Poems about memories


№ 1209886

"Forever Memories"

So why'd you have to leave me now,
This moment FAR too soon;
Your time on Earth but for a day,
From morning just till noon!

You lived your life so full of joy
In just a few short years;
These thoughts of you still bring a smile
Yes, even through the tears!

You made the best of life itself,
Could handle anything;
You keep me sailing high each day-
The wind beneath my wings!

Not sure how I will make it now,
I'm feeling oh so cold;
I feel I had you next to me,
Just not so long ago!

I know you're with my Jesus now,
You're walking Heaven's shore;
Though I still miss you everyday,
I'm healing more and more!

I'll hold your memory close to me,
Those hugs so full of love;
I'll see you soon when trumpets sound,
My Angel up above!

forever,  memories.

Author: Kenny Whiting
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1209648

Manifesting Memories

Times I miss:
Post MTV but pre LOL
When Windows were just windows
And a mouse was just a mouse
When an unanswered phone call
Meant no one was home,
Not that they didn't want to talk
Getting letters in the mail
And mixed tapes from friends
I will take these times to bed with me tonight
They will manifest into new memories
Created in my lucid dreams
So I will miss nothing tomorrow

manifesting,  memories.

Author: Lou Vaughn
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208889

Memories from grade school

I used to dream I woke up, got dressed, went to school, then I'd wake up n do it again, only to wake up and do it again, only to really wake up n not want to do it again. Needless to say I tended to miss the bus alot!

grade,  memories,  school.

Author: Stacy Mills
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208821


Memories stain like pen on paper,
A moment now, a memory later.
You wish to forget, a day it will fade,
One bad moment, it will all concave.
All the bad will compress your soul,
Unlock the memories, you thought were old.
Here again, at the starting line,
Ready to pretend you're fine.


Author: Kelsey May Daly
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208785


The chilling tense room if atmosphere so dense
Im feeling alarmed, shut of the suspense
The cobwebs are common, my smile retracting
They're heading for the hills, loud screaming

I'm living in a haunted house of memories
Its dangerous, but light I almost see
My hearts pounding and soaring
The whisper call so scathing

haunted,  house,  living,  memories.

Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208469

These memories can be a sarcophagus made from the bones you call your home.

When I was younger,
I always wondered why my mother was so easily scared
Even at the slightest unexpected instance-
She jumped.
Jumped like her bones were no longer her home
And she was running away from the skin she was hiding in.
As I grew older she told me the tales of how
Men had made her skin their throne
And took turns making her body their own-
Bruised eyes became her routine
As the Xanax she didn't even realize she was being fed
Filled her bloodstream, it became her heart-strings.
The heartache of many men filled my mothers eyes
And I realize now why stability isn't in her nature much.
So now as I enter a room I make sure these feet
Hold steady on the ground to make a bold entrance
So she hears me coming every time.
I make sure these hands never grip hers too soon
So she knows I'll be there when she needs me too.
I still realize how she jumps when I forget
That her bones are still trying to rebuild themselves.
I still realize how her heart stops-
And how she went through hell to find the home in her own bones.
I still realize how even her own child
Can make those bones feel like breaking again
As the paranoia of a troubled past sets in...
Even nowadays her bones will still sometimes shake at the sight of me-
I realize now, how it feels
To be a ghost.
And that's okay,
Because she believes in me-
Even on the days no one else does.

bones,  call,  memories,  sarcophagus.

Author: Amanda Stoddard
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1208254

All These Memories That I Gotta Let Go Of

Want to
Think about
What i have to
Say to you for the
Time being because
That means having to
Think back to everything
And all the emotions rise up
Again and i don't know if i can
Handle that right now in the midst
Of all things complicated coated heavily
With all your lies and all the things you hide
Because that means having to let go of it all, and
Having to let go of you and to be honest, i don't know
If i am completely ready to do that, to lose you for more
Than a lifetime, to lose you forever, for infinity, and to say goodbye

gotta,  memories.

Author: summer
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1208181

Forgetting Memories

Oh' apple of the eye
Forgetful smelling rye
You breath is sweet as butter
An' your soul
Only knows how to cry

I've loved you
Before you were born
And every letter I've writ you
I've cried over
And torn

Here I lay and stay
Thinking there's no other way
I see my friends
And they say
Love is nothing but something
To obey

The poet in his masquerade
Holds the fiddle as he plays
Songs of days thrown away
For men of many
That have no penny to pay

Her smile brought wars
Her scent brought passion
And the way she grinned
In that forgotten summer of sin
Made any man that had died
Wished to be brought back again

Though I know life
Is only a forgetful memory
Does not mean
That every second I spend with thee
Is nothing less but heavenly

See the table on top of the hill
And the baby that spills
With her eyes that hover still
In a rotating transition
That holds no rule too applicable

What cannot be seen
Is never too obscene
She breathes the way puppets do
Obsessed with only political coup's

Dance with that two step trance
She's the one with the lemon pants
A wriggle and a right a row
The prisoner's have the ship in tow

Now, I know that I said
There was no reason to get upset
But, here I see you
Getting red over a slip of the pen

Forgiving fade away
Absolutist abolitionist
Too scared to take it,
Yet, too lonely to leave it

She winked at me
With a teary eye
And a whisper to be
Close are your fluttering lashes

As the dew drop lady passes

Every distance
Is not near
Keep your eyes open
For soon
Your dreams will appear

A present of misfortune
Each word a perfect cut
The grass was as soft silk
An end with no period penned.

forgetting,  memories.

Author: Mitchell Duran
Date: 05/04/2020