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№ 1209390

Making Great Strides with Gentle Deliberation

My thoughts left behind streaks of black and grey
As my body broke the wind today

A young and frustrated-looking punk
Cutting through the hospital parking lot
On his way home

Turn them on their side,
Rotate, peel away their skin.

See the garden sleeping inside.

Awaken it. Beckon it
To your life!
Bring some flowers to your mother--
Maybe everything's alright.

deliberation,  gentle,  great,  making,  strides.

Author: Matt Shaw
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208676

Making Love In The Hot Tub

No moon
Trees hush
Water lapping
Your body floats
On mine
Bellies throb
To chest
Damp hair
Hard breathing
We look up
Not wanting
To part
And see
Of giant
The club
The chair,
The serpent

hot,  love,  making,  tub.

Author: Joe Cottonwood
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1206109

Making love to a mountain.

Left. Creek. Splash.
Above. Creek. Like a waterfall.
Shuffling on the rocks

Music stuck in my head
The crackling of fire pops in the mix of
Maroon five and
Early a. m. skies
Flicker in and out
The breath of a man
Just through making love
To a mountain

I should do this more often.

love,  making,  mountain.

Author: Joseph the Dreamer
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1205653

Making A Smile

Without the pain I wish to be
Going to the one I loved yet now despise
That mother is a mad one
My youngest stares cross legged by the window
With tears in her young eyes
And I feel sick with grief

Nearly 18 years of hell with that bitch
And all I told her of knowledge she ditched
But I will pick up the pieces of turmoil
Yet the pain burns within me
For I am somewhat human
And it's crap to feel

I make a smile form somehow
And say my sweet daughter
Let me tell you a story about George the kitten
Yet I recant it with a broken heart
My temple does not reside here anymore
As I sold my heart to the love of poetry

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris

By NeonSolaris

© 2011 NeonSolaris (All rights reserved)

making,  smile.

Author: Christos Andreas Kourtis
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1204514


I see Milka outside the farmhouse
Feeding chickens
She's still in her dressing gown
As I ride up the drive
She stops and waves to me

I park my bike against the fence
And walk towards her

Mum's out
Milka says
Dad's on the farm
The brothers are out
On a shoot for dosh

I look at her standing there
Forget to dress?
I say
Or is nightwear
The new fashion?

I got up late
And Dad asked me
To feed the hens
And I thought I'd best do it
Before I forgot again
She says

The hens peck around her
Making hens sounds

Want a drink of coffee?
She says

I say

So she throws the last
Of the chicken feed at them
And we go inside the farmhouse
And she puts the kettle
On the hob and gets two
Mugs down from a cupboard
And spoons coffee
Into each one

What if your mum comes in now
And sees you in your nightwear
And me here too?
I say

So what?
She says

Just saying that's all
I say

She sighs and looks
Out the window
I'm on
She says

On what?
I say

She stares at me
You know the scourge
The big bleed
Or auntie's here
Or whatever
She says moodily

O right
I say
Falling into what she means
Shame that is
I say
Sitting in a chair
By the kitchen table

The whistle on the kettle sounds
And she pours water
Into the two mugs

Milk? sugar?
She says
In a moody voice

Milk and one sugar
I say

She plonks sugar
Into my mug
And tips milk
From a white jug
Into both mugs
And puts my mug
On the table
And her own mug
On the table
And sits facing me

Where we going?
She says

No where dressed
As you are
I say

When I'm dressed?
She says

We could go to the flicks
And see that Elvis film
I say

She pulls a face
Boring sitting at the back
Necking and kissing
With others
She says

What then?
I say

She sips her coffee
And looks at me
Could go to the seaside
She says
Get a bus

I sip my coffee
And stare at her
Ok if you want
I say

But I've no money
She says
And Mum'll not lend me any
As I owe her money already

So what then?
I say

I don't know
She says
Looking at her mug
And holding it
With both hands

You could come to my place
And play records
And lay on my bed
And listen to the music
I say

What about your parents
Won't they mind me
Being there and in your room?
She says

Nothing is going
To happen is it
So why worry?
I say

She sighs and sips her drink
I guess so
She says

And after she's finished her drink
She goes off to dress.


Author: Terry Collett
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1203085

Us, A Year in the Making

There are few times in your life,
That you can say you're close to something massive.
In which you've almost achieved something truly remarkable.
For some, the final moment of college,
The baby countdown, but for me...
Today marks the the beginning of the countdown to the end

This day, 11 months ago I happened to stumble upon someone I never knew would become such an important and big part of my life. Never did I expect the shy girl I'd met online in late December, would make such a tremendous impact on my life.
First came the awkward "hello"
Followed by a sincere introduction
(In which I'd be guilty of miscalculating gender... oh will I ever live that one down hides in shame)
It's one of the most beautiful things to fall in love
Even more so to feel the butterflies in your stomach grow everytime you see them come online.
Talking to you, became the only thing I wanted to do!
I'd rush home from school to jump on and game with you, talk with you and laugh with you whilst getting to know you all the more better.
We would spend hours on school nights, living in the happiness of eachothers company.
It is truly something, when you can look at a name on the screen as they type, and realize you are
And mind numbingly in love with someone based solely off who they really are
No looks, no sounds. Just personality and who the person is for them
You see I fell head over heels for you my love, you were perfection
It wasnt until a few months later that I caught a glimpse of what you looked like and honey, it was like seeing an angel in the flesh and boy did I fall hard for you. Call me obsessive, call me addicted. You were the only thing on my mind.

March 9th 2015,
"I know I say this alot but thank you. Thank you for always being there for me when I'm down in the dumps, to be quite honest, your the person I've grown close to most in my entire life. Thank you for l-liking me, y-you don't know how much it means to me... I-I'm really s-shy I know and t-this may make you feel a-awkward... b-but... I-I like you too h-hehe and I d-don't say the actual L w-word because it's embarrassing... I just wanted to let you know you mean the world to me... " - Sweet words that changed my life and I'll never forget them

Today marks just, one month from our one year anniversary.
Something I never thought I'd get to experience with anything,
Let alone someone like you.
I love you so freaking much,
You, my other half, complete me and I cannot thank you enough for everything and anything.
I'm sorry that it had to be celebrated,
With you at school
And 4hours of driving between us
But that makes it no less special because wherever you go
You'll always have me in your heart xx
­ *~ Ryan

making,  year.

Author: Ryan - SparKticas
Date: 31/03/2020

№ 1196053

Money Making

Make not money so great a cause
It doesn't make you time to pause
One day when we're laid to grave
Would mean nothing money we save.

making,  money.

Author: PoetryJournal
Date: 25/03/2020

№ 1192887

Making It Crystal Clear

Wherever you're at
This very minute
God has a special assignment for you,
And I'm wondering
Are you
In it?
Are you even aware?
Are you moving forward?
Would you even dare?

It took me some time,
And I'm still getting there.
But I'm reaching for it every moment,
And I refuse to be scared.
If you take a moment
To let
God be God,
He will show you how
What He has to give
Is better than all things
You could ever want.

clear,  crystal,  making.

Author: Jennifer Weiss
Date: 22/03/2020