Poems about memory


№ 1210620

A Stroll Down Memory Lane

I hardly knew you;
A guitarist,
A good singer,
A song writer
And Hannah's current boyfriend,
Was all I knew.
She'd dump you,
I knew it,
So I talked to you after the break up,
You were nothing special at the time,
I moved on.
Didn't talk to you.

Becoming Friends
A few months later
When one of Hannah's friends
Was dating on of her ex's
I thought,
You were one of her ex's
And you were really nice and cute
Why not get to know you?
We shared random conversations on Facebook.
You were really funny.
So a number was given and texting happened.

Best friends
We texted everyday.
We enjoyed each other's company.
We had both needed a good friend to talk to.
And we got along great.
Perhaps a little too great.

Falling hard
I found myself liking you more and more
Each day.
Small jealously
When you talked about perhaps liking some new girl.
Secret joy
When she had been taken.
I knew I had a crush on you
And soon enough,
You did too.
But we established
A long distance relationship couldn't be made.
Too far apart,
In age and distance.
The tears that fell
Because of this
Made me realize,
You were making a big impact in my heart.
And I needed you.

More than friends
I'm not sure when,
But we started to not care about the things we established.
I met you
And before then,
We both knew how much
We liked each other.
Maybe we'd steal a kiss or two
When we met.
(I wish we did)
Meeting you,
Made me so nervous,
Yet extremely happy.
Heads were rested on shoulders,
Fore heads were kissed,
We became the cutest couple we knew.
Soon we decided this was love.

Broken up*
Three weeks,
I guess you didn't love me
Like you thought you did.
In fact,
You lied.
Saying you'd never stop loving me,
But you did.
I needed your love,
But now she does.
She needs you,
I need you,
But you only have room in your heart
For one love,
And that's her.
I wish you had waited,
Till you could see me;
Maybe there's a feeling still there
But you don't realize.
I want to see you
So maybe there is a feeling
The only hope I have
Even though you'd never take me back.
But I'd take you back
Any day
Any minute
Any second.
All's you'd have to do is ask,
Even though you never will.

lane,  memory,  stroll.

Author: Hannah West
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1209933

Your memory descends

Your memory descends
Upon me, as morning mist.
Then I wake.

descends,  memory.

Author: xoe
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1209903

Wiped from his memory

I wake up
To the feeling of his arms
Wrapped around me and
His lips tangled up in my hair
Like last night
Is wiped from his memory
And the only evidence remaining
Are my red eyes
And swollen cheeks
And broken heart

memory,  wiped.

Author: Michaela Austin
Date: 07/04/2020

№ 1209794


At times I wonder.
Do you ever
Think of me.
While gazing
At the stars.
When revisiting
The past.

Or am I
A memory.
Long lost,
Deep down
In the shards
Of time.


Author: the unwritten note
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1209454

A poem about scent memory.

It's strange how certain smells can trigger a very distinct memory. or how at one time, you enjoyed the smell of something, but now it reminds you of someone and it makes your stomach turn. was what sweet is now rotten. but then there are things that, to most, smell rotten, but no. not to me. cigarette smoke, for example, reminds me of my mom. living far apart from her, i miss the scent of camel blue 99s in my hair. oftentimes, i'm tempted to buy a pack just for the reminder, but she'd kill me faster than any cancer could. and anyway, i prefer newports.

memory,  poem,  scent.

Author: kaitlyn anderson
Date: 06/04/2020

№ 1208035


I fall in love
Over and Over
But only with the memories
Of what were,
But never will be.


Author: Kelsey Long
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1207916

A Nostalgic love memory

I remember him loving on me.
I remember being touched.
I remember looking into his eyes.
I remember feeling like I was enough.

One sunny day
You took me in your arms
And whisked me away
To places where I want to be

Alas, despite our adventures
I can never truly know where I've been --
I was but a careless tourist.

love,  memory,  nostalgic.

Author: Poetictunes
Date: 05/04/2020

№ 1206967

Death of a Son (In memory of 'Ole', Son of Terry)

I bury my son
The rain falls
Cold wet and miserable
I reach for something to say
But I am dumb
Struck so
By your demise

We dressed you
In your sweatshirt
And trainers
The clothes had your
Smell about them
I waited for you to speak
ВЂњHi Dad I'm home”
But there was only silence

I wake in the middle
Of the night
With thoughts of you
And what we might do
That day
Then a wave
Of remembrance
Sweeps over me
And I remember
You are dead

A handful of soil
Is my final act
Which spatters
Where your face
Should be
The rain quickly
Turning it to mud

I turn away
And see you
In the distance
Watching us
As salted rain
Runs off my nose

I want to cry out
Your name
And ask why?
Why and how
We came to this
A father laying his son
To rest
As the world
Carries on with
It's own business
Oblivious to our
Goodbye my son
I may forgive God
In time
A long, long time

death,  memory,  ole,  son,  terry.

Author: David I Phillips
Date: 04/04/2020