Poems about meeting


№ 1207986

Meeting the Stars

My eyes are curtained,
Clouded by the heavy sounds,
Shaded by the lack of clouds
And the purity of the endless sky.
Unfathomable space depth,
Unfathomable water depth,
Unfathomably tall trees,
Looming, watching over me.

The feeling is dark green,
Clean after endless rain,
Dark after daytime pain,
Rich and full and soft,
Enveloping me, swallowing me,
Lifting me to meet the stars
While I gaze into the unfilled void of eternity.
The stars want to know what the ground is like,
I tell them that their whispers of thoughts,
And their silent eyes,
And their blanket of mystery is much better
Than the souls that aren't allowed to be themselves.
It's better when my eyes are curtained,
Because then I can see the sky.

meeting,  stars.

Author: seth
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1204513

Meeting Leyla

Starting college, the cold of September greeting me into the illustrious world of academia. Old friends of school drifted like sheets of ice, I made no effort and neither did they- the weak van der Waal's forces between us broke- neither cheerful nor dreary- but a simple chemical reaction.

Much of my time was spent within coffee shops, temples to the elixir of life, the philosophers stone, the ether- coffee. Many a time I whiled away the hours- studiously working within these dens of caffeine, to work away the loneliness?

I ate simply- and alone. In the shade of a old oak tree I sat- making a comfortable den and consuming my food- alone but complacent- but sadness pervaded.

Through the one wild card I had chosen- through English which I had been disuadded from choosing by disconcerting relatives- I met her.

I met Leyla.

It was a simple thing- her bright outward personality was nearby through English- and I liken her jokes and giggles to heat emitted by a candle- warming my cold frosty soul. She made me smile and laugh, actions I thought I had forgotten how to do.

I suppose one could say I was halfway through life's path, floundering in the forest much like Dante, in one of the darkest periods of my life- and I met her.

I knew not her name- a akward point- but after being introduced to her and her charming esamble of friends I was afraid. Childhood memories of rejection and teasing came flooding back- a icy water that froze me in my path.

But she was my Virgil- my guide through inferno- my personal hell. I consoled in her and found myself growing closer to this actress, author and artisto, polymerised into a single form- and shot through with 1000 volts of happiness and passion.

I am not however dishonest and there where times where the cold frosty cynical serpent roused its head and I began to feel sickened by her presence-but I realised- it was a mounting fear that she would never feel romantically for me.

But I Did it- half a moon ago I seized life and I plucked the tree of Eden- to bite the fruit and steal a kiss. My heart was threatening to burst from my chest- sick of the pressure and fear- I kissed.

She turned away.

Fear shot through my body as ice filled my veins what could this mean? She was stunned- a deer caught in the headlights. I tried to make out that it was a mistake, a slip a trip- anything. But I owned up to my brooding feelings and declared my romantic intentions.

She listened- as I babbled like a flowing river- and ended my torrent with a kiss upon the cheek.

I froze

From then on my mind grows hazy- for the world had melted into sweetness and butter- lips, hands, bodies intertwined- two kindred serpents around Hermes staff- we kissed many a time.

And it is here and now that I conclude this requiem to loneliness, guilt and frost- and create this work as a single testament to my lover- Leyla- stored in silicon and binary, electrons and wires- data upon data- to express the adoration for what she has brought into my life.



Author: Karan Sharma
Date: 02/04/2020

№ 1198531

"Meeting Woman, The Hard Way"

"I went to a club tonight, and
Wound up in a fight.
Hoping to meet a woman, it just wasn't my night.
Until i awoke from the punch.
Not knowing where i was at.
Laying on a couch, with a beautiful
Woman wiping the blood from my mouth. "

hard,  meeting,  woman.

Author: Micahel De Tomasso
Date: 27/03/2020

№ 1186512


Sometimes I look upon my memories from the past
Some are painful others can be a blast
I remember the moment I saw you last
Sometimes I wait for when I meet my next laugh
We first met at your departure
And the line was cut like a bulls eye from an archer
As time goes by I think of you
Sometimes hours I gaze upon you in the fading blue
I know the feelings I have are true
Til we meet again I'll always love you.


Author: Poetic Passion
Date: 16/03/2020

№ 1183168

Competing realities meeting in real time

Strong memories can have you walking backwards
With an absent mind
Bumps are bound to happen

competing,  meeting,  real,  realities,  time.

Author: nivek
Date: 13/03/2020

№ 1173409

Meeting God

I pass through the gates of heaven,
And bow my weary head,
And pray he'll forgive the muddy path I trod,
On the day I met with God.

god,  meeting.

Author: Simon Clark
Date: 04/03/2020

№ 1169126

The meeting

Our silence solidified our love.
I was afraid,
You were angry,
We knew not each other...
Although I was your daughter
And you were my father.


Author: ZinaLisha
Date: 29/02/2020

№ 1154160

Business Meeting

It's got to be the woman
She's driving you crazy buddy
She's riding you right up
The wall
You gotta get out buddy
You gotta abandon that ship
She ain't worth it
You see those gray hairs?
They're growing in fast
All that stress
It's killing you
Not to mention
Your writing's been shit
Since she came in your life
You know that?
People upstairs talking nonsense
As if you lost it
Your touch
Your mind
Something's lost they say
Everyone's talking about it buddy
She's gotta go
It's her or us
You know the consequences
Don't you?
We need you in this
One hundred percent
What's it gonna be?
What's it gonna be buddy
You gonna let some
Bitch with nice legs
Cute little pair of tits
Ruin everything we built
Together? huh?
No no
You know better than that
You'll get that shit together
Won't you?
You've been writing shit
Since she came around
They're all saying it buddy
You don't even come out anymore
She's got you locked away
Like some circus animal
You're no circus animal buddy
Are you?
You're a goddamn hero
Stop messing around
With this broad
Stop letting her get you down
You're one of us
You've always been one of us
And you're gonna stay
One of us
But you've been writing shit
And we think you mighta
Lost it

You ain't lost it
Have you?

business,  meeting.

Author: Greg Berlin
Date: 16/02/2020