Poems about melon



The Incorrigible Mr Melon

He sat out on his porch from morn to night
He needed no introduction
For he was rather forward
That incorrigible mr melon

He'd wave at you shouting loud... Oh HELLO
There was no place to hide... no place to go
He did wear them braces to keep your pants up
And ties most ridiculously and gregariously floral

Yet his smile was intoxicating
There was something about him
And when you came up to talk to him
He'd always crack a tin

His smile was infectious
His words most bewildering
Never known to be a chap sullen
Was that incorrigible Mr Melon

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris

I should be shot for that write lol

incorrigible,  melon.

Author: Christos Andreas Kourtis
Date: 18/03/2020


Coffee and melon

He was walking up the stairs yet again
I stood by the entrance of the bar with a cigarette between my lips
He smiled his crooked smile as he approached
I look away after throwing a casual smile his way
Every step he takes toward me builds urgency
I look up at him again and he walks toward me with open arms
The second seems eternal. I feel like I need to bury myself in him. Like a little girl.
I try to prolong the hug as much as I can, soak myself in him.
I inhale his scent
Coffee and melon
I am ready now. To forget him.
Because that's all he is
Coffee and melon...

coffee,  melon.

Author: Deepa Ravi
Date: 07/03/2020


My Little Melon

My mommy said I shouldn't eat the watermelon seeds, that it would hurt if they made a home of my tummy. She's a little loopy, my mama, and I don't believe her sometimes, so I ate the seed and it tasted really boring. I swallowed the seed whole and nothing happened, mama.

My mom told me not to eat the watermelon seeds, that, in a few weeks, a small black tear drop floating in my body would hurt once it found a home in my belly. If it claimed my gut, it would throw out the food I tried to eat, greedy of the space, growing and swelling inside me until the button of my worn jeans would no longer snapped shut. She's a little dramatic, my mom. I ignored fruit-flies swarming the chewed rind left on the counter, its sickly sweet scent swallowing the space of my small apartment.

My mother warned me never to ingest the seeds of a watermelon, that this little black tear drop once wedged into the sweet sponge of the fruit would one day decide the house it made of my torso was no longer its home. It tore its way from my body, strangled the sides of my diaphragm, round after round of reverberating contractions bent me over until the sweet clear liquid flowed from me. Then came the melon, my melon, that once found a home in my body – falling from me in clumps of sickly sweet spongey mush through shaking fingers into an unsuspecting porcelain bowl.
She was right, it did hurt.


Author: Elizabeth Carsyn
Date: 02/08/2019


Melon Collies

Melon Collies
Mashed Potato
Lemon Lollies
Aspect Ratio

Burnt Toast
Green Crisps
Dry Roast
Scratched Discs

Missed Calls
Cigarette Smoke
Pissed Fools
That Annoying Bloke

Bed Shakes
Bus Fares

Dirty Hands
Nipple Hairs
Flirty Grans
Bruised Pairs

Unwashed Pots
Dented Tins
Acne Spots
Overflowing Bins

Living Beyond Ones Means
Benefit Cheats
Being Obscene
Anger In Defeat

Long Ques
Cutting In Line
Being Rude
Wasting Time

Self Service
Disc Error
Being Nervous
Ugly Mirror

Discarded Wrappers
Paper Cuts
Hardened Slappers
Naked Sluts

Bad Taste
Sore Throat
Sad Face
Raw Goat

Smelly Feet
Missing Socks
Unclean Sheets
Talking Bollocks

Flat Tires
No Ink
Tangled Wires
Loo Stinks

Muddy Puddles
Cracked Pavement
Minor Scuffles
Black Enslavement

Tax Returns
Dirty Glass
Chinese Burns
Half Mast

Fingerprints on Screens
Points that are Moot
Friends that are Really Fiends
Two Finger Salute

Melted Ice Cubes
Third World Poverty
People Being Rude
Unjust Sovereignty

Unpaid Fines
Hasty Follies
Doing Lines
Nasty Bullies

Mold on Bread
Lumpy Custard
Off My Meds
Cheeky Bastard

Painful Splinters
Dead Batteries
Rainy Winters
Springy Mattresses

Filled With Dread
Slow Divorce
Cold Bed
No Remorse

Saying Goodbye
Not Wanting to Part
No Reply
Broken Heart


Author: David Boff
Date: 31/07/2019


Melon's Folly

Knowing sadness,
It is easily done.

To live life in the grayest shade,
To have removed the pleasure of fun.

Anyone can see it,
As you lay your head down.

Surrendered to sorrow,
Sad songs are so renown.

Others will fire questions,
Though you assume they are far off.

Dart boards made of water,
Can never hold back the darts.

No idea what is wrong,
You swear you were smiling the whole time.

Why does everything feel so wrong,
What paused the song on which you rely?

folly,  melon.

Author: Wuji
Date: 30/09/2018


Honeydew Melon

O on o
­ n ey n
E do e
­ y H y
D ­ o d
O n e o
H y d H
O o H o
N o n n
E e y e
Y d y
D o d
O! o

honeydew,  melon.

Author: The Good Pussy
Date: 19/09/2018


A melon baller away from enlightenment

I'm not blind,
Just different.

See, i scooped my eyes out,
Replaced them with two prisms,
So that light would shine in
Purer than all cognition--
I can now see it all,
Feel it too,
Save of vision.

Come with me,
Scoop em' out,
Don't be scared,
Just envision:
The heart
The head
The Ultimate

enlightenment,  melon.

Author: cd
Date: 19/02/2018


Le melon et la rave

Fable XV, Livre III.

Comme ce fournisseur, au visage vermeil,
Rebondi, ramasso dans sa courte structure,
Et brodo sur toute couture,
Un melon otalait son gros ventre au soleil;
Et, du haut de sa couche, la rave modeste
Qui, dans le sable aride, ses pieds vogotait,
Adressait ce discours, qu'en bêchant ocoutait
Mon jardinier, qui vous l'atteste:
Que je te plains! (Ce mot est le mot du mipris
Comme de la pitio. ) Que je te plains, ma chère,
D'être si mal nourrie! et que je suis surpris
Qu'on trouve mime vivre en aussi maigre terre!
Gros-Jean n'a des yeux que pour moi.
C'est un tort; et, d'honneur, j'aurais l'âme ravie
S'il s'occupait un peu de toi,
Qui meurs, soyons de bonne foi,
De faim moins encor que d'envie.
- Et que peut-on vous envier?
Ropond l'humble racine: oui, vous vivez l'aise;
Vous êtes gros et gras, soit; mais, ne vous doplaise,
Votre embonpoint vient du fumier.

la,  le,  melon,  rave.

Author: Antoine-Vincent Arnault
Date: 13/02/2018