Poems about lungs


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Words of the Wind of My Lungs

Every month I wait again,
I wait for so many days,
For a day I can fill with celebration and then,
End with a smile as my minds in a daze

Every month I wait again,
For the chance to say,
With words soft as the wind,
"With you I plan to stay"

I wrote this in advance,
For the words I fear to forget,
Though know it's for you I dance,
And only by you do I sit

Consider this an early gift,
Within which I pour all my heart,
The message clear so you need not sift,
I love you so much more than I did at the start

And no small feat is that to achieve,
When so strongly I felt to begin,
And I do so very truly believe,
That I will be with you to the end

lungs,  wind.

Author: Jack Touchet
Date: 30/03/2020

№ 1197536

In my lungs

Even if I spent the rest of my life running you'd always be just a breath away.


Author: Bor ehgit
Date: 26/03/2020

№ 1196935

16/30 (new lungs)

I think it's time i start breathing--
This roof, i've shot a hundred holes
To accommodate the rain-fall,
I'm catching the run-off on purpose
Chalk it up to sentimentality,
I have three yellow roses pressed
Between pages of the first book i read to
Him, conversation hearts from a superbowl
Party, a pair of movie photos tucked away--

I've been growing new lungs,
Exercising the right to expand, i cannot
Hold my breath for others, cannot decrease and
Hope for new foliage, shrink back and hope for
The steps to be taken, i cannot stop reading the
Dictionary or using words as if they aren't a
Saving grace,

I can't deny the things i've done, the smoke i've
Inhaled, the past month is set in stone, but I
Can't close myself off like i've done before
I can't go back to hopin' someone will crack
Me like a safe, venture to know the things I
Want discovered, that's been done and proven

We've heard the sayings about Rome,
About walking before running,
Was in such a hurry to be there
Wherever there was,
But i've got to be here
I stopped documenting
And tried for experiencing
Figured if it needed to be
Remembered, it just

So these new lungs need
Good practice and I'll
Breathe my best.


Author: brooke
Date: 26/03/2020

№ 1194514

Smoking Out My Lungs

That's what they are,
Doubling at times as jars
Into which green forgetful herbs
Are placed.

lungs,  smoking.

Author: Joshua John White
Date: 23/03/2020

№ 1185807

Fill your lungs with that which scares you

My dear, just stop
Will you breathe for a moment?
Stop writing lists of what you have yet to do
Turn down the radio, put your bills on hold
Don't fret about these college degrees and potential promotions

Will you just stop?
Take some time, breathe the air that scares you
As if free time makes you high on some terrifying hallucinogenic drug
Darling, take some time,
Just think
Look at the anthills, think of what's there
Look up to the stars, imagine what's more

Please, I beg you
Just take a minute
To scare yourself to death
To appreciate life
To set aside all they tell you to believe, to be
If college and an office job is the life for you, live it
If not, don't let them tell you that's how it is to be
You are not a brick inlaid without potential for motion,
You are the Northern lights
You shine
You move
You dance, brighter than the darkness would allow

Just take a moment
Please just ask why
Ask, why am i doing this?
Why am i saying this?
Why do i believe this?
Why do i live like this?

And if the answers suit you, let it be
And if not, break out running like a deer who's escaped the trap

Live. please do anything you can,
Why not?

I hear you whisper my old tunes, like that dreaded broken record,
"what's the point of trying to be happy when we all end up dead anyways? "
Dear, would you ever let a newborn pup in the fighting ring just because one day it will inevitably see its end?

Darling you deserve the world,
It is yours
With the stars in the sky and the potential for life
With the ants and the termites, we are alive
We are but condensation waiting to make waves

My dear, just stop
Just breathe for a minute
Wondrous is the universe
Let us be wondrous with it

fill,  lungs,  scares.

Author: Plain Jane Glory
Date: 16/03/2020

№ 1184767


This is

Exhale first
A sigh
Breathe later

So new
With green vines wrapped
Around their cages

We find ourselves
In the

Smoke mingles
Comes from between
Tired fingers

Vines grow old

So old
With sticky tar
Their cages

Inhale first
Tobacco tasting tongue
Mirrors the soul
Never comes

This is


Author: twelve caesuras
Date: 15/03/2020

№ 1175875


And to swear
The last air i breathe*
Is to have you
*in its smoke.


Author: Oskar Erikson
Date: 07/03/2020

№ 1175188

Need You Like Water In My Lungs

You shot the cancer into me
The depression took over my body
Like the cold took over your heart
They made you like this
Your Messiahs
Singing with you
In your choir of angst
Will she die for you like I did?
Take your orders
Yell at me, Maynard!
Become your fate!
Become 27!
Your 10, 000 days mean nothing to you
Wasting them away without me

lungs,  water.

Author: Burnout
Date: 06/03/2020