Poems about loved


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I thought you loved me

I remember the day you looked into my eyes
When you told me you loved me
But after your actions, I find myself questioning
Did you ever really love me.

The day I introduced you to my family
The day I asked you to marry me
It feels like only yesterday
I thought we loved each other

My mind is full of so many thoughts
I'm sad, angry and disappointed
But my heart is telling me that I still love you
So tell me, how can I ever forgive you

loved,  thought.

Author: Craig Harrison
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1208759

I could have loved you

But I have all my love to a boy
Who couldn't remember my middle name
Or that I didn't like coffee
Who didn't want me.
I should've loved you
When you played me your favorite song
(I think of you now as I sing along)
When you made me laugh so hard I couldn't breathe
And you made it feel like the world was just you and me.
I should've loved you and spared the pain,
But hell it all just ends the same


Author: Olivia Rose
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1208412

I've Always Loved Stars, Including the Ones in Your Eyes

Eyes are beautiful, crystalline structures yet somehow rounded.
Eyes are poetic.
But there are some eyes
That you can truly see the stars in.
You can see the universe bubbling down the river of time,
Our planet twirling its way through the ballroom of our solar system
You can see everything inside, a window.
But at the same time, you can see everything out of it, too.
I can see myself within.
My own hopes, my own memories
Cast back at me with a fresh perspective
*The stars are in your eyes,
So be careful not to be blinded.

eyes,  including,  loved,  stars.

Author: Idiosyncratic Sesquipedalian
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207336


My birthday & i'm over joyed
The impossible is possible
As i grow older i build up adult skills
A special birthday i wanna
Remember till i grow old


Author: Vanessa Gatley
Date: 04/04/2020

№ 1206484

To be loved

Is it really so much to want to be loved
When i love so intensely
That it threatens to engulf my entire self
A rip current pulling me out
Into a sea of longing that will never
Be reciprocated
The pain is the searing of salt water
Filling up my lungs
Starving me of oxygen
And i welcome the blackness that
Covers me in its warm embrace
How can i feel more love in
Death's arms than in the look you give me
Your evasive maneuvers
Hiding yourself from me when
I've laid myself bare

And is there anything more painful
Than unrequited love from
The one who i have come to trust
Yet can't utter that one word
Can't feel that emotion
Can't love me
The broken and beaten
Sullied whore
And i see the fear in your eyes
The distance you put between us
A football field that i can't traverse
Though the sport was once what
Brought us together
And you told me that i was different
From any other female you'd
Encountered in the wild
The untouched forest of your pain

You made me feel special then
Convinced me to stop running
To hang up my battered sneakers
And allow myself to cross
The finish line of my marathon of avoidance
You somehow assured me that
My infernal terror that until then
Could not be assuaged by proclamations of

But i trusted you

And i never knew that trust
Would lead to love
And the pain of that longing
Would threaten
To consume me whole
Leaving only my bones to
Bleach in the burning sun that
Was once powered by my
Immense love for you
That would never be reciprocated
Because though you told me to
Abandon my fears
Yours still live in your holy of holies
Which i am not allowed to regard

I never knew i had the capacity
To love
To let myself be opened up
But you cracked my ribs and
Tore out my heart
Without even apologizing
For the broken promises
And the erroneously created dreams
That i saw for us
A happiness i was certain i'd never know
And now i know
It's true

At least i was right
In the end

If there was
Even a modicum of chance
That you'd return my declaration of love
I would shower you in reminders
But no shower can wash away
The excruciating ache seated
In the exact center of my chest
That word
The only thing i ever want to say
To you
To lay everything out in the open
And to embrace the forbidden

I'd tell you i love you
If i thought there was even a
Minute chance
That you love me too
But i suppose
Along with my capacity to love
Did not indeed come
A capacity to be loved.


Author: KM Ramsey
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1203981

Loved the way.

I loved the way you called me "baby".
I loved the way you made me happy.
I loved the way you looked at me.
Where did that love go?


Author: Keith Manzano
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1203317

I loved

I loved you
I loved your shadow
I loved your sign

I loved what I thought you were
I loved the shadow that my thoughts projecting about you
I loved the signs that my mind created about you

I didn't love you
Because you don't exist
You are fake


Author: stefania rivoltini
Date: 01/04/2020

№ 1202926

She died, but she loved

He walked in the room, pale written on his face
When did it get to this pace?
She sits with oceans upon her cheeks,
His knees go weak.
The sentences of red stains on her bed.

He grabs her wrists and screams when did it get like this?
Scars caress her emptiness and he knew now her pain from past days

She screams nothing ever goes my way!
Let me be your strength, the blanket of compassion you won't be alone, I love you to my bones.

She cries in his arms as a safety net catches her and hope is restored.

Half a moon slips on her lips and she walks with grace, she will leave her mistakes but a classmate reminds her that she's late, a scream escapes they know her fate.
Class they meant, not the baby to be sent.

One cut, two cuts, three cut - four. She falls to the floor with a knock on the door he runs in, worry on his skin as his thought was right, it's time to fight.

Baby you promised to talk to me not leave, her eyes roll back with a panic attack as he sees his whole world fade away in the light of day he never got to say, how he feels.

A positive result upon lies a note, I'm sorry I left you with this, she would have been bliss but life got in the way and I can't stay.

Pictures of them written on with pen, hearts but tears on the tares of the corners. Breaths become shorter and blood drips down the bath, how did it get this far? Baby you promised you wouldn't leave me alone, you said you would phone!

Somebody call an ambulance! His heart is dense, her body sinks into him and her life lifts to Heaven, God I gave up sin and you take relish must I perish - pain of this name, I could never be the same. You took my girl, you took my world.

Baby you promised you would not cut.

died,  loved.

Author: Shannon Acacia Wilson
Date: 31/03/2020