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№ 1206160

Was It Meant To Be This Way?

I've chased after the moon
Only to come up empty
I've raised my hands to the stars
Only they were out of reach
I've wished upon them time after time
And there was still only a dream
I've slept passed the daylight
And woke up sweating at night

All I ever wanted was to begin aknew
But I was too prideful to ask for help
I couldn't see what was true
There was no escaping myself
The darkness hovered over my head
And I prayed like I always did

"God help me!

There was no burning bush
No lightning bolt
Just the darkness lifted a little bit
And I was able to see

The truth is hard to admit
When denial is always there
Falling farther down into the abyss
A deep hole and a deeper pit

Life wasn't looking good
All because of my choices

Then out from the chaos came life
A new meaning and avenue
How it happened I can't explain it
Was it because of accepting the truth
Or was it meant to be this way?

Who knows, I sure as hell don't, but I'm very grateful


Author: james arthur powell
Date: 03/04/2020

№ 1204699

You meant goodbye forever

I sometimes pretend you were just a vision-- something I made up to keep me happy.

But I remember it all so vividly-- your red pants, that grey shirt, the cologne you wear and you leaning on the wall waiting for me.

Did you move around a lot trying to find the "right" way to stand on the wall? Did you get nervous when I arrived? Did you feel the pressure I felt?

I'll never forget the humidity and the way I stared at you when I first saw you again.

I'll never forge the butterflies when I tried to smile but frowned instead. I'll never forget the way you asked how my trip was and I replied awkwardly how I needed coffee.

I'll never forget the way I looked at you... Knowing we had only one week and then it would be over.

And I'll never forget how by the end of the week I lost myself completely... And let every wall I ever built fall down for you.

You kissed me goodbye... And meant it.

forever,  goodbye,  meant.

Author: Brianna
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1199101

Maybe this is what is meant by "saved."

The devil does not come
Draped in a red cape, or
Flaunting pointy horns.
He comes as everything
You've always wished for.

Twisted satisfaction,
Unfulfilled promises,
He leaves you wanting more.
Constantly searching,
Endlessly seeking.

E m p t i n e s s.

Your lips speak of death
While your soul asks to be rescued
From the torment
Of seeing everyone else breathing
While the rising waters hinders you from reaching.

You ask the world,
And they do not listen.
You ask God,
And you find outstretched hands.

*—S. C. , February 5, 2014 (latest edit: March 13, 2014)

meant,  saved.

Author: sharyn
Date: 28/03/2020

№ 1198765

It's never too late to become what you were meant to be.

You're finally becoming the
Person you were meant to be

You have found a
Balance between
How to give the
World what it needs

And how to
Hold on
To what you

I saw you

Farther from the

You looked good.

late,  meant.

Author: Brie Sarita
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1197276

Everything i meant to say

I want to tell you
I tear at the sound of your name.
Like the paper jammed in my printer at work,
Sometimes I am a wrinkled mess without you.

I want to tell you
Distance tastes like acid in my throat.
It burns holes in my esophagus nightly.

I want to tell you
I wanted to make a home for myself
In the palms of your hands.
You could cup them
And you could bring them to your lips:
I would let you drink me, if you wanted to.

I want to tell you
This heart is heavy like iron,
But also fragile like glass.
It is fractured and full of chips
Like the one that formed the last time we kissed:
You told me you loved me, then.
It was the first and last time,
And I said it back sounding something like a desperate plea
Knowing it would not stop you from leaving
(But somehow you still lingered. )

I want to tell you all of these things,
But the words get stuck in my mouth.
They are afraid of coming out,
So instead I tell you
"I've missed you"
And I hope some part of you understands the rest.


Author: Erin Atkinson
Date: 26/03/2020

№ 1196605

Meant For Us

Imagine the night sky was made for us
Shimmering stars blanketing the darkness
Glimmer of hope and wonder

Imagine the sunrise was created for us
Day begins anew
Uplifting light bringing happiness

Imagine the world was meant for us
Possibilities immeasurable, limitless
Strong alone but invincible together


Author: Bijan Nowain
Date: 25/03/2020

№ 1194611

It Was Never Meant To End Like This

The walls are closing in
Breathing is is is is imposible
Stuttering on almost every word
Trying to rush what I have to say
It was never meant to end like this
I was suppose to be the one in the coffin
You were to be at home asleep
Exhausted from running
From boulder tears rolling down your cheeks
Instead I'm locked in here
In the asylum of my own thoughts
Wondering every possible way
Of how it ended with us both
Hanging from a tree
Holding hands with a corpse
I'm still han... wait I can feel it
I'm slipping away into your arms


Author: Robert Guerrero
Date: 24/03/2020

№ 1194191

Led to Brooks 1991 (before I even knew what it meant)

There's no way to know
For sure what's real
And at what point did pain kill
The need for all the things in life
They manifest in constant strife
Keeping it dark, keeping it night
And once your lost its hard to return
Seduced by beauty, then decieved to burn
Led to Brooks of Crystal, Glass and Gold
Where souls are Lost and Bought and Sold
Amazed by the insane and colorful fires
A place that fulfills your darkest desires
But there's something you'll never be told
The heat is so hot its flesh ripping cold
Twisting and burning with fits of rage when you
Find yourself trapped in an ice cold cage
Never again to return to your home
Forever in flames, Forever alone.

brooks,  knew,  led,  meant.

Author: J Christmas
Date: 23/03/2020