Poems about mediocrity


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Caught Between Frost and the Mire of Mediocrity

Caught between the frost
And the mire of mediocrity
We're just passengers on failure's final ferry

We're courageous, yet hamstrung
By demons and daydreams
I've learned the cold makes these thin bones ache

And all this foreboding has drained
The little strength that I've managed
To collect from season to broken season

I tucked the past in an overcoat
Before I stepped out on the porch
Hobbling despite the crutches that I carry

Am I a witness to winter?
Or a simpleton of madness?
I loved you more than every "God damn" muttered under icy breath

But I'm still struggling
Fighting against the weight of it

Simply... caught

Caught between the frost
And the mire of mediocrity

caught,  frost,  mediocrity,  mire.

Author: Chris Thomas
Date: 24/03/2020

№ 1187378


I see her
I'm ignored
She's looking for something
She's look for nothing
Nothing she can see, anyway
She's frustrated

She's beautiful
I want to touch her
But I won't
I want her to smile or make her smile
But she won't
I want to ask her about her day
And we'd talk
With drunken smiles on our faces
But we won't

We'll walk by each other
I won't smile
I'm jaded
She won't smile
She's afraid

She starts crying
And they're not healthy tears

She can't hold on anymore
Everything has let her down

The world isn't what she thought it would be
It never is

She wants to die
I don't blame her

If she wants to jump, I won't stop her
That world must be less painful than here

If she has the courage to see what's on the other side
I'll stay here
I'll wonder how it went
I'll wish she would've stayed
So we could've met

Her crying quits, abruptly
She goes back inside
I know
There's no turning back

For the next few minutes
I anticipate IT
The acid
Of fire
The walls painted of sanguine

I want get up
Go over
Kick down the door
Stop her
Tell her that there's something
Something that's worth it
Something pretty
That some things are beautiful
That somewhere is beautiful
That she should just
I don't know
Not get scared

I won't think any less of you if you decide you want to though
But not everything is completely hopeless
At least I'm not, anyway

I want to save you
I want to make you happy
But I won't


Author: David Casas
Date: 17/03/2020

№ 1159857


It seems we go through life
Feeling like we
Have no purpose
No worth
No Value
When you think of
The great
Amazing universe
And how endless
It is (or seems)
How our planet
Is a small
Speckle of this
Place of wonder
And mystery
We truly are
Just as minuscule
As the tip of
A fine needle
Think about that
And how crazy
And long and
Painful at times
Things are for us
All on the tip
Of that needle!
How huge and


Author: Pure LOVE
Date: 21/02/2020

№ 1148887

The Mask of Mediocrity

The Mask of Mediocrity

There are those here amongst us that hide
Behind a mask of mediocrity
Too frightened to even show us there own faces
So one dimensional in thought

It would be wrong to condemn or criticize
Why they choose to hide
Telling stories of their own fantasyland fantasies
Real life scares the hell out of them

When it all comes down to the end
We are all wearing masks
We are all mediocre in averages of totality
Good at one thing terrible on another

Good hard workers reliable to the firm
Great at making love
But terrible at giving true forgiving love
Committed to their own world

And me I do not choose to hide my face
But mediocrity at its finest
Still striving to reach that art of true forgiving love
Trying to remove that mask
And by the way the real world scares the hell out of me too!

Gomer LePoet...

mask,  mediocrity.

Author: David Nelson
Date: 11/02/2020

№ 1106491

Grammy Season! Time To Celebrate Mediocrity!

Poignant prose chucked out and recycled by morning.
Turned out trick repeated til boring.
The local band just started touring.
Sonnet's blasted until the ladies are 'whooring'.


Roxy Music dropped David Byrne.
For Ellie Goulding and a remix of burn.
Robert Johnson's been reworked.
Ratatat rap as interest is perked.

Dylan picked up the silent game.
Making ambient noises which all sound the same.
The Rolling Stones joined the church.
After buying some of Hoosier's merch.

Nicki Minaj claps her rump
Laying down a tribute for Terry Fox's stump.
Benefit concert soon to be run.
By the played out Glee Club composing Fun.

Beach Boys dragged in with the tide.
... And Stars Collide.
NOFX has gone clean
Fat Mike's gone and become a dean.

Tom Waits stomps out to Kendrick Lamar.
Hacking up bits of blunt induced tar.
Bumping out in Steve Ellison's car.
To Captain Murphy's karaoke bootlegged from a bar.


Less than 10 good tapes a year
Even fewer if referring to those others actually hear.
Jack White's gone third eye blind
Getting over run by his drug free mind.

celebrate,  mediocrity,  season,  time.

Author: Charles Lutwidge Dodgson
Date: 04/01/2020

№ 1088941


I'm drowning under my sheer mediocrity
My ability to confound all talent into an average work
The ambition which drives me
Lessened by the hollow sense of inadequate-ness
That seems to breathe on my neck
At every hour of the day


Author: Lauren
Date: 19/12/2019

№ 1080428

The tube to mediocrity

My absolute destiny is to skull fuck the shit out of life
To blast open the empty cleavage
To shatter all the deceptive phonographs
Those that you now consider “convenient modes of transportation”

Every dawn I will howl into your vibrating monotones
Your Dutch rambling will be reduced to ashes
Alone in a dirty hostel

You will be shocked by the sight of a desecrated vagina
The fish scales still burning
Left in their natural preservatives

The lowest of all the adorned creatures
Is he who succumbs to mediocrity
An ordinary existence is worse then a wasted cum receptacle
If they cant see the truce in a setting sunlight

It is a sin to deteriorate comfortably
Making circles with the tracks of your laymen's truck
Of waking up happy with your plastic name tags
Carved to resemble an ignorant life scrap

This scum disgusts me
It is the skull fuckers that define a generation
Grab your sword a
And plunge deep into the night

A laudable combination of weapons of mass destruction
And drunkards
This is one less moment you spend being ordinary

mediocrity,  tube.

Author: sparkles asparagus
Date: 11/12/2019

№ 1060839

Antisocial mediocrity

Follow me.
Please. i have no friends.
I work go home and get tense.
Please. talk to me.
I have no chance at survival
This downward spiral
Under wave that's tidal
There's gotta be another way that's viral
Just rhyme on stage and become an idol.
Follow me. follow me.
I promise light and night
And flames and ice
And whatever you need to keep the harrowing shrieks at bay
[little do they know it's he who press play]
Controversial contraception
Better cover your mouth if ya get to guessing
What's coming next - never gonna happen
- even I can't do it.

antisocial,  mediocrity.

Author: mikev
Date: 23/11/2019