Poems about marigolds



Marigolds and daisies

Herds of sea monsters licking at my toes and they tell me it's just seaweed dad handing me the fishing pole "3, 2, 1 jump! " Grandma sitting on the dock with me, her toes in the lake and she'd laugh and squeal so loudly it held a weight all its own it echoed, carries, drifted like pollen dust and covered my childhood coated the surface of the lake, settled among the crevasses of the fire pit and buried deep into the particles of my still damp towel unsure of how to care what day or time it is or whether my clothes are on right side out only the certainty that I will jump in the water and dry under the sun a gazillion times before the day's end deep green dew covered grass, sweet light green stems, the seeds and bruises of all the backyard fruit bruises on me too and splinters bee stings cuts and slippery band-aids that don't stand a chance against today's adventures when any and everything we wonder about is on our block walking running skipping distance in dirt and sap soaked flip flops til we abandon shoes altogether (unable to keep up with us) we go onward barefoot and raw like writing this all flowing into each other because it's the only honest way to do it

daisies,  marigolds.

Author: Katelin Michelle
Date: 06/04/2020


Marigolds and Daises

They scatter themselves freely to the breeze
Shaking their heads, rocking with the beat
Seeds creep under the roots of nearby trees
Tucking themselves into cool soil out of the heat.
The white against the green and orange with blue
I'd never tire of this, even if I was to be asked again
Marigolds and daisies - what a very splendid view
My childhood revisits making the endless daisy chain.
Marigolds remind me of the sunsets we used to see
Oranges splashed over and above the sky
With toes dangling in the cool of the sea
Watching the world in my oranges and whites go by.

daises,  marigolds.

Author: cheryl love
Date: 16/12/2019


Marigolds mean death

Someone left me a pot of marigolds

On my white porch floor

Afraid to pick them up

I left them near the door

The paper boy knocked them over

Dirt spilled out on the wood

The mailman stepped in the dirt

And smeared it as he should

I righted the pot and saw it was dry

Then left it in the afternoon sun

And the vermilion sky

Days went by and the preacher called

He asked about the plant

I shrugged my shoulders and took

His pamphlets fast

No one ever told me where those

Marigolds came from

I assumed it was the devil

As he was the only one

Who knew I killed my husband

And I would go to jail

A trial would condemn me

They would hang me

By a nail

If you receive such a pot

Know your time has come

Leave the marigolds where

They are to die

Giving you time to just go on...

death,  marigolds.

Author: Kathleen Myra Colby
Date: 11/12/2019


--Marital Marigolds--

I try and I try
To avoid,
But I'm inundated
With that which
Is neither
Created or destroyed,
Being told what should
Matter to me
By people who know
Better than me,
Keeping me
Steadily annoyed
And readily brought
Right back to the void
In the back of the 'lac,
Like the goodfella boys,
Except I don't make noise
So they don't need to hack
Me up again.
But hack me up again,
I want to be the
Gravely cough,
And the disgusting
Glob of
Post cigarette
From your throat.
I want to be
The mold that
Spreads on the half
Bagel with cream
Cheese on it
That you forgot
In the back
Of your fridge
Two months ago.
I want to be the
Little puddle of
Fluid in the bottom
Of the trashcan
On the side of your place
That you've never cleaned
And then I want
You to clean me out.
Steal everything
I own, take
Until the load
Is too heavy for
Your arms, and then
Come back for more.
Break everything
That I love
And have owned
For years and years.
Take my money
Especially, it has
Spoiled my karma
For far too long.
Then we'll be even.
Then I can become
The rays of sunlight
That float in through
Your window every
Morning and catch
The floating dust in
Intricate, glowing patterns
And reach your closed
Eyelids, where I delicately
Dance until you awake,
Refreshed and thrilled
At the beautiful
Day that awaits you.
Then I can become
The buzz of your pumpkin
Spice coffee and the
Taste of your breakfast,
The wind in your hair,
The warmth of your bed,
The cool trickle
Of sweat down your hot neck
While we neck.
Then I can be your happiness
And it can be your turn
To be the slime
That coats my
Garbage disposal.
We can seesaw
And feel complete.

marigolds,  marital.

Author: Mike Bergeron
Date: 20/11/2019


Love and Marigolds

Lively bright buds
Blossom towards the sun.
Frayed ends-
Of silk pedals
Hug the stem.
Saturated hues of orange,
Capture the eye's glance.
Marigolds dancing;
Falling from the sky.
As I put a flower in your hair-
The extenuating orange
Shows your glowing face.
Marigolds of love,
Twirling in a fit of ecstasy.
Raining beside lover's feet.
Luminous colors,
Paint true love
On a canvas of grass;
Creating natural beauty.
Marigolds dance;
As your intoxicating being-
Walks gracefully by.
I want to make love to you,
On a bed of dancing marigolds.
Fragrant smells of spring;
Soothing soft pedals
Protect our entwined bodies,
In a sea of grass, marigolds and skin.
Sweet, passionate, bright love
Is as bold and sweet,
As the golden marigolds.

love,  marigolds.

Author: Amber Drake
Date: 13/08/2019


Legalized Marriage! No that's not it...Legalized Marigolds! No...Legalized Rubber Baby Bumper Buggies! Hahahahaha!!! Ahhhh.....That's not it either....Legalized Marijuana! Yea!!!

As our States go into a state of confusion
In the passing of their passing of laws
Saying now that all their fine citizens
Can freely lay out and get stoned

As a matter of fact haven't they been doing that
For years if my minds working correctly
I guess the difference now when they lounge around
They can freely puff on it legally

So let's all take the bongs out of hiding
And add some fresh liquid to it
Invite over the neighbors you've never talked to
To share in a neighborly spliff

It'll certainly make everyone happy
When we come together and roll up a fatty
Don't worry if to this party your a newbie
Here take a hit off this doobie

We'll order out pizza
And crank up Netflix
Watch My Little Pony
And laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and...

Wait... now where was I? Oh Yea!

So let's take all the bongs out of hiding

Hold on... have I already said that?
Dude, this is freaking me out! Lol!

Oh okay, here we go...

You can now grow your own
On your very own farm
But instead of deep in the woods
It can now be your front yard

Of course all the neighbor kids
You'll have to watch
As they pass by your place
And pick from your crops

So then you'll have to invest
In a scary guard dog
To keep them at bay
And out of your plot

But of course you'll be stoned
And forget that he's there
Where he'll end up hungry
And start eating his share

There goes your profit
There goes your crop
Plus all the time you'll spend behind the dog
With a baggy waiting for doggie do do drops

But then again the government
May not let you grow your own stuff
As you wait for the F. D. A.
To authorize all your drugs

And we all know when you get
The government involved
Bureaucratic common sense
Too often gets lost

Maybe this legalization thingy
Is not the best of ideas
Things seemed to run smoother
When we all kept our pot hid

ahhhh,  baby,  bumper,  marigolds,  marijuana,  marriage.

Author: Mike Hauser
Date: 10/03/2019


You Are Worth More Than The Marigolds

You are worth more than the marigolds”
I am assured by my loving mother as a child
I believe her because the beauty in everything flow'rs and flourishes
When you're young
The world is yours to take, everyone is yours to meet, everything is yours to do;
And I believe her.

€You are worth more than the marigolds”
My first friend at school proclaims,
And I believe them.
We've tackled potty training and preschool, now onto the playground and phonics!
We run and run together, taking the world like we've
Whispered once before;
And I believe them.

€You are worth more than the marigolds”
The middle school test scores announce,
And I believe them.
Primary school is in the past and I'm ready for responsibility!
I put on makeup to feel pretty, care about my grades more than the teachers believe and flash my smile to the boys who spit “compliments” at my feet;
And I believe them.

€You are worth more than the marigolds”
But... I don't believe them anymore.
I've gained just enough confidence to smile at everyone in the halls in case they are having a bad day.
Suddenly my youthful euphoric vision is graffitied with hateful words and violence.
I run and constantly chase the innocence of the world,
Being surrounded by darkness.
My self esteem has hit an all time low. Why is the world this way?
My friends and I chase what we used to believe and end up in deep holes;
And I don't believe them anymore.

€You are worth more than the marigolds”
And it doesn't matter.
I have lost all hope of finding that beauty.
My heart is an aching mess of “I love you”'s
But all I hear is “you are meaningless”
Slowly these phrases of deep hate sear into my soul
I hear them every day and every night
You are meaningless
You are not worthy
You could not possibly be good enough
Until I wake up one dismal morning to realize that I have been defined by the ones around me.

€You are worth more than the marigolds”
... and enough!
Because even my friends who say I'm worth something turn around and sneer at others like they can't too be loved.
Because while the world screams “I hate people” I whisper
€but I don't”.
But that doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things
Because we'll find someone who loves us, right?
Our words between just us mean nothing if we spin around and
Spit in others' faces.

And we know we hurt because we've been hurt but we don't stop, none of us stop.

I dream of a world that screams a vulnerable
€I love you”
Out into the world instead of a pulsing
€I hate you”
And a world that remembers that we are all worthy of love and not only the kind that makes you blush.

€You are worth more than the marigolds”
The phrase I've heard since I was in my mother's gentle hold
Can only mean so much when you think you're crumpled.
Stashed away until you're needed
Always feeling so defeated
But the truth
Not told enough
To our weakened souls
We are all worth more than the marigolds

marigolds,  worth.

Author: Madeline Kapinos
Date: 18/02/2019


Living with the marigolds

Living with the Marigolds.

Kindness dwells in the hearts of few,
It encircles them like a gown,
But never is worn with mightIness,
Being humble bound.

It finds its way through thorn and briars and
Knotted coastal paths,
And grows where disparity lies,
And knows of broken hearts.

It does not come from trouble free
Or selfish intent,
Living with the marigolds,
A simple garden scent.

For those who have travelled far,
Know the ways within,
Find giving more sustaining,
Than all that power can bring.

Love Mary xxxx

living,  marigolds.

Author: Mary Gay Kearns
Date: 27/01/2019