breath
--warping what an artist's vision yields,
The canvas of the mind stretched taut
In hues to coalesce the old and new,
Absorb the intertidal volumes
With keener intake,
Firmest diaphram to lift the pressure out
And sink into pelagic origins finally,
Imbue myself poseidonal,
Renew the birth of "love"

I am soaking with it,
Open mouthed my cry is swallowed by the sea
I am a kracken echinoidea
Sucking up the floor
Of life exchanging me with joy--
Of jellyfish and snail,
Burrowed shrimp, eyeful gobies,
Clowns in their anemones--
My spires swirling clouds of green
To carpet spotted sky with verdant wake
And springing there,
From crest to crest,
A body undulating foam, it rolls voluptuous to swell
The bioluminescent instant... taken in the vast, full span of time...
To see her born here,
'mid dolphin song and symbol crash of tide
Protuberance of shore awash in seeming pleasure of the rhythmic act--
Alive the goddess comes, into her flesh--
To widen eyes,
Re-establish channels to the heart
As if an aperture of cloud
Were opening again,
To end an ancient overcast
And usher down to earth
The lance of starlight that would reach beyond the wrecks of ocean depth...

So too her visage strikes the darker corners of the heart
Illumes all buried hopes
Of bottom dwelling wretchedness,
And draws the tide above the line,
Littoral tresses falling,
Steep in pools calcareous and algal
Worlds remaking worlds within the contours sexing there
Imagined limestone in your many perfect forms,
Marble softness swimming in my eyes
Awaken appetites of newfound youth again.
The ochre lines that stripe along your curves
Let hidden ripeness waft across my passion-eye
And with the grassy dunes i lie, doze in wrack at once--
As arches of my sight are pierced with rays of inner sun
My seabreath muse purveys, inhaled;
I would see you as you are entirely,
Disperse myself into aesthetic mist,
Become the spray on coastal loam
A sundog floating in and out of forms
Become your mullusk lust;
Sipuncula embrace of benthic dust
And slip along the textures
Of your progenation's flood--
Emerge as one and many lives
Becoming me, this vision
In your suds, your divination's scree
--the salty rooting of the coastal trees,
The sand, the wave and moon
Upon the dancing kelp forestal out at sea...
Shining in the winking foam and symbiota sand.
Crevice and the length of dyads simulating one,
Phallus, sperm, and none--
Egg and ovum bed...
Diatoms flourishing again...
In you i am the uterus my own gestation obviates
I am effluxion of all lives in balance
On an ever-swaying crestline of irruptive suds--
Diaphanous array upon your porous bosom's heave
Weaving in and out, continuing to blur
In riven sight and empty heart to fill
The blood containing rapid urgency
To feed, to taste and seek its nourish-all
When after having given up the possibilities of love
And having worn the incompleteness raw,
The obverse affirmation cracks the sky...
At last they burst surreal into the now
And lacking practice courting glory
Stumble over habits long attuned to falsities unveiled
And drawn into your undertow,
All cravings wrung into the novelty of merging without end--
Arrive, horizonal, and echo from the dawn of being more than one


love,  rebirth,  reborn,  venus.

Author: vircapio gale
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1210602

Questions for those in love

Are you whole now?
Are you happier than you've ever been before?
Is it everything you'd hoped for?
These are questions asked to those in love, it seems.

The problem is,
The answer is far too complex to explain
Even to those closest to us;

It is of course yes,
For there is nothing comparable to the warmth of love,
To the tracing of you skin,
To the completeness of your entanglements,
The rhythm of each other
Connecting you as one.

And yet,
It is of course no,
For you have to accept a level of dependence,
You need that person and
They become you to
An extent;
Fragmenting the person you were before

Yes, of course it is yes
But oh, how it is also a no

love,  questions.

Author: Autumn Shayse
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1210600


It is love
That heals the human heart
Without exception
And for this reason
It is the most precious gift
That you can give
To another
Love touches our pain
And brokenness
And makes us whole
Because it is a force
An energy
More powerful
Than the forces
That have cast us down
Despair, sadness
Sorrow, grief and
Are all healed by love
Hope, faith
And courage
Are fed by its pure, strong
Burning fire
By it
Wisdom is taught
Truth is nuanced
Honesty purified
Whatever is noble on this earth
Has its birth in love
It is the one emotion
That makes us more like God
Than any other
So listen to these words of wisdom:
Cherish love wherever it is found
Treat it as the most precious thing
On this earth
For it is the secret you have been looking for
It is the key to all understanding
And tears shed in love
Are sweet and beautiful
And the fountain of life
Love can never be overrated


Author: Colin Kohlsmith
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1210579

Evolving Love

I find it rather interesting,
Love defined, as by my age.
My own timeline tells me,
In defining I was no sage.

Seems just as we grasp a meaning.

Time completes.

And we're forced to turn the page.

I know now that my definition,
Is something a touch more whole.
A slightly less shallow meaning,
Is something I now know.

For I once thought it required,
For love, to be give and take.
That those were points to tally.
It was a balance we must make.

Which true this is,
To small degree.
There should be equal parts.

Investment made by one,
Must reside in both our hearts.

And tally true,
One exists.
But count it never should we.

For if the love,
Is true to both,
Time will let us see.

Rushing love,
Poor demands,
Expectations run amuck.

But if you try,
Unconditional faith,
Your love, won't, be in need luck.

And believe me when I say this.
Take lessons like this to heart.

For if you don't,
Learn real love.
You'll miss it as it parts.

evolving,  love.

Author: Rob K
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1210568

Love story part 2/7


There's a boy kissing your neck in his car in your driveway

And everything is warm.

You told yourself to never do this again, yet here you are, and all you feel are his hands brushing your hair away.

The sprinklers in your front yard keep turning on and pummeling the windows with water, and

Your mother is on the other side of the front door

And your breath is heating up the windows.

It is summer. you're twenty and irresponsible, wild and reckless. you're hanging off the cliff by the tips of your teeth and you keep on losing the moon.

There isn't much time to think past split-second decisions and sometimes you find yourself

Curled up on the kitchen floor in the early hours of the morning: clothes rumpled, makeup smudged, shame wrapped around your shoulders

Like an old blanket, like a machine you hope could fix something.

The clock on the stove is frozen and blinking, green light casting strange shadows in the room

And you're so tired, and you're wondering how you could ever make him understand.

love,  story.

Author: dani evelyn
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1210548

Drunk Texting The Love of Your Life


1 beer
I open a blank message
My heart is beating too fast
I close it

3 beers
I open a blank message
My heart is beating too fast
I choose your contact
My throat tightens
I close it

5 beers
I open a blank message
Is my heart even beating
I choose your contact
Is my throat tightening
'I think I love you. '
I close it

7 beers
I open a blank message
Im too dizzy to feel anything
I choose your contact
'I think I love you'
'I think I used to love you'

drunk,  life,  love,  texting.

Author: andrew
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1210541

Love of Nature

Down the road
I walk pass by the nature
Endless roads, sunset
Lake, birds flying
Showing me how to pause
& to enjoy the
Fleeting moments
Of life
Endless happiness
All by my side
I look here & there
To share the joy
Of nature's love
But found none.


That nature & me are one
Enjoying being whole again
Healing me with all its power
Like baby on its womb
Caressing me with all the winds
And showering its love

love,  nature.

Author: Debanjana Saha
Date: 07/04/2020