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To a Distressed Lover of Mine

My lover stands on an ocean cliff
Hair loose, cascading down trembling shoulders.
In her small hands, tightly gripped
Are the letters which I have once sent her.
And how the tears do wet her sweet face,
Embed in long lashes, spill on flushed cheeks.
And how her clean dress does splay on damp earth and dirt
As her slender frame collapses beneath her knees.
My lover calls my name to the sky;
She strikes at the rocky ground.
With hands so fragile, they nearly bleed,
In madness, does she pound.
Weakly does she crawl, ever closer to the sea;
As her dainty frame nears the edge,
She thinks perhaps she'll be closer to me.
But how my lover is wrong, how would she die in vain
For my body lies not down below, but in the cold rain,
And in the white clouds and its delicate breeze,
And in the emerald grass and its emerald trees.
So sweet lover, my darling, hear my loving plea,
Do not search for me but let me be;
And live on, my lover, my beloved dear,
When the time comes, you shall meet me,
Do not fear.

distressed,  lover,  mine.

Author: JL
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1210062


You don't see me coming yet,
But I have already cleared a drawer for you in my heart.

Our first argument will be about how I hog all the covers in my sleep,
Or maybe about how I can never shake away the feeling that I am left
With after a bad dream.

I want you to know that I am other worldly.
Which of course means that I am not from this Earth.
My mind travels to and from other universes and galaxies,
Other realms of thought.
But I will try to leave a note reminding you I will return.

For future emergencies-
I keep a bottle of Zoloft in my panty drawer
And a bottle of wine under the sink.
I am not allowed to take them together.
I hope my episodes won't make you think less of me.

I hope you won't forget the way gravity shifted when we first met.
Tape that memory to the forefront of your mind.
So when I am sobbing uncontrollably about the ending of a movie,
Or the last line of a haiku
You will remember why you love me.
And I will do the same for you.

You see, I am not that great at endings.
I am not a person with promising follow through.
I get caught up in the beginning of things,
The middle of things,
The twist and turn
Thrashing momentum
Of things.

I just can't bare to see it all end.

So when or if it does end,
I ask that you lay me gently down and make your exit swift.
Do not linger by the door frame,
Because when you tell me it's over,
That is it.

You don't see me coming yet,
But I want you to know I have had day dreams about our first kiss.
I imagine it like an orchestra inside your chest
And angels begin to sing when you part your lips.
The symphony hits its crescendo when we finally get to the kiss.

You don't see me coming yet,
But soon we will be in love.

future,  letter,  lover.

Author: melina padron
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1209684

Mmm...My Lover

No post
No Valentine
No kisses
I love you's
I want you's...

Who cares
Chocolate is my lover

lover,  mmm.

Author: Suzy Hazelwood
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1209217


//// • | |
< >

/ ( • ) ( • ) \

( )
She be my babe!



If so


If not



If a girl wrote a poem on HP
About how much she loved me

How when I left her it "broke " her and
How it made her want to die

Should I be as proud to read the poem as she seems
So proud to write it?


Just cause your lives are so uselessly boring

Is pretending that you are experiencing some

Feeling that you have read about somewhere

And presume to be real

And inventing a whole nonsensical story about

Such a good idea?


Is playing adult games with childish bodies

And immature emotions

Really an escape or is it just a manifestation

Of the world's disease?


Isn't it obvious that as you obsess upon the unreal

The real goes by unnoticed?


Reading about you hurting and mutilating

Yourselves and others

Is not the same as reading poetry


Should I presume you have enough life within you

To even care?



Author: jeffrey robin
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208841

Lava Lover

Searing secrets spill all over the floor between us like lava.
Emotions clog my thoughts and rip through my fragile mask
Exploding onto my unsuspecting face.
Swallow them back. Don't act like a child.
You are better than this. Don't act like him.
A million volatile thoughts finally form one question: "why? "
A sideways glance. A floorboard focal point.
A thousand excuses escape and fall into the molten floor.
A skirt, a smile, a kiss, a mistake.
Forget it.
And the bell over the door chimes.

lava,  lover.

Author: ScrabbleDiva
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208677

My First Lover

My First Lover

What the fuck is going on?
I'm a drunken man with a purpose.
You'd never get it. I'll take your place
And disguise your disgrace.
You will always be Kathy.


Author: BJ Donovan
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207955

Lover of the Sky

Your eyes dilate as they stare into mine
My name trickles out of your mouth like a song
The stars align concocting your facial structure
Lovely is all your smile can be
Arms grasping my body like hope
Water trickles down your cheek; revealing the thousands of lives you've lived
Breathing the air of subtle beauty
The sun beamed it's rays to create your shine
Twinkling lights fill your thoughts
I shall need you until the day I'm not allowed to
I will bask in your words until they cease to speak.

lover,  sky.

Author: Susie kate
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207898

Troubled Lover

My heart aches with agony.
Everything is spinning around me,
My mind is racing and my brain is being picked away by these thoughts.
Its troubling me terrible so.

My lover have I lost you to the monsters in your closet?

Why are you so willing to let me go,
And hurt all those innocent people?

I am diving in deep,
Scratches and bruises are appearing upon my tender skin,
But I am willing to dive deeper, and deeper,
Till I reach you even though I am in great discomfort.

The injuries to my heart never stop it from loving you so,
I never can despises you or think ill of you,
Even though you pass around that poison like its a medicine that will save.

It stings you know, my dear one.
I tear up every time I think of you and your twisted doings,
But I some how forgive you,
And fall into this fake mind set that you are truly a generous human being.

My troubled lover, please put your attention on the issues at hand,
Stop your foolish judging and giving everything the knowing glimpse.

You feel so superior to the rest, never looking back once at your destruction,
Calling it a master piece; a fine piece of art.
Please stop this ridiculous game and playing everyone like a pawn.

My troubled lover, oh how I wish you would notice how all these burns affect me.

I wish you would just glance back at least once,
And notice how much I love you so.

My troubled lover,
You are a monstrosity that brings depression and illness,
To those that already weak.

My lover you aren't the person I once loved,
You are now a troubled soul that spreads the infection to others.

lover,  troubled.

Author: AD Snail
Date: 05/04/2020